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Памятник Татищеву The Monument Tatischev, Togliatti

Togliatti (Togliatty) – a town in the Samara region on the Volga river, 100 kilometers from Samara and 1000 kilometers from Moscow (Tolyatti on the map of Russia, tol'yatti on the map in Samara region). Togliatti is not the capital of the region, while it is the largest city not being a regional centre, i.e. not the capital of the province or the Republic. The population of the city according to official data a little more than 700 thousand people (18-th place in Russia).

As an independent tourist direction is not interesting, and is primarily known as an industrial city and capital of the domestic automotive industry thanks to being here Volga automobile plant (AVTOVAZ). However, a convenient starting point to visit the National Park Samarskaya Luka and Zhiguli reserve. Also, the city has several attractions worthy of a visit.

Fortress town on the site of today Togliatti was founded in 1737 and was then renamed as Stavropol, which means "city of the cross". Hard to believe, but in the early twentieth century Togliatti had the glory of medicinal and climatic health resort, here were known throughout the country kumysolechebnitsa. However, in the middle of the last century, almost the entire historical part of the town flooded during the construction of the Zhiguli hydroelectric station and the creation for these purposes of the Kuibyshev reservoir, and the town was moved to higher ground. As a result, in Tolyatti did not have any historical objects, almost all of it was rebuilt in a new place. The result is a very young and liveable city with wide streets, new houses, infrastructure, but almost no history.

Panorama of Togliatti, AVTOVAZ views and the city

Stay in Togliatti

Храм в Тольятти Transfiguration Cathedral, Tolyatti

Togliatti, as an independent tourist destination, not very interesting. It is quite a developed city with good infrastructure and wide roads, but here's the interesting objects for tourists are very few, and special tourism infrastructure is not at all. Not even a tourist area or walking street, where tourists could walk on summer evenings, and of any significant monuments of architecture or history. The architecture of the city is too dull, concrete boxes consists of mainly Soviet-built, old buildings not at all. During holidays in Tolyatti you can visit one of the few museums in the summer to sunbathe on city beaches, and, perhaps, that's all. It is fair to say that a few local museums are very good and worthy tourists even from other cities.

Гонки в Тольятти Racing circuit ECC

Entertainment in tol'yatti are the same as in any large Russian city: cinemas, night clubs, major shopping centres, theatre, concert hall, entertainment parks for children and adults. There is even a diving centre, which organizes training and immersion in the waters of the Volga, especially the interesting sights of the flooded old town. Sometimes there are car races on the clay circuit ECC, and the Christmas race on the ice in the vicinity of the city. But nothing special especially for tourists from entertainment here, and all the fun standard, mainly for local residents. For kids entertainment, not much: work amusement parks in shopping centres, city Park amusement rides (carousels, slides, children's water Park, etc.), go-kart track. In summer a travelling zoo, circus tent.

Weather, tourist seasons in Togliatti

Climate and weather in tol'yatti are the same as in most regions of Central Russia: cold winter and hot summer, which lasts only three months. The winters are not very cold, the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees, the greater part of the winter is around minus 10 degrees. Summer months are mostly hot, especially in July, when temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees.

By and large, there is a big difference in what time of year you come to Togliatti for a tourist stay, because to see a few museums proud at any time. However, if you plan to arrive in Togliatti to visit the national Park Samarskaya Luka, it is best to come in summer. Besides, if you're here in summer, you can relax and sunbathe on the local beaches of the Volga. The swimming season begins in June, although you can sunbathe at the end of may.

Seasons in Togliatti months, when is the best time to go

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Weather in Togliatti and forecast

Attractions In Tolyatti

Подводная лодка в Тольятти Submarine
in technical Museum Togliatti
Unfortunately, in Togliatti there is any significant historical or architectural landmarks. Tourists here can visit several museums, among which the very worthy local history Museum about the city's history the Heritage, arts and Museum of contemporary art, and a real "pearl" - the technical Museum. Sakharov, which come even from other regions. In addition to these museums there are many small departmental operating at the enterprises, educational institutions or organizations that are in an unstable schedule, sometimes open doors to visitors only by prior call. Togliatti is very convenient to use as a starting point for excursions and Hiking in the national Park Samarskaya Luka and Zhiguli reserve, as to get him out of here quickly, and he is closer than Samara. Also available from Tolyatti and other attractions of the Samara region, but most of them can only be reached by private transport. Cm. read more about the attractions in Tolyatti here...

Hotels and accommodation in Togliatti

Hotels in Tolyatti, a little, hardly numbered a dozen, and about the same hostels. However, the reservation system, you can see a lot of offers rented apartments, which are offered as an apartment or guest house. All the necessary financial documents when staying in such apartments are given. To live in an apartment or a room in a guest house on a short period of time from 800 rubles per day. Read more about hotels and accommodation in Togliatti, where to stay...

How to get

Самолет в аэропорту Самары

In Togliatti can be reached by plane via Samara Kurumoch airport, on the train, on the bus from other cities in the region and neighboring regions. The town has a railway station, but it is a dead end station so the train can be reached only from Moscow and drawn carriages from St. Petersburg, in the summer season also from Sochi. So if you want to get in Togliatti by train, you should go to Samara or Syzran, and from there to Togliatti by bus or taxi. Bus transportation to tol'yatti is very well developed, there are buses even from the CIS countries. Even if the flight from your city is missing, easy to reach by bus across Samara. Private transport in Togliatti to get there will not be difficulties, since the city is located on the Federal highway M5, which runs through the Komsomolsk district of the city, and connects with Togliatti, Samara. Read more about all the ways how and what to get to Togliatti...

Security in Togliatti

In the 90-ies of the Tolyatti became famous throughout the country as one of the criminal capitals. Many organized crime groups staged a showdown with the shooting, and it was not uncommon. Today, nothing like this happens, the city has become much safer and calmer in terms of organized crime. However, due to the bad economic situation in this one-industry town, the impoverished population and unemployment in Togliatti often occur street property crimes, such as looting and robberies, and it happens even during the day. Stealing mainly cell phones, pull out the wallets and purses. So be careful, especially at night and in deserted places.

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