The old market in Sharm el-Sheikh

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View of the El Sahab Mosque and the old market

Old Market Sharm el-Sheikh is a small picturesque area formed on the site of the Old Town. It consists of several streets, and this is a great place for evening walks, where you can and should go shopping, eat in one of the authentic cafes or restaurants, have a cup of coffee, or just chat with other tourists or locals and merchants. There is even a waterfall here, though artificial, and on the territory of the market there is a majestic Al-Sahaba Mosque.

It is proposed to visit the old market even as one of the local tourist attractions, since apart from it there are no special evening entertainment and places for walking at the resort. To do this, evening trips are organized from all-inclusive hotels-round-trip transfers with a walk around the area, they can be free or paid, it depends on the hotel policy.

The area of the Old Market is specially guarded: the entrance and entrance passes through metal detectors, security is monitored by the police. It's safe inside the Old Market, you can enter even the most remote streets, but keep in mind that local merchants are closely watching your wallet, who will try to sell you some nonsense at an inflated price, so be vigilant. Prices are initially called inflated several times, you can immediately bargain up to half of the initial price, although with experience and if you know the real price of the product, you can bring it down by 3-4 times. Some sellers put price tags on the goods, but this is often a trick, and here, too, it is possible and necessary to bargain. Also bargaining is possible in cafes and restaurants.

Here you can well "Poke around" souvenirs

Panorama of the Old Market

🕐 Working hours: around the clock, it is better to visit in the evening after dark, because it is at this time that vacationers flock here and merchants open shops.

💵Entrance fee / ticket price: free of charge.

🚶 How to get there: The old Market is located at the southern tip of the city in the Hadaba district (satry market on the map). From some hotels, a free or paid transfer is offered here in the form of evening entertainment. If you want to get here on your own, then you can walk from anywhere in the Hadaba area, and from other areas you will have to take a taxi, the trip will cost from 2 to 30 dollars. If you master local minibuses, you can get there in just 5 – 20 pounds (approximately 0.16-0.65 rubles, see all about the money of Egypt and the exchange rate) from anywhere in the city. The Old Market area, where the mosque is located, is the end point of most minibus taxis, so just ask the minibus driver for the destination "Old Market". From distant areas in the north of the city, for example from Nabq Bay, you may have to make a transfer. Learn more about transportation in Sharm el-Sheikh and what tourists can use to travel here.

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Потрясающей красоты место, очень уютный, атмосферный, яркий и притягательный рыночек. Знаете, при посещении как будто попадаешь в какую то маленькую волшебную страну из сказки 😍К посещению обязателен!
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Купили здесь и привезли домой много сувениров и декора для дома. Осталось очень много впечатлений от рынка — здесь можно купить все, что угодно, от экзотических продуктов до редких сувениров и посуды. Местность, где расположен рынок, больше походит на курортную зону — рядом находятся достопримечательности, кафе и прекрасные виды природы.
Не могла там не купить несколько вещей, но обязательно поторговалась для приличия. И мне уступили, хотя и так себе торгуюсь. И вещи оказались хорошими, качественными. А так глаза разбегаются от многообразия.