UAE: General information, weather, seasons

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The United Arab Emirates until recently was the "Mecca" mainly for wealthy travellers who have sated Egypt and Turkey, and went on in search of comfort, luxury and expensive entertainment in five-star hotels in the UAE. But in recent years the situation has changed significantly, and the UAE has been actively developing inexpensive vacation.

The result was the appearance of a large number of inexpensive Charter flights, and including from Russia, available hotels, service and entertainment. Much attention has been paid to the development of infrastructure for athletes, and how strange it sounds, even for skiers. Yes, Dubai has built the world's largest indoor ski slope, a snowy island in the middle of the desert.

If you have no one to leave children at home, take them with you in the UAE. For children there are water parks, zoos, playgrounds, amusement rides. In General, children will not be bored.

General information about the country

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a Federal state consisting of seven Emirates, each of which is a micro state with absolute monarchy: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, RAS El Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah and Sharjah. Located in the North-East of the Arabian Peninsula (southwest Asia or Africa). Washed by the Persian and Oman gulfs. Bordered by Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The land border runs through deserts and is not clearly defined. The Capital Abu Dhabi. Major cities: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, al ain, RAS al-Khaimah.

The population

UAE population — 4.8 million people. The indigenous population is mainly represented by Sunni Muslims.

Official data on the ethnic composition of the UAE are not published, but according to some estimates, the Arabs are the indigenous inhabitants of the Emirates — do not exceed 25% of the population (some estimates only 11%). Arabs from other countries — 25%, Europeans and Americans — 5%, the rest — immigrants from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran and other countries of Asia and Africa. 85% of people living in the country are its citizens


The official language is Arabic. In the cities English is widely spoken. In recent years in resort areas and the widespread Russian language: there are signs in Russian, menu. The staff can also speak Russian.


Almost all UAE nationals are Muslims, 85% of which are Sunnis and 15% Shiites. According to the migration services of the Emirates, approximately 55% of immigrants is Muslim, 25% Hindu, 10% Christians and 5 % Buddhists. The other 5% are minorities of Sikhs and Baha'is. According to a study by the Ministry of planning, all of the 4.5 million people living in the UAE with regard to foreigners, three-quarters of the Muslims.


The economy of UAE re-exports, trade, production and export of crude oil and gas. Current oil production is approximately 2.2 million barrels per day.

In the recent past oil production the rapid growth of UAE economy. However, the UAE is actively developing other sectors of the economy: foreign trade, transit transport infrastructure (international airports and seaports), telecommunications, etc.

In recent years, the share of revenues from the extraction and processing of oil in total GDP is decreasing due to government measures to diversify the economy.

Weather, tourist seasons

To go to UAE on vacation can be absolutely at any time of the year. Even in winter the temperature of water in the sea never drops below 23 degrees and the day temperature always above 20 degrees. In General, the climate is warm (tropical desert), the air is dry. Precipitation during the year falls very little.

In the summer, from July to August, it gets very hot. The temperature can reach 50 degrees, and the humidity increased. But on the coast this temperature can be transported easily, the main thing is not to get out of the water :-) . Trips to UAE in this time we can recommend those who are seriously engaged in water sports and in particular diving well, or those who will not come out of the top of the ski slope. Is not recommended at this time to go to the elderly and also with children. Of course you will be able to survive the heat during this period, moving from air conditioning to air conditioning, but you're not going to do this. During this period, by the way, many hotels offer discounts.

In winter, from December to February, temperatures can drop during the day to 20 degrees, and at night and to 10 degrees. The coldest month of winter is the Feb. But the water temperature is still not less than 23 degrees, and under the sun perfect tan. For the winter to come and the so-called period of the Doges. Here he is so called, because a few drops of rain, accidentally managed to fly all day from the sky, does not in our opinion be called a rainy season.

Summing up the aforesaid, say that the tourist or high season in the UAE starts in September and continues through may. The best time to visit is considered the fall and spring when other resorts reigns the offseason. Summer visits are not recommended due to the high heat and high humidity, but you can recommend this time to those who are seriously engaged in water sports and wants to save money, as prices during this period reduced.

Time in the UAE

Time in the UAE ahead of Moscow is +1 hour, the clock from winter to summer time and back are not translated.

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