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What are the beaches in Hurghada

Hurghada Beach

Hurghada is one of the most popular beach resorts in Egypt, rivaled only by another Egyptian resort - Sharm el-Sheikh. But unlike Charm, where the beaches are mostly reef, with a rocky bottom and a lot of underwater life, Hurghada is distinguished by more sandy beaches with a flat bottom and a gentle approach. Therefore, this resort is just perfect for a holiday with children, and if you are more interested in relaxing on the beach and swimming than snorkeling or diving.

In Hurghada, the entrance to the water is mainly by sand
But there are enough places for snorkeling

All beaches in Hurghada, as well as in other Egyptian resorts, are divided into three types:

  • Hotel beaches. These are private beaches that belong to hotels and are completely closed to visitors from the outside. That is, you will not get to them even for money, and if you get there in some cunning way, you will be escorted out of it when they discover that you do not have a bracelet of this hotel. Hotel beaches are fully equipped, and all this is available to hotel guests for free: umbrellas and deck chairs, showers and toilets, the work of animators (charging, shows for children, concerts), restaurants and beach bars, beach sports games. For an additional fee, only water activities and rental of equipment for snorkeling or diving.

    On the hotel beach in Hurghada
  • Public beaches (Public). Anyone can get to such beaches, but only for money. Usually the fee is $ 2-5 (depending on the beach), and it includes the use of a local shower, toilet, chaise longue, chaise longue mattress, sometimes a beach towel. Beaches with an inexpensive entrance may not include the use of a chaise longue, i.e. you still have to pay extra for it, or relax on the sand on your mattress or towel.

    Publicly accessible in Hurghada
  • Free beaches. There are no equipped free beaches in Hurghada, the last free one was closed in 2022. Moreover, there are no free beaches even for locals, they also pay like tourists. But this does not mean that there are no free beaches in Hurghada at all. They are there, they are just wild and unequipped, we will tell you about them below.

    On one of the free beaches

Attention! Not all all-inclusive hotels in Hurghada have their own beach. This is especially true for hotels not on the first line. Often such hotels use the beaches of other hotels or paid public beaches by agreement. This causes some inconvenience, which may be critical if you go to Hurghada solely for the sake of beaches. For example, there may not be a hotel bar on the beach, sun beds and umbrellas will be in poor condition, and to get to the beach you will have to write out a pass at the hotel reception every time. Usually in the description of the hotel in such cases, they still indicate that the hotel has its own beach, and therefore we advise you to read reviews about hotels on the second and further lines from the sea very carefully, if this is very important for you.

Where are the free beaches in Hurghada

Are there free beaches in Hurghada

In 2022, all the tourist news spread the information that the last beach was closed in Hurghada, and there is nowhere else in the city to swim and relax on the shore for free. In fact, this is not true, and nothing significant has changed in Hurghada: all equipped beaches have long been paid, and the unfurnished beaches are still free.

Tourists are also happy to relax on such free beaches

Of course, in the city center and in tourist areas it is really not easy to find a free passage to the shore, because here every meter of the area is built up and occupied by hotels or merchants who charge a fee. But what can you do about it, there are laws in Egypt that allow you to charge a fee for going ashore or not let anyone in at all.

On the free shore in the center it can be very dirty

Another question is: do you need such a free and unfurnished beach at all? We have been to the free beaches in Hurghada, and were not delighted. It's very dirty there, both on the shore and under the water, no one cleans the shore. Perhaps you can find cleaner places on the outskirts of the city, but closer to the center on the shore there is construction debris, waste of vital activity, broken fishing boats. Will it be comfortable for you to relax like this, or is it still better to pay a couple of dollars for admission and a chaise longue, it's up to you, of course. But just in case, there are a few places where you can get to the shore for free:

  • Conditionally free beach in Sakala district on Sheraton Street (see on the map) . The shore here is fenced off with a fence with the inscription "Private Beach", but in fact the beach is abandoned and is visited by everyone who wishes through the fence.
  • Another free beach in Sakala on Sheraton street (see on the map) . Here you can get to the shore through a hole in the fence, if it is not repaired. If you are sealed, try to climb over.
  • Free beach in El Mamsha district (see on the map) . It's not easy to get in, you have to get through the fence or between the fence and the building under construction. But there is a planned stand and there is a guard, so they can be kicked off the shore.
  • Free beach in the El Mamsha area (see on the map) . To get in, you need to climb over a low fence and go through a large wasteland to the shore.
  • Free beaches in South Hurghada. There are quite a lot of free places to swim between hotels in the south, at least for now. Many vacant sections of the coast are being prepared for the future construction of hotels, so look at the fact. But the bad thing is that it's very far to go here from the center, around the "backwoods", and from the road to the shore it's a long way to stomp, in places almost a kilometer.
  • Free beaches in the north. After El Helal district very long desert stretches of the coast begin, where you can easily walk for free. In some places they are interrupted by hotels, but in general there is a lot of space. There are fences along the shore, but they are easy to bypass or climb over. However, from the road to the shore you will have to walk more than half a kilometer, and then also through the water to a depth of the same.

