Visa to UAE

General information

From February 2017, Russian citizens can visit the UAE for tourism purposes, obtaining a free visa on arrival for up to 30 days. In fact, you just put in the passport a stamp to stay for 30 days without any additional checks and formalities. In the future, you can extend this period for another 30 days by contacting the immigration office during your stay in the country. Also free visa on arrival unable to citizens of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

There are the following types of UAE visas for tourist purposes:

  • Transit visa for 96 hours required to transit through the country (if you leave the transit area).
  • Tourist visa for 30 days.
  • Visit visa (at the invitation of UAE nationals) for 30 or 90 days.

Attention! Often in the Internet you can find information about the restrictions on issuing visas to women under 30 years of age, traveling without a husband. These restrictions are certainly not applicable to citizens of the Russian Federation, and disseminated information does not correspond to reality.

Also some travelers have reported that there are problems with visas or entry UAE visa if already issued and with the stamp of Israel in your passport, but officially this information is not confirmed.

Tourist visa

Attention! The information below is for Russian citizens no longer relevant in connection with the introduction of the free visa on arrival.

The validity of the visa until the date of entry into the country is 58 days, the period of stay on a visa in the country for 30 days.

Tourist visa independently, without the purchase of travel vouchers, a rather complicated procedure. Generally speaking, a visa independently at the non-diplomatic passports outside of the UAE is not carried out. Visas are issued only within UAE Immigration Departments to petition the competent companies/inhabitants/residents of the UAE. So your task for self-clearance will be reduced to such authorised companies, collecting and providing documents.

This can be done in the following way:

  • Through specialized travel agencies in the UAE. It is easy to find such firms through the Internet. The cost is different, on average, about $80.
  • Visa can help hotel the accommodation in which you reserve and pay. The price for the visa, you must negotiate and bargain in advance, before booking, otherwise there is a chance to overpay.
  • To apply for a visa through the visa centers in Moscow airlines when flying with Emirates or Etihad. For such registration have additional terms, including a trip in the last five years in one of the developed countries or the annual income of not less than 400 000 rubles. Cost – 2210 rubles.
  • To apply for a visa when buying a tour in a travel Agency.

Transit visa

Transit visa needs to be issued if your stay in the country will last more than 24 hours and you will leave the transit area. If you do not plan to leave the transit area of the airport and your stay will not be more than 24 hours to issue a visa is not necessary. If the time between connecting flights less than 8 hours, the transit visa you will be denied and you will not be able to leave the transit area.

The validity of a transit visa is 96 hours.

Transit visa is issued either in advance (you can register by contacting the airline that you are flying) or on arrival at the airport. Pre-registration can be done only in Moscow visa application centre Emirates airlines (for travel via Dubai) or at the visa application centre Etihad (for route through the Emirate of Abu Dhabi). The cost of registration in Moscow will be about 1,800 rubles.

For registration of a transit visa upon arrival will need a ticket out of UAE hotel reservation (you can not paid, the more that it usually does not look). Sometimes getting a transit visa on arrival can take a long time (10-12 hours), so by the time the visa you only have a couple hours to walk around the Parking lot near the airport. So keep that in mind. The fee for processing visa on arrival is about 200 dirhams.

Embassies and consulates

Embassy of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) in Moscow:

101000, Russia, Moscow, Olof Palme, 4
Phone: (+7 095) 147-6286, 147-0066
Fax: (+7 095) 234-4070

The Russian Embassy in the UAE (United Arab Emirates):

United Arab Emirates, Abu-Dabi, Shark-9, Khalif Street, Of 65.67, P. O. Box 8211
Phone: (8-10-9712) 72-1797
Fax: (8-10-9712) 78-8731

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