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General information

Arzamas (Arzamas) – a small town in Nizhny Novgorod oblast in 110 km from Nizhny Novgorod (Arzamas on the map of Russia). The city's population is slightly more than 100 thousand people.

Arzamas is known primarily as a transit point on the way to other popular destinations in Nizhny Novgorod region: Boldino, Diveevo, Sarov (closed city). Via Arzamas is a highway and railway from the more southern regions in Nizhniy Novgorod. But as in the Arzamas there is a lot of interesting attractions, especially temples, many tour operators began to include it in the number of cities included in the Golden ring, even though officially he is not. Arzamas is the unofficial title of city of churches and temples.

A bit of history

The city was founded by order of Ivan IV in 1552 as a fortress with a permanent garrison. The city itself, as a settlement, founded in 1578. In the XVII century Arzamas is rapidly developing and is becoming quite a large city, thanks to the handicraft production and trade. Especially famous for local artisans craftsmanship on leather exported, including to Europe.

And in Arzamas has long cultivated a special breed of geese, which the city supplied the whole of Russia. Goose and is still considered a popular symbol of the city; on one of the streets is a monument to him, and the image of the feathered mascot can be found in almost all Arzamas Souvenirs. And in late may the city hosts the only in Nizhny Novgorod region festival of culinary art "the goose."

In the past, Arzamas held the main road linking the major cities of Russia among themselves. This contributed to the further development of the city, in numbers almost being equivalent with Nizhny Novgorod. The prosperity of the city is the fact that by the early nineteenth century in Arzamas, there were 36 temples and churches.

Stay in Arzamas

No wonder Arzamas mentioned among the ancient Russian cities of the Golden ring. In spirit, singular aura of antiquity, it fits well in this series, and will be especially interesting to people interested in Orthodox history and culture of Russia.

The main decoration of the Arzamas resurrection Cathedral is the crowning city of Cathedral square. This temple was built in 1814 in honor of the great victory of Russia in the war with Napoleon. Locals managed to save the Cathedral from destruction during the establishment of Soviet power, when the majority of churches in Arzamas was plundered and destroyed.

In the center of town is also St. Nicholas monastery founded by Ivan the Terrible in 1580. The monastery is another ancient Church of the Epiphany. Currently in the monastery live permanently forty novices.

But to consider the archives as a place for long stay, not worth it. Tourists after sightseeing here will do absolutely nothing. No tourist attractions, no developed tourist infrastructure. To explore all the city attractions in two days, and on the most significant places is enough for one day. Therefore, most tourists stay in Arzamas on a little walk around the centre when travelling through the city or visit it as a day trip from Nizhniy Novgorod.

Virtual tour of Arzamas

Attractions of the town, what to see

The main attractions of the town are Orthodox temples, churches and historic streets in the center. The most beautiful and large temples are located in the Cathedral square. It in order to see them, here comes the most tourists. Also in Arzamas is the world's only Museum of the Russian Patriarchate. The main part of the Museum expositions dedicated to the Patriarch Sergius – a native of the city.

Another famous person lived part of his years at Arzamas - the writer Arkady Gaidar. In the house where his family lived, is a Museum. There are in the city Museum of Maxim Gorky, who was in Arzamas for about four months in exile.

Lovers of romance draws in Arzamas exact reduced copy of the Eiffel tower, built by local craftsmen on a scale of one to forty. Design height – 8 metres. Read more about the attractions of the town, here...

Tourism infrastructure, hotels and housing

Arzamas is a relatively small Russian provincial town, the entire population is just over 10 thousand people. Here is everything you need for your stay, or temporary stay, but a developed tourist infrastructure, which will make an interesting visit to Arzamas by tourists, almost none.

Currently in Arzamas operates several hotels, an established and popular service of renting apartments. The city is open to visitors at about 15 cafes and restaurants, there are two theaters of drama and Opera. There are also several large shopping centres where you can go shopping and visit the cinema, bowling, children's playgrounds, etc. set of modern entertainment.

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Weather, tourist seasons in Arzamas

The best time to travel to Arzamas – summer, from June to August. It was on the summer accounts for the high tourist season.

In winter it is cold, even a little colder than in Moscow. But this does not mean that, except in the summer, to come here not worth it. Tourist attractions and infrastructure work year-round flow of tourists never stops.

Seasons in Arzamas months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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Weather in Arzamas and forecast

Holidays and festivals in Arzamas

  • The end of may – the festival of culinary art "the goose"
  • The second Saturday of July – the day of the city of Arzamas
  • The end of July - the international Festival-contest of Orthodox and Patriotic song "domes of Arzamas"
  • July - festival of accordion, Bayan and balalaika "On the village playing the accordion!" (held in the villages of the district)
  • August honey Festival "Honey spas" (held in the villages of the district, S. Dill)

Dates vary slightly each year, so check with them in advance before you travel.

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Nizhny Novgorod
... today is very diverse. Of course, old town attracts tourists. Finally, the Conception of the restored tower of the Kremlin.
A kind of unfinished since Soviet times. Today, this place looks attractive, very presentable :D .
The Kremlin remains the main attraction of the city and not only because he is handsome. In my opinion it is much prettier Kazan (be not offended at me the Tartars, nothing personal)
First drew attention to the location of the building. The banks of the Volga made him a symbol of the city and a favorite place of Nizhny Novgorod. I can not believe that the Soviet government had intended to demolish it.
The Kremlin
The Kremlin is beautiful in any season and at any time of the day.
With the Kremlin slopes with beautiful views of the city and its attractions.
View of the Volga river from Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin
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Lower a very different city in terms of architecture. Here, white-haired old man still not everywhere broken, and Stalin's houses enough, well, forty to sixty without comment, but a young architecture from the local "nuggets" are very curious sometimes. In the Lower architectural University and one of the most famous of its alumni.
The city had seven or eight times and not only on the notorious Pokrovka. There is something to see. ...
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