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General travel information about Jordan


Jordan (Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) – Arab state in the middle East. Geographic neighbors are Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria, Israel, Palestine. Bordering the coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead sea, a length of 26 km, separates the country from Israel and Egypt. The total area of 92 300 sq km (this is just twice the square of the Moscow region), the population of more than 6.2 million people (for comparison, in Moscow region more than 7 million).

Terrain – rocky and sandy deserts and semi-deserts (90%), low mountain ranges and plateaus, narrow strip of oases the El-Ghor and the Dead sea. The state capital, Amman.

Favorable geographical position at the crossroads of the middle East tracks allows you to combine a visit to Jordan with a trip to Israel, Egypt, and Syria. Very often, Jordan visit tour of Egypt and Israel, which created a special visa conditions. But no less popular is as an independent exotic destination.

The advantages – high level of security for travelers, the lack of crime and religious conflict. A visa to the country, tourists get on arrival. No bustle on the beaches, typical of resort areas in high season. Jordan also attractive scattering centers and life-giving force of the Dead sea; subtropical Mediterranean climate; miraculous and vast landscapes of Wadi Rum and the mystical beauty of "pink" Petra – the city carved in the cliffs is included in the UNESCO List; entertainment and year-round beach holiday Aqaba, cultural-historical monuments of the capital Amman.


The rest of Jordan is rich in "historical excursion tours" for fans of family cultural tourism. Among the special excursions popular trips for pilgrims at biblical locations.

Gourmet Jordan offers a beach vacation the exotic shores of the red sea and Dead sea, the network of diving centers. For those wishing to improve their health – luxurious SPA-centres and luxury, the mineralized healing mud and SPA treatments. Fans of outdoor activities in Jordan are waiting for paintball and Golf, jeep tours through the desert, horseback riding, scuba diving.

Often "a journey through the Kingdom" begins in the capital Amman (an international airport). It is a modern and contrasting Arabic city. Attractive here the Citadel, the ruins of the temple of Hercules, Umayyad Palace Park, the Byzantine Basilica. For intellectuals and aesthetes will be an interesting Folk Museum and the national gallery of fine arts; Museums, folk traditions, numismatics, Royal automobile. "Kan Zaman" is a popular tourist site, where you can try real Jordanian coffee and traditional local cuisine, learn the "craft" masterpieces of the masters.

Amazing man-made creation – Peter. Its called the new "seventh wonder of the world". Once the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom at the height of 900 m Extends for miles and includes approximately 800 historical objects. To get to the location of the ancient city through a narrow canyon Siq. Giant palaces, amphitheatres, fancy staircases and statues in pink and white tones, carved in the rocks with incredible accuracy lines. The Treasury al Khazneh – the temple-tomb in solid rock with a height of 42 m; the area of the facade; the Amphitheatre that can accommodate up to 7 thousand spectators; a triumphal arch, the monastery of ed Deir, Dinovi boulders, rock reliefs...

Aqaba – young beautiful the town is a resort on the red sea coast. The natural conditions allow you to swim, to sunbathe here all year round. A special microclimate, clean beaches, warm water and coral reefs, well-developed tourist infrastructure and the first line of hotels with a decent level of service. Aqaba has it all for scuba diving and snorkeling, high-speed racing yachts and boats, fishing, water skiing, sailing. An extensive network of diving centres for beginners and professionals alike. Including a tour of the facilities of the ancient Fort, a Museum of antiquities and the Aquarium.

Jerash – the "Pompeii of the East" – preserved example of a Roman provincial town planning in the middle East. Among the attractions are the buildings of the Racecourse (II-III century ad) and Hadrian's arch; Oval area (first century BC), surrounded by a sidewalk and a colonnade with two altars in the center. 800-meter Street of colonnades, where the cobblestones are still visible traces of the chariots. The Nymphaeum is an ornamental fountain, built in the II century ad Amphitheatre with amazing acoustics, 18 Byzantine churches, several museums.

Старый Амман (Иордания)

The Protected Wadi Rum. Such landscapes anywhere on the planet. Cliffs, canyons, arches, wells specific landscape, a desert oasis will appeal to climbers and lovers of Hiking. Camel rides, jeep tours, an overview of the Wadi Rum paragliding or a balloon – among the exotic and extreme sentences to familiarize themselves with the landmark.

The Dead sea in Jordan – natural hospital. The saltiest place on the planet located on 400 m below sea level. In the composition of the water – rich component in the Arsenal of the periodic table. The development of medical tourism is one of the directions. Coastal beaches – most often the property of SPA-hotels.

Madaba – city of mosaics, vivid and memorable, 30 km from Amman. A real treasure-a Mecca for Christian pilgrims. Gadara – the city of new Testament Bible events. Rich in archaeological antiquities of Pella.

Jordan – a Muslim country. Night life for tourists are concentrated mainly in Amman and Aqaba. It offers tourists restaurants, beach and night clubs, hookah cafes and discos only in expensive luxury hotels.

Shopping in Jordan has some peculiarities. Not limited the import of foreign and national currency (except Israeli), but the calculation is done in dinars. Payment for goods and services traveller's cheques and credit card can only be done in major tourist centers, hotels and stores.

Gold Souk (Souk) is located in the centre of Amman. Famous for the splendor of handmade jewelry from silver and gold. No need to wonder if the dealer will offer a Cup of coffee, it's not a trick, but a friendly gesture Jordanians. There are modern trade centers – "Abdoun Mall", "Zara", "Mecca Mall".

Ceramics, inlay, embroidery, woven mats and carpets, vessels with colored sand of Petra, jewelry, black silver jewelry, natural cosmetics Dead sea – all this "gift of wealth" Jordan for tourists.

Weather in Jordan, tourist seasons

Relax throughout Jordan it is possible from March to November but the best time to visit are spring and autumn. March to may is quite comfortable weather- +17-27°C with a small amount of rain (on average no more than 8 "wet" days per month). In autumn (from September to end of November) a little hotter - +20-30°C and ground (2-5 days per month), but still within comfortable.

Summer is also suitable for families, especially the beach, but across the country too hot day almost constantly above +31°C in the absence of precipitation, frequent winds, the droughts, sandstorms happen. Excursions at this time is not recommended.

In winter the daytime temperature can drop to 10-14°C, and at night often reaches zero.

In the area of the Gulf of Aqaba to relax all year round thanks to the microclimate. Summer days can be very hot, up to +45°C in the shade, and very dry (may to early October sometimes don't get a single drop of rain), but due to the proximity of the sea tolerated the weather pretty well. Winter is also quite mild (+17-25°C) and dry (3-7 mm of rain per month), which also contributes the stay.

The water temperature in the Red and Dead seas all year round, not below +21°C.

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