Tourist information about the city of Petra in Jordan

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General information about the city of Petra


The city of Petra (Petra) is an ancient city in Jordan, one of the most visited places in the country. In 1985, the city was listed as world heritage by UNESCO. In 2007 the city was awarded the title of one of the new seven wonders of the world. In 1989, there were shooting of the film "Indiana Jones and the last crusade".

Today Petra is not a city in the literal sense. It is a tourist attraction and not a tourist district, or a developed city. However, near Petra formed a kind of infrastructure with hotels, restaurants, shops where you can spend time in between sightseeing. However, one should not consider Peter as a resort place for the entire rest period: 1-2 more days here rarely delayed.

Ancient Petra in the 6th century BC was the capital of the Arab dynasty Sabbatino. For a long time the city flourished and was the center of culture and exceptional architecture. All the buildings have been carved into the rock, and highly branched system of channels and dams, designed in accordance with the difference in height, impressed. Gradually, the city fell into disrepair and for many years was forgotten.

Only in the early 18th century about Peter started talking again, and since 80-ies of the 19 century, the unique city became a place of pilgrimage for many tourists. Daily it is visited by about 3 thousand people.


The road to Petra is through a narrow gorge, with 80-meter-high walls abound with inscriptions in ancient languages carved cells and the niches, cleverly woven patterns. Suddenly, the cleft is cut, and the eyes of the tourists appears the city proper. Treasure – that's all coming here, a bizarre combination of niches, columns, ladders and folds literally deprive speechless. When the first shocking impression slightly is, you can continue viewing next – the monastery of Deir, the Palace Tomb, the huge amphitheater, the Temple of the Winged lions and more.

The best time for inspection is either early morning or just before sunset when the sun is not blinding, but only emphasizes its soft radiance pink-red hue of the rock from which carved this amazing city. There is also a night program a visit to the monument after sunset, when the road and the main monuments are illuminated with thousands of lanterns from candles. Tickets for the night program are sold in the ticket office at the entrance.

How to visit Petra, how to get


Usually Peter is visited during a trip to Jordan or tour from Israel or Egypt.

From Israel and Egypt are often given one day tour without overnight stay in Jordan. While tourists skim through the most interesting places during daylight hours, ignoring most of the city. The cost of such excursions from Egypt is about 260 dollars from Israel a little cheaper.

To fully explore Petra, you need at least 2-3 days and do it better during a visit to Jordan. During your stay at one of the resorts in the country are also offering one or multi-day excursions.

If you want to visit Petra on your own, then it is best to plan the itinerary a stop in a residential hotel in Wadi Musa, from where the attractions can be reached on foot in 15-20 minutes.

Wadi Musa is located 260 kilometers from Amman. As public transport in Jordan is underdeveloped, the best option to get to Wadi Musa alone with other resorts or cities to rent a car or travel by taxi (from Amman from 80 Dinar, but you have to bargain). But there are also economical option is the local bus. Local intercity minivans connect the major countries, and in particular the Amman from Wadi Musa. They operate without fixed schedules, occupancy. Cost 6 Dinar for tourists (this is above the rates for local). From Amman minivans depart from the bus station Wihdat (Wihdat bus station or South Bus Station).

Entrance fee to Petra


The entrance ticket for one day for tourists from Egypt and Israel costs 90 Dinar which is about 127 dollars.

Tourists visiting Peru as guests of Jordan, paid a lot less: one – day entry-50 dinars ($70); two days - 55 dinars; three days 60 Dinar.

There is an illegal way to visit the attractions free of charge as they are not enclosed by fences and checkpoints. But you need to have own transport and know where to pass.

Hotels in Petra

To visit Petra is the most convenient to stay in the town of Wadi Musa, which is located within walking distance from all attractions. Here there are some hotels that are recommended to book in advance as they are almost always busy.

Find and book accommodation in Petra/Wadi Musa you can through the search form below. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

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