Amman: tourist information, weather, seasons

General information about the Amman

Современный Амман (Иордания)

Amman (Ammann, Amman) – Jordan's capital and largest city of the country. The city's population of 1.9 million people. Be around almost the entire political, cultural and economic life of the country. Amman is located near the Western border with Israel, at an altitude of 773 metres above sea level. The city lies on seven hills, which symbolically is reflected on the flag of Jordan in the form of a seven pointed star.

Amman – one of the oldest cities. His story will pick up beginning at least in the 13th century BC. Even then, the city called at that time Rabbath-Ammon, was the capital of the Kingdom Ammosova. During its existence the ancient city repeatedly passed from hand to hand of the other state, being conquered by the Assyrians, then the Persians, then the Greeks, then the Egyptians, then the Romans. At one time the city was Philadelphia, given to him by the Egyptian ruler. In the 8th century, the city was almost completely destroyed by several earthquakes and has existed as a village in ruins until the 19th century. Only in 1887, the town began to recover and grow until in 1946 it finally became the capital of the independent state of Jordan.

Today Amman save a little from the old identity. To the disappointment of many tourists, the city is too developed, built modern buildings and is very similar to European cities. But in fact it is only at first glance. In older areas on the outskirts still retaining the traditional flavor, old buildings, markets, narrow streets.

Amman is not a very popular place for most tourists, but skip this town is almost impossible (and not worth it to skip it), as the city is, in most cases, is the main gate through which tourists enter the country (here is the main international airport of the country), and many of them stay in the city for a day or two before you continue your journey across the country.

Старый Амман (Иордания)

The city has no beaches, it is 35 miles from the nearest shore of the dead sea. But there is a wide selection of premium hotels and budget accommodation options, a large number of restaurants, shops, museums. There is pretty decent historical attractions. Besides, Amman is one of the most beautiful capitals in the middle East. There is in Amman and evening and night entertainment: bars and night clubs, although so far they have not too much. And in the modern district of Abdali is a tourist district with a pedestrian street. Good opportunities Amman offers for shopping. First of all we are talking about the traditional trade in street markets, but it also has modern shopping centers.

By and large, for tourists there is everything to comfortably spend two or three days to explore the city. Longer than three days here, perhaps, linger not. Moreover, it is better to leave a visit to Amman by the end of your journey across the country to right here to fly home.

Weather, seasons in Amman

Weather in Amman during the different seasons is quite different. Affects weather and high location of the city (773 meters above sea level), which makes the city cooler.

The perfect time to visit Amman is spring and autumn. At this time, the temperature is moderately hot, almost no precipitation.

Another good time to visit is summer. At this time, becomes very hot, but at night the temperature drops to a very comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. Precipitation at this time also almost never happens.

In the winter months (December to March) a visit to the capital will be uncomfortable. First- at this time it is very cold. The temperature ranges from 4 to 17 degrees and even snow. And secondly it is a period of precipitation, rainfall and snow. If possible, it is better to avoid visiting the city at this time.

Seasons in Amman by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Areas of Amman hotels

Prices for hotels in Amman can please any budget traveler. So, double can be found from $ 20, and a bed in a Dorm from $ 8. But it's worth a watch only slightly more expensive hotels, and you can find a great accommodation in a three or four star hotel for $ 50. Those who prefer luxurious conditions, for $ 150 you can stay in a five star hotel.

As for the choice of location for a hotel in Amman, you should keep in mind that the city is geographically very big and the hotels are located in almost all areas, including outlying areas. And if you want to be in the center of events and to be near a place where you can stroll in the evenings along the tourist area, it is best to choose a hotel closer to the new district Abdali (Abdali) (the Abdali area on the map).

Another great place for a hotel, the so - called downtown, which is located around the Roman theatre. It focused a large number of hotels, as well as almost all the important sights of the city. The area itself is sometimes very colorful.

Find and book a hotel in Amman, you can through the search form below. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

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