Snakes of Crimea, whether they should be wary

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Is there a snake in the Crimea

Долина Привидений, Алушта, Крым Snake in the Crimea in the "Valley of ghosts"

The nature and climate of the Crimea differs from most of Russia, and therefore here you can find plants and animals that cannot be seen in the natural environment in other regions. In this regard, travelers and tourists, a reasonable question arises: "are There any snakes in the Crimea, and dangerous? Are there poisonous snakes?"

Yes, snakes in the Crimea, and there is a small probability to meet them during a walk through the mountains and forests, while Hiking and overnight stays in the nature. But the Crimean snakes do not pose a serious danger to humans: deadly poisonous species on the Peninsula there, and the chance to meet other that live here are very small.

Of the seven found in the Crimea species of snakes, five are completely harmless. These include Copperhead, ordinary and water snakes, leopard and chetyrehpolozyj snakes. The last two species are rare and protected, with more luck they can be found in the area of Karadag. Smooth snake, small snake copper-yellow color, is widespread, along with an ordinary snake.

Water snake prefers rocky shores of the Azov sea. Come across individuals with a length of over two meters that look scary, especially being encountered under water, but contact with people they actively avoid.

Dangerous snakes of the Crimea

To spoil the guests, steppe Viper and yellow-bellied snake. They are dangerous, but not fatal, so if you see them, don't panic. It is useful to be able to distinguish these reptiles from their harmless counterparts.

  • Степная гадюка Steppe Viper is a snake of medium size, with a length of about half a meter. The most common on the Kerch Peninsula. Body grey, with an earthy undertone, the spine is a zigzag row of dark spots. Poisonous, but bites only as a last resort: when she was taken or nowhere to crawl away. Serious harm to the health of a Viper bite will not cause, however, to consult a doctor in this case should without delay, especially if the bitten child. Deaths from the bite of a Viper in the Crimea is not marked.
  • Полоз желтобрюхий The yellow-bellied snake is the largest reptile of the Crimea, reaches a length of up to 2.5 meters. Dark olive green, the abdomen light yellow. Rare. Venom, but can bite hard. Able to chase the offender, moving in large jumps. Lives in dry ravines, open forests, rocky gorges and ruins.

How to protect yourself and loved ones

  • Snakes are most active in the hottest months: June to September. At this time, to visit nature reserves, ruins and wild beaches should be done with utmost care. Children should not be left unattended: driven by curiosity, they can trigger an attack.
  • Noticing the snake, you need to calm to work around it at a distance of 3-4 meters, without making noise and sudden movements. Threatening behaviour, hissing and sharp attacks during the retreat of the person stopped.
  • In no case should not try to catch a snake: in addition to the tangible bite you can get and other troubles. Water and common snakes, for example, to protect emit a cesspool of fetid liquid, and wash which is very difficult.

It is important to remember that snakes are a part of the ecosystem of the Peninsula. A stone thrown into a snake of fear or for fun, it can undermine the nature of the Crimea irreparable damage.

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