Ras Mohammed National Park in Sharm el-Sheikh

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Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed is the very first national park in Egypt, opened in 1989. It occupies a vast territory on land and at sea with an area of 480 square kilometers.

Today it is a popular tourist destination, which is definitely worth a visit while relaxing in the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula, which includes, among other things, the popular Sharm el-Sheikh. The National Park is known as one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling due to the extensive and protected coral reef, consisting of more than 220 species of corals. More than a thousand species of fish, 40 species of starfish, 150 species of crustaceans and 25 species of sea urchins live in the waters of the reserve. Foxes, gazelles, reptiles, migratory birds (white storks) are found on land. And on the border of water and land, amazing plants grow here – mangrove trees.

Underwater world in Ras Mohammed, photo 123tauchsport.de

The entrance to the reserve on the ground passes through the entrance stone gate, called the gate of Allah. This is a man-made and modern object, and does not represent historical value, but it is a great place for selfies. Further along the route you will see a mangrove grove, fractures of the earth's surface as a result of an earthquake, swim in a salt lake and snorkel in the purest Red Sea with rich flora and fauna.

You can see all the beauties of Ras Mohammed National Park on your own by rented transport, but it's easier to do it in a group or individual bus or sea tours. However, we note that the programs of bus and sea tours are slightly different. In the sea tour, as a rule, the emphasis is on swimming, snorkeling and diving with a visit to the island with snow-white sand - White Island. In the bus tour, more attention is paid to inspections of the ground part of the park.

When planning a trip, it should be noted that there are no conditions for changing clothes in the park, so it is better to wear bathing clothes immediately before leaving for the excursion.

Panorama of the lake in Ras Mohammed National Park

🕐 Working hours: excursions usually start at 08:00.

💵Entrance fee / ticket price: excursions from $ 25.

🚶 How to get there: Ras Mohammed National Park is located 25 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh at the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula (Ras Mohammed National Park on the map). Public transport does not go here, and therefore you can only get there by taxi, rented transport or with excursions by bus or boat.

The easiest and most convenient way for tourists is group tours. And it is also the most profitable option if you buy excursions correctly. It will be cheaper to buy from travel agencies on the street or online, but hotel guides have exactly the same tour can cost almost twice as much. We advise you to use these proven online services to search for excursions:

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