Security in the UAE: crime, rules of conduct, health

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Crime and crime

UAE is the safest Arab country. If these words are not enough for you, then the UAE in 2011 took the 33rd place in the ranking of safest countries of 153, while Russia is 147, and for example France – 36th. If this is not enough - the Emirates are in second place among the countries with the lowest number of murders per hundred thousand inhabitants.

The numbers speak for themselves. UAE is indeed a very safe country. And, well, she's not safe because there are good police work, but because the UAE the country with the highest standard of living, stable political and economic environment. Here you can walk at night in the darkest alleys, and not afraid of anything. There probably should be afraid of aggression on the part of vacationers compatriots than the locals.

Laws, rules and traditions of conduct

Emirates is known for its strict morals and harsh laws. It is very easy to be fined or even imprisoned for seemingly "harmless" in our violation. Tourists are no exception, and for the slightest offense will respond in the same way as the locals. Keep in mind that if there is no police, it does not mean that nobody is watching you: in crowded areas patrolled by police in civilian clothes, ubiquitous surveillance, and the respectable citizens can report your violations to the police.

  • The law prohibits cursing, showing rude gestures, even among tourists. For this violation you can be fined or even sentenced to prison.
  • You should not kiss or cuddle in public, to show others the way their love relationship. For this you can also end up in jail.
  • It is impossible to walk in a bathing suit in public (except for beaches), women are indecent to wear transparent dresses or skirts, revealing the leg above the knee, clothing with open abdomen, shoulders or back. Even being on the beach too revealing bathing suit may be the reason for the penalty, and even sunbathing Topless is strictly prohibited.
  • Not necessary to stick to women, to start talking with the local ladies, looking at the girls. Such actions are considered rude behavior.
  • Verification of documents is not uncommon. Carry your passport or a photocopy of it.
  • You cannot remove local residents without their permission. For such a violation faces a fine or arrest. Given that talking to women is impossible, to ask permission to shoot will be only for men. It is also forbidden to remove banks, government agencies, military facilities.
  • Premarital making love is forbidden in the UAE law in relation to foreigners is no exception. Not married tourists may even be denied in one room. If you are married but different last names, you can provide a certified translation of the marriage certificate.
  • The law prohibits homosexual relationships, so pop in with an unexpected check can and to friends, who settled in the same room if they are behaving suspiciously.
  • Drug use is punishable by a lengthy jail term or large fine. And the spread - the death penalty or life imprisonment. To get yourself arrested for drug use even if the tourist is carrying a prescription medication. Many of them (including those sold in Russia in pharmacies open) officially banned for use in the UAE.
  • Crossing the street in the wrong place punishable by a fine or a month of his release in prison.
  • For Smoking in the wrong place, because you throw the garbage bins or just on the ground a great fine.
  • Gambling in the UAE is banned.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages in public places prohibited. You should also not appear on the street in a state of intoxication. Consume alcoholic drinks only in the hotel room, or in places where it is allowed: in bars, restaurants.
  • Prohibited to carry alcoholic beverages from one Emirate to another.
  • In the month of Ramadan in the country you cannot drink, eat or smoke from sunrise to sunset. Of course, for tourists it is not spreading, and in hotels for tourists even fed and watered, but in other public places, this rule cannot be broken. Disrespect for this tradition can lead to fines and even prison sentences.
  • In the house of an Arab you can not enter the Shoe. If the owner goes ahead of You and he comes to the shoes, then the ban is removed.
  • Food and beverages should be given and to take only the right hand. If the Cutlery is missing, it is necessary to rinse with water right hand and take the food directly to her.
  • It is impossible to offer local residents spirits as gifts or Souvenirs to offer to drink with you.


Movement in the UAE and Russia is on the right. Traffic and driving style on the roads of the Emirates is often compared to Moscow, emphasizing that they are very similar. At the same time, local drivers are generally more friendly. Traffic rules and road signs are almost the same as in Russia, perhaps with the exception of the inscriptions, which are written in English and Arabic.

The speed limit in settlements is 60 km/hour on most trails 100 km/h. Speed mode is controlled by an automatic radar photos video recording. Paid Parking in cities a little bit, usually they are only in the center, the narrow streets. Parking costs 2 dirhams per hour.

Pedestrians should not violate the rules of crossing the street, because it entails quite a large fine. It is also impossible to stand on the side of the road to stop a passing car.


The quality of medical care in the UAE at the highest level, but at a price it is from a level not far behind. Not to be ruined in the event it becomes necessary to seek medical help is strongly recommended before you travel to get insurance (in the insurance packages are often already included).

Pharmacies in UAE common. In every city there are on-duty pharmacy.

The sun in UAE at any time of year is very active, so you should protect yourself from the sun's rays and dehydration.

Tap water is potable, but it is better to use bottled water.

If your travel kit will be detected narcotic drugs prohibited in the country (among the banned are those who in Russia are sold in pharmacies even without a prescription), you can go to jail for drug use. If the need for such preparation is vital, you must have a certified translation of medical prescriptions.

Emergency numbers

Ambulance – 999

The police – 999

Fire – 997

Embassies and consulates

Embassy of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) in Moscow:

101000, Russia, Moscow, Olof Palme, 4
Phone: (+7 095) 147-6286, 147-0066
Fax: (+7 095) 234-4070

The Russian Embassy in the UAE (United Arab Emirates):

United Arab Emirates, Abu-Dabi, Shark-9, Khalif Street, Of 65.67, P. O. Box 8211
Phone: (8-10-9712) 72-1797
Fax: (8-10-9712) 78-8731
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