Mountain Beshtau in Pyatigorsk

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Mount Beshtau is the highest of the 17 mountains around Pyatigorsk. Beshtau itself also consists of five peaks, the highest of which, a large Beshtau 1400 metres. Climbing the mountain is one of the most popular day Hiking trails for tourists and vacationers who prefer active rest in Pyatigorsk and other resorts KMV.

A bit about the mountain

Beshtau is a mountain – laccoliths, i.e. not on the volcano. In Turkish Besh-Tau means "five mountains", hence the Pyatigorsk and got its name. In the middle of the last century in its interior mined uranium ore, which was broken more than 40 galleries. At the end of the mining tunnel fully grouted, the excess radiation is not.

Around the mountain ring road partly at the base, partly on the slopes. Of the ring from Pyatigorsk to the Dormition Church – normal paved road, the rest is primer. Now on top of the Playground equipment is fenced and under video surveillance.

Гора Бештау, Пятигорск Mountain Beshtau
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Panorama from the top of Beshtau

What to see on Beshtau

When you go to Beshtau you can also visit the Monastery of the lake, the Church of the Dormition, temple of the Sun:

  • The Church of the Dormition or assumption varoufakis beshtaugorsky monastery. Is an active monastery. Located a little away from the most popular and easiest trail to climb, but the gate is an asphalt road, a part of the ring around the mountain (the temple on the map).
  • Monastery lake. A small beautiful lake with water lilies. Here you can swim, but the water is not convenient, so most are just picnics (lake on the map).
  • The temple of the sun. It is believed to be the ruins of the ancient Scythian temple and place of power, but it is believed that this is just a natural formation. What to believe, everyone decide for himself, but the fact that the place is worth visiting – definitely. Here on a small platform is a large stone with a conical hollow base, it is possible to climb. Visit the temple of the sun may be on the way to the top from Pyatigorsk (the temple on the map).

How to visit, climb on Beshtau

On top of Beshtau there are many paths, but this is not an official tourist routes with labels. No permits for passage of a route is not necessary, you can just go at any time. At the same time technically it is a monument of nature, and to kindle fires, to make camp, break trees and another to spoil the scenery here is impossible. But in practice, tourists are satisfied on the slopes and trails of the night without any consequences.

To lift don't need mountaineering skills, he even children and elderly people in good physical shape, the main thing – to choose the correct route, because they differ in complexity. With a need to take water of not less than one and a half litres on the person, some snacks, good Hiking shoes, a hat, and preferably Hiking poles. Not worth it in the summer to go here in shorts and t-shirts, because some of the trails many nettles and thorns. The hike is best to start early in the morning to get back before dark.

Now let's talk about the routes:

The mountain rises from Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Lermontov and, although not difficult to come from any other resort CMS to start points, and rise during the day. All trails start from the ring-road around the mountain, and clearly visible, despite the lack of labels. Some routes diverge and converge, intersect. For navigation it is better to use a GPS or smartphone with a Maps, OSM, etc. people's maps, which marked all the trails. To use Yandex or Google maps makes no sense, they have no trails. On easy trails during the summer season tourists go, so even if you lose the direction, can be clarified.

  • Route from Zheleznovodsk

    From Zheleznovodsk leads the easiest and most gentle route, although quite long. To pass in one direction will have 4.5 kilometers, and more than 700 meters in height. The path starts from the railway station of Sochi (the beginning of the route on the map), and at first follows a dirt expensive, which then turns into the trail, and bring you to the top. Unfortunately, in this way you will not be able to visit the Church of the assumption and the temple of the Sun, but it is theoretically possible to go down on another trail in Pyatigorsk and see them.

  • Route from Pyatigorsk and other resorts

    With other resorts of KMV Pyatigorsk before the start of the routes better access to the ring road around the mountain (Beshtaugorsky ring) to private transport and leave the car, for example, at the Dormition Church or just on the sidelines. The place is quiet, the machine is left without problems and consequences. Expensive asphalt leads to the temple, journey it is with Beshtaugorskoye highway, where you need to turn on the street of Cascade, which will lead you to Beshtaugorsky ring and temple.

    Also the ring road can be reached from the centre of Pyatigorsk and other cities on foot. For this you need to first drive to the railway station on the train Lermontov, and the resort area of Pyatigorsk, you can take tram no. 2,4,6 to the last stop "Bila Romashka". When you reach the railway station in front to the left of it through the passage between buildings to get to the railway tracks, cross them, and continue straight 4 miles to the ring road.

    On the ring from this side of the mountain there are several trails to the top. The most simple and convenient for lifting-descent starts here (start of the route on the map). This is a less gentle way is called the classic route, and along the way to visit the Temple of the Sun. It can also go different ways: in one way on one track, and back on the other.

    Two trails start just outside the Dormition Church (the beginning of the route on the map, the beginning of the route on the map), and directly from the temple. But it is a very steep inclines with loose stones, we would not recommend them for the first time, as well as with children and the elderly.

  • Route from Lermontov

    From the village of Lermontov leads a moderately steep trail, which is easy to climb but difficult to descend. Therefore, as an option, you can go from Lermontov up and down the easy road to Pyatigorsk (see above). The entrance to the route from Lermontovo is located on the street of the Mountain (the beginning of the route on the map).

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