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In Samara there are several hundred hotels of different categories, and a large Fund of housing in the short term. On the eve of the World Cup 2018 opens new hotel of high level, and those who are going to visit the city, now is a good time to think about booking. Accommodation prices here are almost the same as in any other city in Central Russia, but during the championship it is possible increase in prices. In ordinary time, serious seasonal price fluctuations between summer and winter there. The minimum price for a bed in a Hostel or a room in an apartment starts from 600 rubles, a simple room with a minimum of facilities costs from 1000 rubles, and for more or less comfortable accommodation will have to pay 2000 rubles for a double room.

Find and book accommodation in Samara can through the following websites or a search form:

Find hotels in Samara

As for the choice of location for a hotel, if you arrived in the city as a tourist, it is best to settle in the historic part of the city near the pedestrian Leningradskaya street (pedestrian street of Samara on the map). The city is divided into 9 areas, but as such a tourist center here. However, staying within walking distance from the pedestrian street in the Samara district of the city, at least you will be close to the place where you can go out tonight and eat out. However, keep in mind that the winter street in Leningrad is not so fun in the summer.

Another good option to stay close to the transport hubs: railway station, bus station, metro station. Oh and in the summer you can have a nice place near the waterfront. Choose a hotel in Samara at the location of you can using our map of Samara with marked her sights and transport.

Hotels of Samara on the map

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