Coptic Church in Hurghada

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Coptic Church

Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda is the largest Orthodox church in Hurghada, located in the old district of El Dahar. Tourists are brought here as part of a sightseeing tour, however, you can visit it yourself while walking along the old neighborhood and markets in El Dahara.

Egyptian Christians are also called Copts, hence the name of the church - Coptic. According to some reports, the temple was built in the mid-20s of the XIX century by the British, later transferred to the Copts. Unusual architecture and modesty in exterior decoration, along with the interior environment, contribute to peace and tranquility. Inside, as in Catholic cathedrals, there are rows of benches for parishioners, but in fact it is an Orthodox church. There are painted icons on the walls, the windows are decorated with bright stained-glass windows with scenes from religious writings.

In the main building, under the main room, in the basement, there is another church, in which services are also held. The temple surrounds the courtyard. There is a church shop.

Before entering the territory of the checkpoint, check things. When visiting, women are advised to cover their heads with a scarf, it is not acceptable to enter with bare shoulders and knees, it is worthwhile to dress appropriately in advance or take a cape with you.

Inside the church

Panorama of the Coptic church in Hurghada

🕐Working hours: from 09:00 to 17:00.

💵Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

🚶 How to get there: The Coptic Church is located on El-Lewaa Salman Mazhar st. in the El-Dahar area (church on the map). It is not far from the popular tourist spots – the markets of El Dahare, from which the temple is easily accessible on foot. It is inexpensive to get to the El-Dahar district itself by city minibuses, the fare will cost no more than 10 Egyptian pounds (approximately 0.32 rubles, read more about Egypt's money and exchange rate), make payment immediately upon entering. If the minibus driver demands more on arrival, you don't have to pay him anything. Read learn more about transport in Hurghada and what to use here...

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