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In Samara has an extensive and well-developed public transport system consisting of buses, trolleybuses, trams and the metro, and allowing tourists to get to any place in the city without using private transport to visit the main interesting places of the region. However, despite the large number of routes to move out a lot of time, as the roads in Samara mostly narrow, and traffic moves very slowly. Sometimes to get during rush hour or during the holidays from one city to another can take several hours. Faster you can navigate on the trams or metro, but metro in the historic part of the city is missing. As for travel by private or rented car to travel more or less comfortably and quickly it is possible only on the main city street – Moscow highway. Specialized transport for tourists, such as tour buses Hop-on-Hop-off in Samara not. Read more about all the ways to navigate the Samara region, as well as the types, routes and cost of public transport more:

Трамвай в Самаре


Samara is a large city, so getting around by foot tourists from one attraction to another is that only in the historical part of the city. There is a good pedestrian area in the street Leningrad, which is the centre of tourist life. Also the pedestrian zone is on the promenade along the Volga. The rest of Samara – a city not exactly friendly to pedestrians.

On the bike

Bicycle rental, tourist transport, Samara is not common to find it in the city centre difficult. Several of the rentals by the hour to work on the waterfront, the cost of 150 rubles per hour. another hire is in Strukovsky Park. In General, the city is not adapted to move on the bikes, no bike lanes.

By public transport

Public transportation network is very developed and complex, many routes. But study them for a short trip is not required. Much easier to download and install one of the apps for IOS or Android to the right way to find the right transport. Search the app follows the phrase "Transport of Samara". And in our description of Samara attractions for each attraction we have indicated the numbers of routes on which to get.

Payment may be made in cash to transport the jig, or using a transportation card. For tourists using the card is not very convenient and even profitable because transport map is taken to be "rent" for $ 100.

  • The fare as of 2017:

    • Payment by cash to the conductor/at the metro entrance (buy token): 28 roubles
    • Pay using transport maps: 28 ruble

    For some, very long routes outside the city, set a higher value.

  • Hours:

    • Buses, trolleybuses, trams: from 06:00 to 22:00
    • Metro: from 06:00 to 00:00

Attention! Separate routes trams run on weekends only, or only during certain hours of the day. See the information at the office. the website

The bus network of the Samara consists of city buses and minibuses (route taxis, or "marshrutkas"). Many routes, and they can reach any corner of the city, sometimes with a connection. There is even city bus routes to airport Kurumoch and suburbs.

Of Samara metro consists of one line and 10 stations. It covers only the commercial center of the city and part of the industrial zone, where tourists have nothing to do, so metro should not count.

By taxi

Taxis in the city very much, including present and, Uber, Gett. Local companies also offer taxi booking via the Internet or applications. Trip cost from 60 roubles for a short distance, for example within the historic district.

By car

We would not recommend tourists travel to Samara for sightseeing on a private or rented car. It is inconvenient, unprofitable, and for a long time. Due to frequent and long traffic jams on short distance is much faster to reach on foot and long distance is cheaper on public transport, at the same time great benefits will not work. From our point of view, much easier to Park your car, put it on the Parking lot, and continue to explore the city on foot and by public transport.

If you decide to come and explore the city on your car, keep in mind that the city installed numerous cameras commit violations, and is fixed not only speeding, but running a red (yellow), check for stop line violations, lane, do not pass pedestrians. Parking there is no big problem. Almost everywhere you can find free Parking (though not always to availability), and for a long time you can leave your car on the paid Parking. The locals leave the car at night in the yards, but better to do it only if you have insurance.

With regard to the condition of the roads, most of them in satisfactory condition. Good roads mostly in the center (but not the historic district is another district). The main highway – the Moscow highway. It's a big multi-lane road with a reversible movement, and best of all it can move from one end of town to another.

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