Kitchen Jordan

Of the cuisine of Jordan

Jordanian cuisine is a mixture of culinary tastes neighbouring countries (Libya, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia), however, there are dishes that are unique to this country. Taste sensations the food is not very spicy, spicy and fragrant.

Due to the fact that the country is not enough fertile land for growing the necessary crops, agriculture does not fully provide the population with their products. Here mainly grow beans, wheat, corn, olives, vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, etc.) and fruits (grapes, oranges, lemons, bananas, melons, watermelons, figs).

Jordan – Islamic state, but because it is not customary to eat pork. It replaces veal, lamb, poultry. Options of cooking meat as a separate dish, and as part of a more complex many: it can be baked, boiled, grilled, stewed, etc. the meat is usually served with rice and potatoes. Quite often as a garnish also used wheat (bulgur).

As for fish and seafood, due to the lack of Jordan outlet to the sea, to meet them here quite rarely, mostly closer to Aqaba, a small Gulf of the red sea.

In Jordan, it is customary to eat soups. For example, lentil soup (adas) with chicken, onions, spices and lemon juice, sometimes add carrots, potatoes and greens; chicken soup with muhyi the leaves (something like spinach), onions, garlic, herbs, served with boiled rice.

In large quantity, vegetables, greens and herbs. They are added to main dishes, salads and snacks. Salads with arugula, typical Jordanian salad tabbouleh, salads, vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, onions, carrots, pepper, greens, etc.) seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil appetizer of baked eggplant with tomatoes and onions and pasta tahini Baba ganoush (babba ghanoush).

The highlight Arabic cuisine in General is hummus (humus) is a uniform paste puree of chickpeas, with lemon juice, salt, olive oil, garlic paste and tahini. Used as an appetizer or sauce. And tahini (tahina or sesame paste) – a paste of sesame seeds with lemon juice, salt, garlic. On its basis, prepare the sauces for many dishes, such as falafel, hummus.

Taste preferences of vegetarians will not be infringed. Tomatoes sauteed and stewed with garlic and spices with rice or pita bread, beans in tomato sauce with rice, vegetable casseroles and salads, hummus and much more.

Among the most commonly used cooking ingredients can be found fermented milk products – yoghurt, sour milk referred to as Laban (laban, labaneh), and brine cheese (like brynza and Suluguni cheese).

No meal is complete without a bit of olive oil, it is widely used in cooking. The locals eat it for Breakfast, dipping the tortilla first in butter and then in mixture of seasonings (thyme, sesame, oregano, etc. to your taste).

The Jordanians are very fond of bread and use it every day. Usually a piece of cake "picks up" a small portion of the contents of the plates, or dip it in sauces. The table features several varieties of bread, mostly in the form of pellets (or khubz shrak), or pita bread. Bread baking, as wheat flour and corn (karadeesh) and dark flour.

One of the familiar and popular dishes of all Arab countries is the usual Shawarma (shawarma) – a dish of fried minced meat (mutton, chicken), vegetables and herbs, spices, pastes, tahini and hot sauce. For a quick snack is also suitable sambusak – deep fried dough balls stuffed with meat, burrito with beef and peppers (sfiha), pies with spinach, herbs and beef (moajanat).

Widely used spices (pepper, lemon juice, onion, garlic, nuts, greens). Quite often in dishes add mint.

A distinctive feature of the Arab countries, not the exception, and Jordan, is the Meze (or mezze, mezze) is a selection of snacks, usually served alcohol, and before the main meal, they can be different in content and quantity to 5 dishes as well as meat or vegetable, such as cheese, vegetable or meat stews, falafel, hummus, salad vegetables, sauces and condiments, pickled vegetables and olives, pita bread, Baba ganoush.

Popular dishes of the national cuisine of Jordan

  • Mensaf or Mansaf (mansaf) is the most famous Jordanian dish. Made of lamb meat cooked in yogurt (Laban) with rice. On a large platter put the pita bread, then a layer of boiled rice, and on it the pieces of mutton on top of all pour the remaining sauce from cooking the lamb and sprinkle with pine nuts. The dish is served on special occasions, it is customary to eat by hand, and only right.
  • Kabob (kebab) is cooked on an open fire from different types of meat, such as chicken (shish of Tauk), lamb and beef (shish) lamb (kofta).
  • Or falafel falafel (falafel) – deep fried balls of mashed chickpeas, beans or beans, with herbs and spices (parsley, coriander, onion, garlic, pepper, cumin). Served with pita bread and vegetables with the sauce.
  • Tabouleh (tabbouleh) salad of wheat grits with parsley and onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices (lemon juice, mint), olive oil.
  • Makluba (maqluba) – ready meat is placed in the pan, then added layers of roasted vegetables, first onions, eggplant, potatoes, spices and rice (not ready), pour the broth, put on fire. After the rice is cooked, the contents of the pan carefully invert on a large platter, sprinkle nuts and herbs.

Desserts, fruits in Jordan

Sweets in Jordan is a typical Oriental sweets. Main ingredients used in preparing them are nuts, honey, sesame seeds, tahini mass (based on sesame seed).

Among the often called tourist note sweets such as baklava (baklava) - a pastry with pistachios and honey; halva; kunafa is a pastry with different fillings (butter cream, cheese, honey and nuts, etc.); mahalabiya - dairy dessert; mom – a cookie of dates; ice cream with nuts.

Fruit is grown a little, mainly citrus fruit (oranges, lemons), bananas, melons. However, at the fruit stalls you can find many other types of fruit (grapes, figs, pears, peaches, apples, papaya, cherimoya, strawberry, mango, etc.), some of them of local manufacture, the part is imported from other countries. Do not forget about the seasonality of maturation of individual species. Among the most exotic fruits it is worth to mention the fruit of a cactus (prickly pear), taste like melon, but very prickly.

Drinks, alcohol in Jordan

Among the most revered soft drink in Jordan are tea and coffee.

Tea is usually offered with mint and sugar, and sometimes add herbs.

Coffee – a separate issue. It is very fond of the locals and warmly offer their guests. The coffee here is distinguished by a weak roasted and the presence of the cardamom, it additionally serves a glass of cold water to drink coffee. A stronger version of coffee served along with the local variety, referred to as Turkish coffee.

Soft drinks freshly squeezed juices, both fruit and vegetables (oranges, apricots, lemons, carrots, etc.). There is even the juice from the tamarind Tamar Hindi. One of the traditional refreshing drink is a salty-sour yogurt from goat's milk (shaneeneh) and milk mousse with coconut and cinnamon (sahlab).

Of alcoholic beverages in the country, you can meet all types of alcohol, local and imported.

Popular local alcohol is the Arak – anisette. Before use, it is customary to dilute with water and drink with ice. Also produce good table wines, beer brand Amstel (Amstel) and Petra beer.

Where to eat in Jordan?

Places to eat in Jordan abound, starting with small cafes and to expensive restaurants. On the street you can catch Shawarma (1-2 Dinar), a sandwich or a tortilla with meat or vegetable filling. All the hotels offer American Breakfast. In cities you can find international fast food chains such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Burger King. In the cities of Amman and Aqaba was seen pizzerias.

For example, the prices for dinner in cafes will vary from 10 to 15 Dinar (450-685 rubles).

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