Stavropol Krai

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Stavropol (Stavropolskiy Kray) – region (subject) in the South of Russia, the Northern Caucasus (Stavropol Krai on the map of Russia). Stavropol Krai has no outlet to the sea, however, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Russia because here the oldest medical-health resorts of Russia. This is a group of resort towns and villages, United in one region of Caucasian Mineral Waters (KMV). In CMS includes the following resort towns of Stavropol territory:

  • The city of Mineral Water - the main transport hub (airport, railway station) to get to other resorts. The town itself is nothing to do.
  • City of Kislovodsk is the second largest city, but best medical balneal and climatic resort KMV. Will be interesting not only for treatment, but fans just travel and meet new places and sights. If you are not sure where to go, then go right here.
  • Pyatigorsk is the largest city among resorts of Caucasian mineral waters, and in our opinion the most developed and interesting. Suitable for Spa holidays and for tourism. Besides located very conveniently in the middle between all the other resorts.
  • Yessentuki is a good resort, but not much interesting for tourists without a Spa treatment.
  • The city of Zheleznovodsk - the quiet health resort in the region, designed for the sanatorium treatment of elderly people and vouchers. Families and young people there will be boring.
  • The City Of Lermontov
  • The City Of Georgievsk
  • The Village Kamegorsk
  • Resort Nagata

The capital of Stavropol Krai – the city of Stavropol, the resort is not, although it has some minimal opportunities for tourism.

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