Shopping in Hurghada - where and what to buy

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Cleopatra Bazar Souvenir Shop in Hurghada

Shopping in Hurghada is very well developed. In addition to beach holidays and exploring a few local attractions, shopping and market walks will be an integral part of the tourist pastime for most holidaymakers at the Hurghada resort. However, we must not forget that trading in Egypt has its own characteristics, and if you are not familiar with them, shopping can disappoint and unpleasantly hit your pocket. We will tell you about shopping in Hurghada and how to do it so as not to be deceived.

What do tourists buy in Hurghada?

Hurghada is the most popular beach resort in Egypt, along with Sharm el-Sheikh. Here you can buy everything from simple souvenirs to shoes and clothes. Countless souvenirs: magnets, key chains, papyrus, plates, figurines of deities and pharaohs, cats, scarab beetles.Essential oils with jojoba, black cumin, argan are in great demand; perfumes, inexpensive cosmetics, home textiles, clothing, shoes, bags, suitcases, belts. Local exotic fruits and sweets will be to your taste, and you can also buy them to please your loved ones at home. Of the drinks, teas are popular – red and yellow, many types of black with a fruity taste. Local medicines are distinguished by their cheapness, and tourists buy them almost in boxes. We told you more about shopping in Egypt and what to buy in the article – What to buy and bring from Egypt and all about Egyptian shopping.

The best places to shop and where to buy souvenirs in Hurghada

Hurghada is a huge city in size, its districts stretch almost 50 kilometers along the coast. The main shopping place of the city is Sheraton Street, along which there are several supermarkets and shopping centers, countless shops and shops with tourist goods, as well as street vendors. Another good place for shopping is the five–kilometer pedestrian zone of the resort's walking area on Youssef Afifi Rd, also known as Village Road or El-Mamsha Park. It's much quieter on this street, the sellers are not as annoying and aggressive as on the Sheraton. Well, the most colorful shopping can be obtained at the Old Market in the El-Dahar area. For more information about Hurghada districts, please read our separate article.

Despite the remoteness of some tourist areas from each other and from the center, there is also a shopping life near them, and it is possible to buy the right thing. If there are no types of goods nearby, then you can always get from one part of the city to another by minibus or taxi. Here are the most developed and affordable places where you can go shopping:

  • The Sheraton street mentioned above is perhaps the main place for tourist shopping in Hurghada. The Sheraton itself is not pedestrian, but walking sidewalks with a string of shops, souvenir shops, pharmacies, hotels, markets, cafes and restaurants stretch along it. Here you can find everything from souvenirs to shoes, from mobile phone salons to pharmacies. Moreover, you don't even have to look for anything, the sellers themselves will invite you in all possible ways to their stores or offer goods right on the go. We have already told you more about Sheraton Street here.

  • Old Market (El Dahar Bazar) in El Dahar district. Unlike The old market in Sharm El-Sheikh, it is not very popular among tourists and is more focused on local residents, and for all its colorfulness it will not be very comfortable to be here. A lot of things are sold here, but most of all everyday goods: food, cheap clothes, shoes, household items, household goods. The necessary goods on the market will have to be searched because of some chaos in the location of the shops. The prices are partially fixed and are indicated on the plates. If there are none, then be sure to bargain. We have already told you more about the old market of Hurghada here.

    Organized excursions to the market are not held, you can get there yourself by taxi or by local minibuses. Almost all minibuses in the city go to the El-Dahar area. For a guide, you can take a taxi from the Sakala district to El Dahar for $ 2, and by minibus from 5 pounds. Read more about transport in Hurghada and how to use it for tourists here.

  • Senzo Mol (SenzoMall) is the largest and most modern shopping center in Hurghada, located in the Southern district. There is a large concentration of departments with clothes, shoes, goods for various purposes, pharmacies. There are mobile phone salons, entertainment attractions for children, food courts, including McDonald's, KFC, PizzaHut. There is a huge supermarket with products. Prices are fixed, payment is in any currency, except for the supermarket, where you can only pay with Egyptian pounds at the checkout. Money can be exchanged at an ATM if necessary.

    You can get to Senzo Pier by taxi, or by a company bus, which does not have a clear schedule. In a taxi or in a minibus, just tell me what you need at Senzo Mall.

  • Shops of goods with fixed prices Cleopatra Bazar is one of the online souvenir shopping centers in Hurghada. There are a lot of souvenir products for sale here (magnets, plates, figurines), clothes, towels, items for beach holidays (baseball caps, inflatable circles) at reasonable prices. The assortment from store to store is slightly different. There are branches of the store on Sheraton Street, in the El Mamsha districts, in the south. If you are not well-versed in the price of souvenirs and are afraid to communicate with intrusive and cunning sellers in the markets and tourist shops, then we advise you to immediately look for the nearest Cleopatra Bazar, and buy souvenirs there in a relaxed atmosphere and with pleasure.

  • Abu Ashara Supermarket with fixed prices – small chain stores with a large assortment of food products (dairy and meat products, semi-finished products, fruits, vegetables, pasta, canned food, tea, coffee, bread), household chemicals and cosmetics, daily demand goods. A good option for buying groceries and goods on the road. Prices are cheap, payment in pounds. Branches of AbuAshara store are located on Sheraton Street, in the districts of Yuzhny, El Dahar, El Mamsha.

  • Shop at fixed prices Metro Market is an analog of Abu Ashara Supermarket with a large selection of food, household chemicals, cosmetics and other goods. Prices are cheap, payment in pounds. There are shops in the Sakala and El-Kauser areas.

  • Shop with fixed prices Gomla Market is the most famous among tourists staying in the center of the resort in the Sakala area. It offers a lot of different food products, both ready-made and semi-finished, fruits and vegetables, canned food, dairy products in a large assortment, spices and teas by weight, pasta and much more. There are a few cosmetics (creams, shampoos, hair masks, toothpaste), underwear, clothes, shoes. On the second floor of the center there are household goods (pots, plates, cups, household appliances), textiles (towels, bed linen). Prices are low, payment in pounds. It is located in the Sakala district.

  • Shopping center with fixed prices Hurghada City Center is a large shopping center, on 4 floors of which there is a grocery supermarket Carrefour, clothing stores, souvenirs, and various goods. There are food courts, a coffee shop, entertainment, a cinema and even an aquarium. In the supermarket, purchases are made for pounds, in other departments they are accepted differently, if necessary, there is an ATM on the ground floor. It is located in the El-Dahar district.

Popular Gomla Supermarket

There are many more shops, markets, shopping centers in Hurghada, and above we have listed only the most popular and familiar ones. If you have something to add, we will be glad to receive new information in the comments or forum posts.

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