How to get to Sharm El Sheikh

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Sharm el-Sheikh Resort is located on the southwestern shore of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt on the Red Sea (Sharm el-Sheikh on the map of Egypt). From the capital of Egypt there are about 500 kilometers by road, and from Moscow the resort is located at a distance of just over 3,000 kilometers, or about 5-6 hours of flight.

Attention! Upon arrival at the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula through Sharm el-Sheikh Airport tourists from the Russian Federation may not receive a paid visa on arrival for $ 25, but get a free one instead The Sinai stamp. However, there are some limitations and features associated with this. Read more about the Sinai stamp and its features here.

And now let's tell you in more detail how to get to Sharm el-Sheikh.:

Buy a ready-made tour

For most tourists, the easiest and cheapest way to get to Egypt on vacation is with a tourist ticket with included charter flight directly to Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport. Tours to Egypt are offered from almost all regions of the Russian Federation, because it is one of the most popular places for foreign holidays among Russians and citizens of other CIS countries.

By the way, the cheapest tours are most often offered with departure from Moscow, which has long been used by experienced tourists from other regions. You can save a lot of money if you buy a ready-made tour from Moscow, and get to Moscow yourself by train or plane from your city. This is successfully used even by tourists from St. Petersburg.

Today it is possible to pick up a tour and buy it at the best price from a tour operator without extra charges via the Internet. We advise you to use these proven and reliable sites for searching and booking tours directly from tour operators:

Выгодные туры в Египет

By plane

If you still decide to get to Egypt by plane on your own, we advise you to search for tickets on the Russian search engine Aviasales. On Aviasales, among other things, you can buy very profitable charter flights, however, for this you need to carefully monitor prices for a long time. To make this task easier for you, we have created a channel for cheap flights and tours, join Telegram and follow us. And here is the form for searching for tickets to Sharm El-Sheikh from Aviasales:

Minimum prices for tickets from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh:

Купить от 26442 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 30.11.2023 04.12.2023
Купить от 15010 ₽ Без пересадок Лого авиакомпании 01.12.2023 04.12.2023
Купить от 33127 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 31.01.2024 19.02.2024
Купить от 33413 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 06.03.2024 09.03.2024
Купить от 33413 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 06.03.2024 09.03.2024
Купить от 44000 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 20.04.2024 29.04.2024

Minimum ticket prices from Russian cities to Sharm el-Sheikh:

Купить от 15010 ₽ Москва ⇄ Шарм-эль-Шейх Прямой
Купить от 28395 ₽ Санкт-Петербург ⇄ Шарм-эль-Шейх 1
Купить от 24329 ₽ Сочи (Адлер) ⇄ Шарм-эль-Шейх 1
Купить от 21047 ₽ Екатеринбург ⇄ Шарм-эль-Шейх 1
Купить от 23433 ₽ Казань ⇄ Шарм-эль-Шейх 1
Купить от 23186 ₽ Минеральные Воды ⇄ Шарм-эль-Шейх 1
Купить от 30814 ₽ Уфа ⇄ Шарм-эль-Шейх 2
Купить от 33309 ₽ Самара ⇄ Шарм-эль-Шейх 2

How to get from Sharm el-Sheikh airport to the resort

If you arrive at the airport on a ticket, you will be met by Russian-speaking representatives of the tour operator and taken to the hotel reception, this is called a group tourist transfer. The meeting usually takes place even before passport control, where representatives with nameplates of different tour operators distribute arriving tourists in queues, check documents and call your bus number. Then you have to go through passport control on your own, get your luggage and go through customs control, and then go out from the arrivals hall to the street, where you can find a bus with the right number in the parking lot on your own, which will take you to the hotel. Sometimes the rules change, and tourists are met and distributed on buses after receiving their luggage.

Buses of tour operators are waiting for tourists near the airport

If you are traveling on your own, then you will have to get to the hotel from the airport by taxi or book a personal tourist transfer. There are no other options here, Sharm el-Sheikh public transport does not go to the airport. Sharm El-Sheikh Airport is located in the center of the resort (airport on the map), and it's only a 10-minute drive to the nearest resort area with hotels, and 20 minutes to the farthest. The car can be ordered at the reception in the baggage claim hall. Taxi rates are quite high, they are charged according to the area where your hotel is located. For example, a trip to the nearest area of Shark Bay will cost $ 22, and you can get to the area of Sharm el-Maya for $ 32 (we have written about the areas of Sharm el-Sheikh here). Payment is accepted in dollars, Egyptian pounds, euros, but not in rubles. Read more about the currency of Egypt and how to pay here.

Taxi in Sharm el-Sheikh

You can also book a personal tourist transfer in advance, which is more convenient and even more profitable. Then the driver will meet you with a sign at the exit from the arrivals hall, and will take you to the door of the hotel or accommodation. You can book a transfer on the websites, or directly through this search form from kiwitaxi:

How does the transfer booking works  see more >
Transfer findingFind the route
Online bookingBook your transfer online
Meeting by the driverThe driver meets you at the airport or train station
Tourist transfers

Another way to get from the airport is to rent a car. There are rental counters in the arrivals hall, but it's better to take care of the rental in advance: find and book a car via the Internet, and approach the counter with ready-made armor, so it will be more reliable and cheaper. You can book on these reliable price comparison sites from different rental offices:

How to get to Sharm El Sheikh from Cairo or back

Do not forget that if you decide to visit Cairo from Sharm el-Sheikh, you must have a visa in your passport, and the free Sinai stamp will not allow you to fly out of the airport at the check. Also, when traveling by bus, when checking at one of the checkpoints, you simply turn back. Therefore, if you already have a Sinai stamp in your passport and you decide to visit Cairo, you will have to paste a full-fledged visa stamp. This can be done on your own for $ 25 by arriving at the airport and contacting the staff, or guides or tour sellers at a travel agency can do it for you for $ 30-50.

From Cairo to Sharm or back it is best to fly by plane. The flight will take about an hour, unlike a long, tedious bus or taxi ride. We advise you to search for air tickets on Aviasales, but here is a selection with the best prices:

Minimum ticket prices from Cairo to Sharm el-Sheikh:

If you are ready to fork out for a taxi, you will have to spend from $ 300 per car, and this will help save compared to an airplane if you are traveling with a group or family. But on the way you will have to spend almost 7 hours.

And finally, the cheapest way to get to Sharm from Cairo or back is long–distance buses. Bus service in Egypt is the most popular and affordable way to travel between cities and resorts. A bus from Cairo to Sharm el-Sheikh costs only 300 pounds (approximately 9.71 rubles, see all about Egyptian money and the exchange rate), runs several times a day according to the schedule. Tickets can be booked in advance via the Internet at or, or buy a Go Bus on the spot at one of the bus stations.

Sharm el-Sheikh Go-Bus Station

How to get to Sharm El Sheikh from Hurghada or back

Hurghada in a straight line from Sharma is located at a distance of only 80 kilometers, but there is no direct bus service between the cities, you will have to take a detour through Cairo. Without a transfer, you can take a taxi, but such a trip will be very expensive, from $ 600, and it's not a fact that you will find someone willing to take you 1000 kilometers, because that's how much you will have to take a detour.

Direct planes do not fly between cities either, only with a transfer through Cairo. Therefore, the best way to move between resorts is a ferry. But, unfortunately, as of 2023, the ferry service has not yet been restored, after it was interrupted during the pandemic.

Previously, ferries between Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada did not run every day, but only twice a week. The cost was from $60 one way, with discounts for children. It is best to check the information about the resumption of work and the schedule on the spot at the port of Hurghada or Sharma.

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