Review of Vietnam in April 2013: hue

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At least in our hotel in Hanoi, and there was a Breakfast but we was not destined to use it. First we overslept, and the second began after our departure to the airport. Sorry, we did not appreciate Breakfast in Hanoi. But I think not much is lost. Although Breakfast is normally at the airport never happened. Everything sold at the airport, it was not edible. Well, okay, we're on a plane and already we are on final approach.

The plan was this. To get to hue (not for children to be told). Option were many, but the most convenient was a taxi. It and went(50$) for a little over two hours and was near the bridge to the citadel. Specific addresses we had, and decided to stop at the first suitable hotel. The hotel is called Tigor. Beautiful cosy and not expensive(22$) and of course with Breakfast. Chose the room, threw things and went to the Citadel.

The weather is not Sunny, but muggy. Held along the river promenade and across the bridge to the Citadel. Bought the entrance ticket (VND 105000 brow, the currency of Vietnam, the exchange rate) and entered the territory. Near the entrance hung electric cars and we decided to take advantage of it.Cost is fun$ 10 per half hour. That time of course many will not see, but in three or four places he brought us, and we have been able to take some photos. When we ran out of time, we were at a beautiful garden where we spent the time until dark. On the way back went to some diner and ate. Especially liked the spring rolls. The evening ended and we were happy and well fed. It's time to go to the hotel.

For tomorrow we have planned a city tour, bought here in the hotel for 9$. For us had come in the bus and drive to the boat and began the tour. With quiet soul went to sleep. What will the future bring?

In the morning, after Breakfast, went to the reception and waited for the promised bus. The bus is still there, but there is some kind of biker that's looking for someone. And we were approached, our paper looked, but not responded. Finally I realised that we are what she's looking for. Delighted, invited us to go with her on the bike, which caused a rapid speech in his address on behalf of my wife. The whole of this speech, she immediately realized that the bike my wife will not go, and scratched his turnips got us a taxi. She paid for it, and we drove to the boat where began our tour.

The tour includes a walk along the river with visits to various pagodas and Botanical gardens. Then there was the lunch on the boat where we enjoyed floating the river and ate Vietnamese food. Then we came to the first of the tombs (there was three). This is where our river journey ended and started the bus.

In all three tombs we went and visited only the second account. After the last visit of the tomb, it began to rain and it began to grow dusk. Our bus headed back to hue. The day was coming to an end. We had a little wander around the hotel and dinner, which we did. For tomorrow we were leaving for Hoi an.

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Eugene May 21, 2013
What gives such a "crafty" card for Gibraltar, if not a secret?
In go better with MTS, tested, works everywhere, at least from those countries where I was. Any applications and deposits by a certain amount is required. The problem was only in Mexico, none of the phones with the SIM card MTS didn't want to be friends with the local operators. The issue resolved after a letter in the MTS, or rather two, as at first they were surprised and answered that they have an agreement with the Mexican operator, I do not remember his name, and everything should work like a problem in my phone. But I have had several phones and none of them MTS to local operators is not hooked up, but English SIM cards T-Mobile connect to the network without any problems.
After the second letter in the MTS that describes the problem, something they apparently decided to find out. It turned out that MTS just forgot to extend the contract with the Mexican operator. In the end, after a week of MTS earned. ...
admin May 21, 2013

Nothing, actually, just one of my earnings is to work remotely via the Internet, and I receive payment therefore, the other is not possible. And this card is convenient to pay because it is a dollar and conversion is directly and not by some sweeping ways of rubles into dollars and then into the national currency. And besides, no fee when paying at POS terminals, and when removing the cash Commission is charged. I pay her house everywhere in all the shops (or rather the wife with her shopping for groceries, etc.), never at home still not there for more than half a year of use, except that our vigilant sometimes sellers wife denied her admission because the card is not her (the name on the map clearly indicate gender). ...
Eugene May 21, 2013
Understandable, but still better to pay abroad some other map, with the ability to receive SMS notifications of withdrawal of money. ...
admin 31 May, 2013
About write-off in the supermarket $ 15 in Ho Chi Minh city (see above) added that until the promise has in store return never happened, even though it's been three weeks. A few days ago, I wrote to my Bank about this tranzactii, promised to contact the Bank. ...
Eugene 31 May, 2013

I'm not even surprised. Most likely a Vietnamese Bank was not going to return anything, and the store, too.
In their homespun logic You're a tourist (of course not just You), that is, the object for Nai... sorry cheating. Left and went to his North, soon following a fool...., sorry tourist will come.
Well this is Vietnam, is among Vietnamese decent people of course, but it carries with it the gene - "lie to farang" because farang to exist, as, for example, the chicken exists in order to lay eggs.
When I tried to inflate in Vietnam, selling for example instead of tea dust from Vietnamese roads, as they love to do, I always tell them that I am not a tourist, I live in Nha Trang, and if they will sell me the Boo, then I'm all tourists will say that you have a bad store, but if the tea is good, I will advertise all Russian your smelly shop. Sometimes helped. The trouble is that they are wild there, most do not understand guys either in English or in Russian. ...
admin 2 June, 2013

That is the same about solid Nai... My Bank finally returned the money today. Helped a Fax I received in the store from Vietcombank. Just wonder how they even Fax'd done nothing to return not going. In Vietnam every step necessary to keep your eyes open. But if you think that you were not pinned, so just still don't know what you got ;) . ...
Eugene 2 June, 2013
Alas, Yes, it is, though so , to be honest, maybe this is the beauty of this country. :DOWN :suicide
My friend is now in Nha Trang, today already three times called and asked what to do - paid for pictures - deducted 3 times from the card - then said that the payment failed and he is still a cache paid. Called and asked his office to check, there is a delusion - the purchase of one and the same for $ 385, and write-offs of as many as four, but the last undone for some reason.
It is very bad English and Vietnam, I advised him, now already is not convenient somehow.... ...
muzzle Sep 25, 2013

Report: Moscow - Los Angeles - 11500 Tr Direct flight, give a "Shemale"!!!
Moscow - new York is almost the same. Departures and returns on Saturdays. In November and December. For example, from 30 November to 14 December. Tickets are only visible on the aggregators. Expedia and Skyscanner!.... ...
admin 25 September, 2013

Not only Expedia or Skyscanner!, we have all too visible ;) , 11675R. now. Beauty, sorry no and visas :CRY . ...
muzzle Sep 25, 2013

Yes, I was just for example, have these aggregators. If not bought tickets for the November to Sao Paulo, it just would have flown away!!!! ...