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For a start it is worth mentioning that Yalta is divided into the actual city and area of greater Yalta, which involves semidesyatiletiyu stretch of coast from foros to Krasnokamenka. In the big Yalta includes the resorts of Yalta, Alupka, Livadia, Yalta, Gurzuf, as well as other small beaches. Despite the impressive size, to move to the big Yalta it is possible without any problems by public transport, which is here well developed.

Public transport Yalta

Старинный троллейбус в Ялте Old trolley bus in Yalta

If you stay near the centre (the quay), the majority of entertainment, the Central beaches, restaurants, shops are accessible on foot. If you dwell farther from the beaches or on the outskirts, to reach the centre by bus, trolley, or taxi.

The city has to catch bus routes that cover the entire city, its suburbs, and also go out to the cities of greater Yalta. Buses to towns of the big Yalta are sent primarily from the bus station.

The transport itself is not very new but is gradually being updated. There are large buses (they are few), small buses and taxis (a lot of them). The same route can go all kinds of buses.

Transport in the city centre of Yalta you may need is that in order to get to and from the bus station and the bus stop (the bus station on the map), which receives the trolley from Simferopol and coaches. From the bus station to the centre just two kilometers away, and to overcome them you will be able trolleybus №1, 1/3, 2; buses №1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 18A, 20, 24A, 25, 34, 39, 29, 30.

If you need to travel outside of the city, it is best to do it again from the bus station, although a number of routes passes through the city centre. Here are the most popular:

  • Massandra – buses №3, 5, 14, 34 (through the center and the bus station), 109 (only through center)
  • Livadia - buses №5, 9, 15 (through the center and the bus station), 15A, 22, 47 (only through the centre), 28, 42, 102, 107, 115 (only the bus station)
  • Welcome – bus No. 34 (the centre and the bus station)
  • Nikitsky Botanical garden – bus No. 34, 29 (through the center and the bus station)
  • Foros – the number 28 bus (only bus station)
  • Simeiz – bus 28, 42, 107, 115 (only bus station)
  • Water Park "Blue Bay" – the bus №107 (only bus station)
  • Alupka bus №28, 42, 102, 107, 115 (only the bus station)
  • Swallow's nest - bus No. 47 (only through the center), 102, 115 (only bus station)
  • AI-Petri – the bus №50 (only bus station)
  • Hurzuf bus No. 106 (only bus station)
  • Partenit bus No. 110 (only bus station)

To see the routes of buses and trolleybuses Yalta and detailed information on schedule and costs can on the website


Taxi to Yalta

Такси в Ялте Taxi to Yalta

If you value your time and don't mind the money, you can use a taxi. We recommend you to use official branded taxi, not private owners. The fact that participants in the Yalta tourists inflated prices, taking advantage of the ignorance of their real prices. Sometimes the price of the trip at a bargain price is twice higher than the branded taxi on the meter. Remember that within the center of Yalta taxi ride should cost no more than 100, and haggle, if you call the price above. If you knock down the price can not be, just call and call the car in one of the official taxis. Approximate pricing for branded taxi: 100 rubles for the first three kilometers +15 rubles for every subsequent kilometer, but there are cheaper.

Vehicle rental

If you are accustomed to mobility, you can rent a car including with a driver. But we would not recommend you to rent a car unless you plan to travel outside of the city. Driving in the city is particularly nowhere, and have to pay for Parking which is not cheap here.

You can rent a car in Yalta and Simferopol airport. Price from 1800 rubles per day. In high season best to book in advance, which you can do using the search and comparison of the cost of the rental of different companies:

Find car rental in Yalta

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