Review: Night Thailand eyes Siberian divorcee

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Greetings to all readers of my story based on impressions from my trip to Thailand this winter. Thailand I was not chosen by chance. Before my husband was annually chosen tours in Turkey, where he warmed his side near the pool in the hot Turkish sunshine, absorbing food in the morning and going to bed at 10 PM. The fact that I have recently gone through a nasty divorce with her husband, with whom I had lived for more than 10 years. Summary: I am 30 years old, I'm divorced, pretty blonde girl with a huge sense of adventure on his fifth point.

I will not describe all the vicissitudes of the choice of travel, shopping vouchers and flights. I can only say that before the scheduled stay I read the reviews and stopped at a 4* hotel in Pattaya with the "all-inclusive" and selecting tour 7 days 6 nights. The feeling of excitement, despite some fatigue, came to me when I'm at the exit from the plane made the transition from the Siberian winter in Thai summer, filled with the smell of blooming exotic plants. The hotel is quite consistent with the declared category.

I will not be distracted from the main topic, as I am, by the way, a night owl, and could not refuse the opportunity to bed any day and every warm night to a sea of new impressions, to breathe the fragrant night air and swim in fabulous neon light signs. Its program of visiting the most famous places of this city I, thoroughly relaxing, beginning from the second night, after reviewing a variety of advertising avenues and reviews of tourists on the Internet, on the sea I had seen in previous trips, and here I've fulfilled my dream to live a little crazy partying night life. I will not describe the already hackneyed Thai transvestites and moths, of which there are more than enough.

Tell me about the most vpechatlenij voyages at night Pattaya. The first night I chose the newly opened "Barzia Club Pattaya", the range of entertainment for all tastes, which I chose because of the rave reviews and being in the Central part of the city. This two-story building, divided into two parts. To the right is a large hall called "Trendy chic", it is characterized by the abundance of fashion accessories, but it retains the atmosphere of the stunning comfort. In this room I met my holiday romance - a middle-aged handsome Italian named Michel, whom I called Mike, to me it was convenient, my husband's name was Michael and this fact forced my conscience to fully accept that the resort novel. Pretty funny we communicated with him in English and this meeting gave an additional charm to my trip. Needless to say, each night of the trip we did with Misha. Another part of the club is called "Fashion glamour". In this part I remember very glamorous comfortable small sofas, hookah, dancing coyotes and interesting show program.

The next day we decided to visit night club "Lima Lima" is considered one of the best not only in Pattaya but throughout Thailand. By the way, the entrance to the club is free. There was loud music, dancing and a sense of celebration. Me, as a lover of dance is very pleased. Very I remember the third night club in my program - "Insomnia", which translated means "insomnia". It sounded the most modern music of all the modern trends, which was miksoval the world's most famous DJs. The atmosphere of the disco did a fabulous upscale laser show. The fourth night, when Michel walked through the night Unicem just came out in bars, drank wine, laughed and enjoyed the atmosphere of the city at night.

On the last night of this trip, I chose a night club "MIXX". There were two dance floors: one playing R&B on another electronic music. Especially note the popularity of the club among the Hindus and Arabs that gave a special charm to this disco when you consider how these peoples love to dance. Sometimes I felt like I was in a Turkish disco. Came to the end of my wonderful trip, I came back rested and even well tanned, despite my nocturnal life on the recreation, which indicates that the ticket for this tour have been chosen appropriately. In the Krasnoyarsk airport I landed with a sense of tidal forces and high energy. By the way, I continue to call Michelle and maybe my next vacation I will spend in Florence, but that will be another story....

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