Customs rules in UAE

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Attention! If you have any problems with customs in the UAE, in any case do not try to negotiate with the customs officer. Corruption in the UAE is almost eradicated, and the punishment for bribery will be severe.

The ban on the import

  • Printed materials and videos, sculpture of an erotic or pornographic nature that may offend the religious feelings of Muslims, or perceived as unfriendly to the state. The prohibition applies even innocent, by Russian standards, and eroticism. For clarification of content, customs officials may be temporarily removed to view the imported video tapes or printed materials.
  • Weapons and drugs (except prescribed by a doctor). Punishment for transportation of drugs even in trace amounts, and even in their own blood (if drugs were used at home and discovered in your blood) is very severe.
  • Products of Israel, or with the logos of Israel.
  • Ivory, Rhino horn.
  • Equipment for gambling.
  • Tires (automotive).
  • Fake, including a gift exchange.
  • Prepared or homemade food, pork.
  • Shortwave radio, radios, radio transmitters.
  • Knives, swords, spears, including toy.

Allowed to import duty-free

Rules allowed duty-free entry to UAE's various official sources of the country are completely different. After studying all the sources we have identified in our opinion the safest minimum value for carriage:

  • 400 cigarettes (2 boxes), 50 cigars, 500 grams of tobacco;
  • Gifts worth up to 3,000 dirhams;
  • Personal hygiene items, clothes, electronics (cameras, camcorders, computers, binoculars, telescopes, DVD players, phones, etc.) for personal use within reasonable limits.

Duty-free import of alcohol in each of the Emirates is normalized differently:

  • Dubai - 4 l alcoholic beverages or 2 cases of beer (each box not more than 24 cans of beer not exceeding a volume of 335 ml. each).
  • In Abu Dhabi and Fujeirah - 4л. any alcoholic beverages;
  • In Sharjah – 2 l alcoholic beverages and 1 pack.

Import export of currency

Any currency, including the national, can be imported and exported without restrictions. The amount of more than 40,000 dirhams (or the equivalent) must be declared.

The importation of animals

Pets (age – not less than 4 months) must be accompanied by a permit issued by the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries UAE (UAE MAF, the cost of registration is 100 dirham), and the veterinary certificate of the international sample with the obligatory indication of all immunizations and their dates. The importation of certain breeds of dogs are prohibited.

The ban on the export

UAE customs regulations on export of very inexpensive, and you can take out almost everything, with the exception of obviously illegal items. The export of gold and silver ornaments bought at the local markets, must be accompanied by a cheque of the outlet (however, local customs officials only pay attention to a really large batch of jewelry). For export from UAE carpets and silver jewelry on the border must present receipts from stores where we made purchases. Products under $250 are not taxed.

Prohibited the export of objects of cultural and historical heritage of the country, wild animals, seeds and fruit trees.

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According to article 23.1 ZZPP, if the seller had breached the term of performance of the obligation under article 20, article 21 and article 22 (the money is not returned, not replaced the purchase has not eliminated its shortcomings), it is obliged to pay a penalty at the rate of 1% of the price for each day not made commitments. The demand for the return of the funds must be satisfied within 10 days.
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