El Sahab Mosque in Sharm El Sheikh

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El Sahab Mosque in Sharm El Sheikh

Al Sahaba Mosque is the largest mosque of Sharm el-Sheikh, located in the heart of the old Market in the old district of the city. The height of its minarets is 81 meters, and the room can accommodate up to 3,000 believers. But this is not a historical mosque, but a modern one, it was built in 2016. Nevertheless, it is considered one of the most important in Sharm el-Sheikh and one of the most beautiful in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

In the reviews, many tourists admit that the El-Sahaba Mosque is the most beautiful place in the old town of Sharm el–Sheikh, in this colorful tourist and shopping area. Its high minarets are visible from almost anywhere in the Hadaba district (see about the areas of Sharm el-Sheikh here), and in the evening it is very beautifully illuminated.

In addition to viewing the outside, tourists can visit the mosque and view it from the inside. The fact is that despite the information replicated by low-quality Internet guides that non-Muslims are not allowed to visit mosques in Egypt, it is actually possible to visit them. Just to do this, you need to follow the rules of conduct, as in any other religious building. Before entering the mosque, it is necessary to take off your shoes, women should cover their heads. It is forbidden to enter the mosque in shorts and with open shoulders, in miniskirts, in a drunken state, and women are not allowed to enter in pants. But even if you are dressed inappropriately, at the entrance you will be offered to use capes for free. The main thing is to treat faith and religious buildings with respect, and then you will be accepted with pleasure and a smile.

View of the mosque and the old market

Panorama of the mosque

🕐 Working hours: Tourists can visit the Al-Sahab Mosque at any time when there are no prayers (namaz). The time of prayer varies from day to day, and, to put it simply, it depends on the time of sunrise and sunset. If you decide to visit the mosque and get to the prayer period, you can just walk around the mosque for 15-20 minutes, because the old district is located here, and after the prayer is over, return to visit.

💵Entrance fee / ticket price: free of charge.

🚶 How to get there: The El-Sahab Mosque is located in the Old Town of Sharm el-Sheikh, called the Old Market (El Sahab Mosque on the map). Old Market is a well-known and popular tourist area for evening walks and shopping, from hotels it is often offered a free or paid transfer in the form of evening entertainment. If you want to get here on your own, then you can walk from anywhere in the Hadaba area, and from other areas you will have to take a taxi, the trip will cost from 2 to 30 dollars. If you master local minibuses, you can get there in just 5 – 20 pounds (approximately 0.16-0.65 rubles, see all about the money of Egypt and the exchange rate) from anywhere in the city. The Old Market area, where the mosque is located, is the end point of most minibus taxis, so just ask the minibus driver for the destination "Old Market". From distant areas in the north of the city, for example from Nabq Bay, you may have to make a transfer. Learn more about transportation in Sharm el-Sheikh and what tourists can use to travel here.

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