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The leading area of the country of the world attractive to tourists. The harsh beauty of nature, architectural works, modern entertainment venues and exciting shopping offers Russia dear guests. The mountain chain of the Ural mountains are a conventional boundary separating the country into two parts, different natural, economic and ethnographic characteristics. From a population of 147 million people, 70% live in European Russia, the remaining 30% in Asian.

The European part

Developed on-site infrastructure and road network will guarantee an easy and pleasant journey. Here are many man-made attractions, modern entertainment centers, fashion shops, restaurants, beauty salons.

A wide range of Souvenirs. Popular products that have for centuries created by folk craftsmen: Gzhel, Gorodetskaya toy, Vologda lace, Khokhloma utensils.

Lovers of expensive and elite shopping successfully spend money in shops in Moscow, Gum and TSUM.

Tourist destinations

One of the most popular tourist destinations of Russia remains the capital - Moscow. In every tourist the programme included visits to red square, Tretyakov gallery, Bolshoi theater, walk along the Arbat. In the Moscow parks of Tsaritsino, Kolomenskoe, Sokolniki, Izmailovo, Gorky can have fun and enjoy the fresh forest air. In the summer of 2015 in the capital has opened the aquarium. Nightlife in the city centre, cafes and clubs entertain visitors until dawn.

Saint Petersburg has the status of a second capital of Russia. The number and quality of hotels, museums, cinemas, restaurants and exhibitions he's not behind Moscow. Countless bridges, decorated in different styles and colours, making the former Leningrad fabulous.

In addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg can also be other excursion destinations: the ancient trading center of Russia – Nizhny Novgorod; the exotic capital of Tatarstan – Kazan.

In the European part of Russia and are the most popular resorts for beach summer vacation. The resorts of Krasnodar region and the resorts of the Peninsula of Crimea.

Crimea is a suitable resort for families with children. Warm sea, wholesome air, the fresh fruits of the Crimea will benefit any child. Except for couples to relax in the Crimea will appeal to both fans of active pastime. On the Peninsula opened trails in the mountains and caves, horse facilities, diving and snorkeling.

Karelian taiga edge must be visited twice. First time in the winter, ride a ride in a dog sled and to celebrate the New year in a cozy hotel in the pine forest. The second is summer to curb numerous mountain rivers on catamarans and kayaks.

The Caucasus is a popular region for skiing and mountaineering. Centuries come to the health resorts and mineral water treatment.

The Ural attracts tourists due to its network of Hiking and horse trails, extreme kinds of tourism, travelling through towns and monuments associated with the development of the mining industry of the country.

The Asian part

The territory lying East of the Ural mountains, refers to the Asian part of Russia. Rail and road communication is well developed in the southern regions. Just go there, older people or couples with children. But this far North it is better to go only experienced and unpretentious tourists.

The Eastern part of Russia is an immense wealth of natural resources. Here ore mined metals and the pure precious stones which are obtained jewelry of excellent quality. Given the absence of transport costs, the cost jewelry low.

Tourist destinations

A real pearl of Russia – Moscow. The capital is filled with museums, galleries, architectural and historical sights, and of course it is the most visited tourist destination of the country. Not less interesting is the Northern capital – St. Petersburg. But this is far from all sightseeing places in Russia. It is with great pleasure and interest can be visited Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of the Central part, ride the Golden ring.

The South of Russia attracts not only the black sea or the Azov beaches on the shores of the Crimea and the resorts of the Krasnodar territory, but will be interesting for lovers of nature and mountain scenery, as well as for therapeutic recreation. The Republic of Adygea and Karachay-Cherkessia – an ideal place for Hiking and nature reserves and resorts of the North Caucasus it is possible to go to correct health through healing mineral water, therapeutic mud, hot springs.

One of the few clean and undisturbed places on Earth – the Russian Arctic. For astronomical for most people the amount of hundreds of thousands of rubles, to see the pristine tundra, surrounded by endless ice ocean could be anyone. This kind of tourism is new, few people can boast that they reached the land of Franz Josef land on the icebreaker.

Caving, horse riding and ecological tourism can be practiced in the Altai mountains. In the region of turbulent flows and flowing rivers suitable for rafting.

Lake Baikal is included in the world heritage site of UNESCO. The picturesque places, worth visiting the village of old believers and see how our ancestors lived many centuries ago, because the way of life and way of life completely repeats this religious community.

Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands – an area of volcanic activity. See the Valley of Geysers is possible with air, making a helicopter ride. Developed extreme sports: climbing volcanoes, trekking, mountaineering, rafting on mountain rivers.

Sakhalin has a low population density. Look at not modified by human nature and diving come mainly Japanese tourists.

The area of the territory and natural conditions make possible the development in Russia of all kinds of tourist destinations. The development of infrastructure and road networks will increase the number of tourists in the coming years.

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