Safety in Jordan

Crime and crime in Jordan

Флаг Иордании

You can quite confidently say that Jordan is one of the safest Arab countries in the middle East. Despite facing such turbulent neighbors as Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine, which staggers the internal external problem, the government of Jordan is trying to maintain stability in the country, and it largely succeeds. There is a problem with refugees from Iraq, Syria and Libya, but it is not critical. Nevertheless, you should refrain from traveling in close proximity to the Jordanian-Syrian border. In all cases travel in the country, especially in border areas, should carry a passport in the case of checks.

The crime rate in the country is very low due to the tough police regime, as well as traditions. Crimes against the person almost never occur.

Also Jordanians are quite different from neighboring Muslim countries of their tolerance: if you break any local rules and traditions, the locals will not behave aggressively, and with calmness and patience will explain you how to behave.

Tips and traditions of behavior in Jordan

  • Before someone take a picture, be sure to ask permission. Also, don't remove military targets and transport infrastructure.
  • When traveling across the country, it is advisable to carry your passport with you in case of a possible inspection of documents. This is especially true of the border with Israel, areas of the Dead sea, the Jordan valley and arava.
  • The Jordanians are very friendly. Greeting and farewell are usually accompanied with a handshake.
  • Local gestural etiquette is quite complicated, so you should not actively gesticulating "the people" - many of our gestures may seem insulting a local resident.
  • The left hand is considered "unclean". Therefore, it is not necessary to send and receive things (especially food) or money with the left hand.
  • Should dress modestly, not provocatively. Short skirts, shorts, exposed arms and shoulders are not welcome. By the pool or on the beach you can safely expose you to the swimsuit, but appearing like this in public places is strictly not necessary.
  • Remember that in some mosques non-Muslims are not allowed.
  • It is considered improper for women to sit in the front seat of the car, so don't be surprised if taxis will refuse to go and demand that the woman moved to the back seat.

Medicine, health in Jordan

For entry into Jordan are no mandatory requirements about vaccinations but it is recommended to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, polio, tetanus and typhoid. If you are travelling from areas infected with yellow fever mandatory vaccination. Medications that you always use and which is prescribed by a doctor to be imported in the original packaging and with the prescription. In General, you should ensure you have travel first aid kits still at home: the pharmacy here though meet, you can not find what you need.

Medical care in Jordan, quite a developed but high-quality hospitals are only in major cities. The traditional doctors, but references to him are paid. Emergency care not requiring hospitalization - free. Highly recommend to have an insurance policy.

It is believed that the tap water is clean and drinkable. Nevertheless, we recommend you to purchase drink only bottled. From ice in drinks it is better to refrain.

Road traffic, road safety

In Jordan established right-hand movements, as in Russia. Roads of different quality: there are good, and there are the dead and gradually turning into desert, where you can only go on the jeep. Road signs are duplicated in English. In tourist places there are special tourist signs on a brown background indicating the direction and the location map of tourist places. The movement for a fairly quiet city, but in cities the traffic is chaotic and dangerous enough, often not by the rules. In General, traffic in the cities poorly organized, inadequate signs and markings. The speed limit in cities is 60 kilometers per hour, outside the city 80 kilometers per hour. On the highway Amman-Aqaba allowed 110 kilometers per hour. Driving at night is not recommended. Outside of the cities gas stations are rare, so refuel at the first opportunity.

Jordan signed the Geneva Convention on road traffic and according to her the country can manage international driving permits, made in the form of books in addition to the normal rights (not to be confused with the rights of plastic, see the Whole truth about driver's license abroad). However, in practice, to rent a car and managed and regular national rights, issued in Russia. If only the driving experience was over 1 year. No problems with the police on such rights does not arise.

Find the rolling office on the spot on arrival, but cheaper and more convenient to pre-book a car from global car rental companies such as Avis. In this case, you can start traveling across the country straight from the airport on arrival. To travel outside of the country in a rented vehicle is forbidden.

Motorcycle rental in Jordan is not common.

Customs regulations of Jordan

The country allowed duty-free import for persons over 18 years of age:

  • 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco
  • 1 liter of alcoholic beverages
  • one or two open bottle of purple toilet water
  • a reasonable amount of aftershave in an open bottle for personal use
  • gifts in the amount of not more than 200 Jordanian Dinar

Prohibited to import/export

All kinds of narcotic and toxic substances; weapons and ammunition: pornographic and immoral films, publications or records.

The import/export of currency:

Out of the country can be no more than 300 Dinar. The export of foreign currency is not limited, if it does not exceed imported into the country amount. The import of foreign currency is not limited, but should declare the imported amount, so you do not have problems with its removal. Import of currency of Israel is prohibited.

Embassy of Russia in Jordan

Address: (22) Zahran St. 3rd Circle, Jabal Amman
Phone: (+9626) - 464-11-58/ 464-12-29
Fax: (+9626) - 464-74-48
P. O. Box: 2187, Amman 1118, Jordan 08:00 - 14:00 (Friday and Saturday off)

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