Monastery of St. Mina in Hurghada

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The monastery of St. Mina looks rustic

Monastery of Saint Mina (Monastery of Saint Mina or Church of the Great Martyr Mina) is one of the largest Orthodox monasteries in Hurghada, which is little known and visited by tourists. It is not easy to notice it from the outside: there are no recognizable attributes, no crosses on the roof, domes, towers, murals on the walls. The building is simple and more like an administrative building or even a prison, since it is surrounded by a high fence. Only after entering its territory it becomes clear that there is a temple here.

The monastery complex occupies a large territory, on which, in addition to the main church building, there is another church below the level, accommodation buildings, a dining room, places with benches and tables for religious events, a church shop. You will have to go to the church of St. Mina along the dirt sandy road past the houses under construction. There is no parking. There is a checkpoint at the entrance where things and bags are examined. During periods when services are not held, churches may be closed. However, the caretaker of the temple at the checkpoint will gladly escort you and open the doors to the church, give you a look around, and even offer to light a candle for donations of $ 1 and treat you to a cake from a local bakery.

Unlike mosques, there are no such strict rules for clothes here and they do not offer capes at the entrance. However, it is still necessary to follow certain rules, women should cover their heads with a scarf and not bare their shoulders and nights, men should take off their headgear.

Inside the temple
And this is the territory of the monastery

🕐Working hours: during daytime.

💵Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

🚶 How to get there: the monastery of St. Mina is located in a non-tourist place of the city on the outskirts of the old town of El Dahar (Monastery of St. Mina on the map). Transport does not go here, and therefore you will either have to take a taxi (but not all taxi drivers know this place, you will have to guide them using the navigator), or walk from the center El-Dahar district two kilometers in one direction. There are no signs and street names here, so you'll have to follow the navigator in your smartphone.

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