Overview of Hurghada beaches

The coast of Hurghada stretches for more than 40 kilometers, and along this length there is a huge number and variety of beaches. To describe them all, we would have to visit every hotel in Khuragad, and there are several dozen of them here, and you read a huge review of thousands of lines. But there is no point in this, since the beaches between different hotels differ minimally, and there is a difference only in the districts. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention first of all to the descriptions and reviews of a particular hotel beach in the booking systems of hotels or tours. But just in case, here is a description of popular public (paid) beaches in Hurghada, and at the end of the list is a map of the resort with beaches:

Variety of beaches in Hurghada
  • Dream Beach (on the map). This is the beach of the Elysees Dream Beach hotel, located at the very beginning of the tourist area of El Kawsar, aka El Mamsha, accessible to everyone for 200 pounds (approximately 6.47 rubles). This price includes the use of an umbrella and a chaise longue, a shower and a toilet. The beach is beautiful and well equipped, everything is new and clean. The entrance to the water is on the sand, gently sloping, suitable for children. There is also a pier for entering the water to a depth of and swimming with a mask over the reef.

  • Old Vic Beach (on the map). Another public beach in the tour. area of El Mamsha, accessible for a fee, belongs to the residential complex of the same name. In comparison with the neighboring tiny Dream Beach, this beach is simply huge, stretches for almost 500 meters. Unfortunately, judging by the latest reviews, it is abandoned, but perhaps in the new season the situation will change.

  • Sheraton Beach (on the map). Two beaches Old Sheraton and Seraton Beach are located next to the abandoned building of the Old Sheraton Hotel on both sides of the shore from the building. Do not belong to any hotel and are completely public. The entrance costs 100 pounds (approximately 3.24 rubles), includes a chaise longue and an umbrella. This is a very ordinary public beach, very modestly equipped and not very new, there is dirt in the toilets and showers. There is a cafe on site, with its own food and drinks are not missed. The bottom is sandy, but with stones, in principle suitable for holidays with children, but the price for such a place is too high.

  • Mahmya Beach (on the map). One of the most beautifully equipped public beaches on the stretch of coast between the center and the tourist area of El Mamsha, but also very expensive. The entrance costs 500 pounds (approximately 16.18 rubles). But this includes a chaise longue, a bottle of water and 250 pounds for a meal at a beach restaurant. The coast is very clean, the sand is almost white, the bottom is flat and without stones.

  • Orange Beach (on the map). It is located in the city center in the Sakala district. This is a public beach, which is visited by guests of neighboring hotels by agreement, as well as for a fee to all comers. The beach is of average quality: there is sand on the shore, stones under the water, there are toilets and outdoor showers, a cafe and a bar, and even a swimming pool. Everything is a little old and dilapidated, but in principle you can relax, and even swim with a mask about 30 meters from the shore. Input 40 pounds (approximately 1.29 rubles).

  • El Fayroz Beach (on the map)(). Another public beach in the center in the Sakala area. It is very short, 40 meters wide, and densely packed with rows of deck chairs. There is a shower, there is a toilet, there is a cafe. In general, a strong average person for an entrance fee of 80 pounds (approximately 51.13 rubles), but if it still seems expensive, then Orange Beach is a five-minute walk away and twice as cheap.

  • El Sakia Beach (on the map). Located in the heart of the central district. There are old wooden deck chairs, yellow sand and palm trees on the shore. There is a cafe with fresh juices and cocktails. Entering the water with pebbles. Input 60 pounds (approximately 1.94 rubles).

  • Paradise Beach (on the map). This beach is located away from the tourist areas on the shore between the city center (Sakala) and the old town of El Dahar. There is also a beach with the same name on Giftun Island, but that's another story, and you can only get there with excursions. Vacationers on Paradise Beach are mostly locals. Equipped very simply: there are not even chaise lounges, only plastic chairs and picnic tables under umbrellas. But the entrance costs only 20 pounds (approximately 0.65 rubles), and this is the cheapest city beach. There is no cafe here either, so you will have to bring drinks and food with you and consume them on plastic tables. Yes, and do not forget to bring a litter, a mattress or a tourist mat, because you will have to sunbathe right on the ground. Entering the water is rocky, swimming shoes are required.

  • El Sawaky Beach (on the map). This is the main public beach in the old town area of El Dahar, and probably the best in this part of Hurghada. If you really want to stay in this area not in a hotel with its own beach, then it's best to go relax here. The shore here is sandy, entering the water is also mostly on sand, so bathing shoes are not required. It is equipped in a simple way, but there is everything you need for swimming and sunbathing: sun beds and umbrellas, cafes and food and drinks, a pier for going deep for snorkeling. In the evening there is an open beach cafe. The only thing that is not very good here is that the depth is too shallow for almost a hundred meters from the shore, and then a sharp drop. The entrance in the afternoon costs 50 pounds (approximately 1.62 rubles).

You can download ⤓ points of interest, important transport points (bus stations, airports, etc.), districts and beaches from our map in KMZ/KML format. These files can be downloaded to the navigator or smartphone for use with offline or online Google Maps applications, Organic Maps and others that support this format, and use them to navigate and explore resorts.

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Well, now that, we hope, it has become clear to you which beaches are in Hurghada and how to choose a hotel, you can pick up a tour online on these trusted travel store sites at tour operator prices without extra charges.:

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