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Samara (Samara) is a city in Central Russia, the administrative center of Samara oblast. Located on the banks of the river Volga, at a distance of 1050 km from Moscow (Samara on the map of Russia). This "millionaire city", with a population of 1.16 million people, the ninth largest population in Russia. Another big and famous city in the region – Togliatti. Area Samara region is 53 thousand square kilometers, which is, for example, almost twice the size of Belgium and slightly smaller than Lithuania or Latvia.

The region is an economically developed region. In 2018 Samara is preparing to host one of the stages of the 21st world football championship. In preparation for the championship here is rapidly developing transportation and tourist infrastructure.

The name of the capital of the region received from a small river Samara, the tributary of the Volga. At its mouth lies the town. The official founding date of the city is 1586 when Governor Gregory by Suscinim this place was built the fortress, but the first mention of the settlement-the Marina here can be found on the maps of Venetian cartographers a little earlier, in 1367.

Until 1935, Samara has evolved and existed under its original name, while the red army is not the city was renamed Kuybyshev, in honor of the revolutionary leader V. V. Kuibyshev, who was deeply involved in the revolution directly in the city in 1917. During the great Patriotic war Samara became a city special purpose, and here even planned to move the government from Moscow, but that, thankfully, never happened. In 1991 the city got back its former name.

Stay in Samara and region

Голубое озеро в Самаре Blue lake in Samara region

The tourist potential of Samara region there, but the tourist infrastructure in the form of internal tours to the attractions of the region is practically absent. In Samara region you can see a lot of interesting museums and attractions, Hiking in the Zhiguli mountains, national Park Samarskaya Luka or Zhigulevsky reserve, to be enjoyed in the surroundings, including fishing in the river or one of the many lakes in the region. But, unfortunately, it's very hard to get guests of Samara because of their use there is no tourism organisation.

Going here, be prepared to arrange their own trails, preferably with own transport. Available only a few options of tours to the most popular National Park Samarskaya Luka, but they with the same success, and besides, cheaper, can be visited by public transport. Other interesting places remain the lot of only those who come here on their own transport and willing to travel around the region hundreds of kilometers from one place to another.

As for the city of Samara, then, by and large, here in addition to touring the museums, walk on the pedestrian street and the promenade do tourists nothing. The historical part of the city, almost all rebuilt, nothing left from the spirit of the ancient city. There is a pedestrian zone along the street Leningrad, but she's more focused on locals than on tourists, because nothing remarkable in it.

In addition to Samara, another major city of the region is the automotive capital of Russia – Togliatti. It's a special city, the largest settlement in Russia, which is not the capital of the region. It is very modern, with wide roads and green parks. But from a tourist point of view nothing to do here, except that only stop by on the way because it is located on the highway M5, which connects Chelyabinsk to Moscow. But there are some good museums that are worth to stop in town for a day or two: technical Museum of AVTOVAZ, and the Museum. Read more about Togliatti and its attractions click here...

The tourist infrastructure in Samara and region

As we mentioned, the tourist infrastructure is poorly developed. Will not have any problems with lodging and meals as hotels, cafes and restaurants abound. In preparation for the world Cup is opening new hotels, construction of road junctions, reconstruction of important architectural sites, but to the ordinary tourist it is almost irrelevant. Interesting tours, tourist attraction, tourist transport no. See more about hotels and areas in Samara here...

Attractions and entertainment in Samara

Гора Верблюд и штольни в Самаре Camel mountain and tunnels in the Samarskaya Luka

The main part of the sights and tourist attractions of Samara, museums and galleries. Separate and interesting historical sites, special temples, or mosques are very small. Tourists can spend time Hiking in the museums, stroll through the pedestrian zone in Leningradskaya street and on the promenade along the Volga. Cm. read more about the attractions of Samara here...

The main attraction of the Samara region – national Park Samarskaya Luka. This is a huge territory, which is several natural and cultural attractions that will definitely be of interest to tourists. Also within the area is the Zhiguli nature reserve where you can go the tourist route "Mount Strelnaya" and "Stone bowl". If possible, you should visit the unique Blue lake. Read more about the attractions of the Samara region here...

Weather, tourist seasons in Samara

Winter in Samara region not too cold, the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees, kept at that level for a few days. Most of the winter the temperature is in the area of minus 10 degrees. Summer and the swimming season lasts 3 months. The hottest month is July, during which temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees.

It is best to come to Samara in the summer months, or at least in the period from may to September. Only at this time with comfort and fun, you can visit the main attractions of the region – the national Park Samarskaya Luka and Zhiguli reserve. Theoretically, they can be visited in winter, but this trip will be one discomfort. Another reason to come in season, because within Samara is a very pleasant promenade and a good beach. If you plan to only meet with the sights in the city of Samara, you can come at any time of the year.

The seasons in Samara by months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

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How to get

Ж/д вокзал Самыры Zh/d station of Samara

Before Samara and cities in the region can be reached by coaches from the next regions, Moscow and St. Petersburg. On the train ride not only from the cities of Russia but also from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. Also near the modern Samara is Kurumoch international airport, which can be reached from many cities of Russia and abroad. Along the Volga river you can reach there only on cruise ships, and by ships from cities of the region. Read more about all the ways to get to

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