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The exchange rate

It is quite a stable currency, but in 2018-2019 she pretty much fell against the dollar and other world currencies, which, however, for the Russians just a plus.

For fast recalculation of the value of Lira in the amount of rubles it is necessary to multiply it by 1.1. Ie for example 20 lire * 1,1 = 220 rubles. Even easier to add the right to the amount in the Lira zero, and then add the amount of net Lira, ie, for example: 500 = 5000 (added 0) + 500 (the amount of net Lira) = 5500 rubles.

The currency exchange rate (TRY) today ()

10 Lira (TRY) = 105,09 rubles (RUB)
1 Euro (EUR) = 6,59 TRY
100 rubles (RUB) = 9,52 TRY
1 United States dollar (USD) = 5,99 TRY
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What is the currency in Turkey

The Turkish currency is called Turkish Lira. Is denoted by a TRY or sign before the number. 1 TL (Turkish lira) is divided into 100 Kurus (Kurus). In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 lire coin 1 Lira and coins of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 Kurus. But tourists impressively in the hands rarely because the prices are usually rounded to the lire.

Какая валюта в Турции

All calculations have been carried out in Lira, with the exception of the rare places in tourist resorts, which are willing to accept dollars, euros and sometimes even the ruble. But the course directly in the calculation of foreign currency conversion rate will be very disadvantageous, so it is best to exchange foreign currency to Lira, and they settle everywhere.

In General, if you see places with the designation of prices in euros, it is a tourist place with high prices, and if you don't want to overpay, it is better not to buy anything there. In addition, there is a problem with the delivery when calculated in foreign currencies, the value of the goods you will be counted in euros at an unfavorable rate, and the change will be given Lira for even more disadvantageous.

What currency to take to Turkey

If you go with cash, then you can exchange all major international currencies, but it's better to take dollars or euros. Commission (difference between rates) in the exchange other currencies too big, so it is better to exchange your home currency for dollars or euros, and to go with them.

The RUB can also be exchanged for Lira, but the course is not very profitable. We did a calculation and compared the courses in different places, and it turned out that the exchange in normal street offices and banks the difference between courses of sale and purchase (i.e. your loss of Commission dollars) ranged from 0.8% to 2% for the Euro from 0.6% to 1.8% and the ruble – to 12%. In other words, the best exchange rate, which we were able to find in exchange offices Istanbul, the sum of the exchange the equivalent of $ 100 was given directly from rubles 535 lire (course 0,083); the recalculation on the real exchange rate of Russian banks on the same day for dollars, and the conversion into Lira gave 572 liras. I.e. the difference is not in favor of the ruble was 36 pounds (378.31 RUB). The only place in the whole matter, to change rubles or other currencies – airports, since there extortionate rate for all money. Buy Turkish Lira in Russia is very difficult, only if unclaimed tourists.

If you do decide to try their luck and make the exchange of rubles for Lyra, at least our hint How to determine whether the best before you rate.

Какие деньги брать с собой в Турцию

Where to change currency

You can exchange money at exchange offices, banks, hotels, airport, post office PTT Office.

Courses at the airport and hotels offer extremely unfavorable, it is better to use only when absolutely necessary. At airports the rate is generally very low, and if it is possible, then you better take the original cash from an ATM, provided that you will not be a fee at your Bank. For example, the difference in rates of the currency in one day:

  • The dollar is in the city of 5.65.
  • The rate at the airport Sabiha Gokcen to 5.40 (difference in the exchange of 100 dollars is 25 Lira, or about 262.71 RUB).
  • Course at the new airport of Istanbul – 4,83 (the difference in the exchange of $ 100 will be 82 liras, or about 861.7 RUB).

And by the way, do not rejoice, if you see at the airport a good course. It just probably means to include the Commission which is usually from 4%.

Обмен валюты в Турции в аэропорту Exchanger at the airport

Currency exchange in towns and resorts anywhere no problem: everywhere you meet banks and street exchanges. To exchange money at the Bank you need to present a passport, but they give a receipt, which you can then exchange the Lira back to the airport or other banks, without it will not work. But exchange offices in the street (Office Exchange) rate is a little higher, plus they work more comfortable for the tourists of the time, including at weekends and in the evenings. Banks are open on weekdays only until 17-18 hours and have lunch.

Another good option for exchange – chain stores Migros, Sok, Metro. They need to buy something and pay in cash in dollars or euros. The change you will get Lira at a decent rate.

Обмен валюты в Турции на улице Currency exchange on the street

What to pay attention at the exchange, and ways of cheating tourists

In private exchange offices on the sign can be specified exchange rate for large bills, and small change at a much more low, than specified in small print. Sometimes the unexpected can include a fee for the exchange. Therefore, before the exchange operates on a traditional working pattern: tell how much you want to exchange, and let you get on a piece of paper or calculator will show how much you will receive. Count all on your calculator, and if everything is OK, change.

ATMs and Bank cards

In Turkey you can pay and withdraw cash with rouble, dollar and any other currency banowsky Visa and Mastercard cards and the Bank Is Bankasi (Türkiye Iş Bankası) and "the World", and on very favorable terms. To pay by credit card is possible anywhere, even in the markets, but not everywhere: small hotels and travel agencies do not accept cards, preferring cash. Also cards are not accepted in taxis, public transport, some museums and attractions, small local cafes.

If you pay by Bank card using payment terminals, no commissions no, but ideally you must have dollar or Euro card, otherwise it will be a loss in the double conversion of rubles or another currency. But we did a detailed calculation and comparison, and I can say that even with the double conversion payment of the ruble, it turns out no less favorable than the cash exchange from rubles to dollars/euros at home and then exchange for Lira. So you can easily pay by credit card in Turkey, observing, of course, standard safety precautions.

To withdraw money from ATMs is possible. Issued liras, and some even ATMs give out dollars and euros according to your desire. The amount of Commission depends on your Bank and the ATM at the results. Many Russian banks now offer cards with free withdrawals around the world (several withdrawals per month, for example), and is the best option. In addition, the Bank, the ATM owner keeps their Commission for the results.

Earlier, Turkish Deniz Bank owned Sberbank and it was possible to withdraw cash even without any fee. But now the Bank has sold to the savings Bank and the Board Bank savings card to withdraw cash in Turkey is held.

As of 2019 the ATMs of the Bank Is Bankasi (Türkiye Iş Bankası ish Bankasi) allow you to withdraw cash without a fee from the card "World". Such ATMs are found in many airports and resorts. To pay by card the world is possible only where there is a processing terminal in the Bank, but to learn about it directly at the checkout.

Банкоматы в аэропорту Турции ATMs at the airport of Turkey

Tipping in Turkey

As for tips, you need to understand that there is a tourist Turkey, and not a tourist. In tourist areas, hotels, at the airport you will expect tips, and sometimes for completely unnecessary and unexpected services (was told the bag, helped get the Luggage, etc.). Thanks to tip 1-2 dollars you can greatly improve the quality of the work the maid in your room, the attitude of the Desk clerk at the hotel, etc. Sometimes you have to tip in order to get a better room for the same official price, usually for several tens of dollars. Especially strongly felt the desire to tip in the beach resorts of Turkey and in hotels, which carry tourists on holiday.

In a non-touristy Turkey it's different, and no one expected a tip and to impose unnecessary services will not. Payment in the store, the market, the fare is strictly on price.

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