The Beaches Of Yalta

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In order to make it easier for you to deal with the beaches of Yalta and decide where to relax, we divided them into the city (reachable on foot), and on the far, accessible only by bus or car. The long beaches are not only places where you can come to sunbathe and swim during the day, but also an independent beach resorts where it is possible to accommodate for all time of rest.

How to book a hotel or housing on the beaches of Yalta

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

Search and book hotels or accommodation in Yalta are best at the following sites, because only they provided the most options for accommodation:

Search and booking of hotels in Yalta

So here's the list and description of the beaches in Yalta, so you can choose the most suitable place for hotel or housing, and in the end of the article an interactive map of the beaches:

City beaches

Only the city of Yalta and several beaches. They are all pebbly. Depth mostly begins almost immediately from the shore for swimming with young children not very suitable. Everywhere the coast is fortified with concrete and divided into short sections of 50 meters cross dams (the Bun). Because of this, about walks along the water's edge you can forget. For rest are not available on all beaches, because in some places the walkways to the shore intentionally blocked by hotels, buildings and fences, but in General, anywhere entrance fee is not charged. There are also closed by law, medical beaches resorts, we noted on our map of Yalta red. About the beauty of the beaches in the city, of course, can not speak: in the best case, we get a view of the hotel, in the worst – place concrete piles.

Beach infrastructure is well developed. There are showers, changing rooms, toilets, rent include sun beds, umbrellas, presents water sports and entertainment. You can relax on your mattress or a towel, is widespread. Almost everywhere there are cafes, stalls with food, there are vendors with snacks and drinks. As for water, it is transparent, but on environmental indicators is far from ideal. Moreover, the city sewer system is constructed in such a way that sometimes the storm drains and the sewage goes directly into coastal waters.

I would also like to note that some beaches have limited hours of operation, and closed after 17:00-19:00. People there asked to leave, the gate is closed. On most of them after this time you can still get on the beach or through the fence, they were no guards, just the administration is not responsible for your safety.

  • Central/seashore city beach

    In the heart of the tourist fun of Yalta, in the area of the square and Lenin embankment, no beaches. Only a small pebble site is located opposite the chapel of the Martyrs, and it is always crowded, though few dare to swim.

    More long beach area, called the "seaside beach", starts after the cafe "Orange" (the Central beach of Yalta on the map). This cafe can be easily recognized, it is made in the shape of a ship and is visible from any point of the embankment. Hence a pebbly beach strip stretches for 800 meters until the closed ends of the reconstructed embankment. As expected, the beach is divided into sections by breakwaters. Not to say that there are always Packed in high season, but vacationers more than all the other beaches.

    There are plenty of recreational opportunities offered, including for children, many cafes and food stalls. The beach is equipped for full sun beds, sunshades, changing cabins, toilets and everything else you might need at the beach. However, some breakwaters are separated by areas entirely without infrastructure, and there are usually less tourists. Others offer all the charm of beaches such as beach of "Opera prima". There is everything from cells for storage, and ending the private VIP bungalows in the form of tents. Access anywhere is not limited to, admission fee is not charged, but the facilities have to pay.

    If you have no special claims to the purity and beauty of the beaches, you can safely stay in the center, and then will be close to all the fun of Yalta, and two steps away from this beach.

    Wherever you are staying within the city, to get here will be easier. Almost all city buses go to the center (Lenin square and the waterfront), where the beach is on the doorstep, and to be the most cheerful part of the city's waterfront.

    Центральный/Приморский городской пляж, Ялта Early in the season at the city/seaside little people
  • Beach "Dolphin"

    This is a good place for a beach holiday, but is far from the center. Here there are cafes, sun beds, umbrellas, changing cabins, lockers, and even individual bungalows for guests. All of this is conditional on the waterfront, and the shore line, as everywhere, pebbles and concrete. Entrance to the grounds is free, use of facilities you have to pay. Running Dolphin from 08:00 to 18:00.

    Is "Dolphin" not far from Livadia, three kilometres from the centre (the Dolphin on the map). Theoretically the waterfront of Lenin here can be reached in 40-60 minutes, but will have to work around construction and obstacles in the form of territories of resorts, directly along the shore not to go. Buses No. 11 and 35, you can drive to the stop "Dom Otdykha dawn," and go down to the Dolphin on foot.

    Пляж Дельфин, Ялта
  • Livadia beach

    Located in the suburbs of Yalta, Livadia (Livadia on the map). The whole beach is a long stretch, but, unfortunately, divided into short sections by transverse causeways, so a walk along the banks fail, if only on the concrete path promenade above. One of the advantages is to provide clean water and thinly populated, less beautiful scenery because the entire coast is a green hill Livadia Park. But what is bad, the renovation itself looks run down and ugly (so, it actually is), everywhere ugly concrete structures for strengthening of the coast, no natural beauty at all. Another feature of the beach - an early shadow: in the half sixth evening the sun disappears behind the hills, and to sunbathe it is impossible, it becomes cool.

    In the area of Livadia, there are several mid-priced hotels, and some of them are right next to the beach. However, to get to the beach you have to go down and back to overcome a considerable rise.

    You can get here by walking along the shore, but you have to go more than an hour, along the way avoiding obstacles of buildings and territories of health resorts. You can also reach by boat, or by bus №11, 100, 102, 115, 122 to stop "Livadia", and then through the Park of the Livadia Palace to go down to the shore, which will have to overcome the formidable descent. Back you can climb on a special two-level Elevator for 20 rubles, he will lead you up to the Park of the Palace.

    Ливадийский пляж, Ялта
  • Massandra beach

    This is one of the best beaches near the city center, where you do not need to go, and can be reached on foot. It starts from the centre immediately after the marine station, and extends for 500 meters (Massandra on the map). Separated by a concrete breakwater on the small beaches each with its own features. No restrictions on access no, with the exception of certain VIP areas, very well equipped where you can only rent a sun lounger or ordering something in a café/restaurant.

    Along the shore promenade, narrow and without any beauty, but it contains a cafe, shop with Souvenirs, sold excursions. A lot of fun. What is bad in this place, almost always a lot of tourists. But in this area there are rentals and hotels with direct access to the waterfront. Staying here, you are located near the beach, but if you want to the center and all the fun can be reached on foot.

    To get to this beach from the centre on foot on the street or Roosevelt street Ignatenko, everything is close by.

    Пляж Массандровский, Ялта
  • The Beach Of "Yalta-Intourist"

    This is one of the best beaches of the Crimea, and is considered the best on the South coast. He was awarded the status of "Blue Flag" by European standards, which means a high level of cleanliness and safety of the beach (beach on the map).

    Actually it's not just a beach but a complex of concrete in three levels in the hotel "Yalta-Intourist". On the first floor is access to the water and the beach is traditionally divided into small areas by concrete breakwaters. The beach is pebbly, very comfortable, all equipped. Offers a lot of entertainment. On the second floor of a Walkup, its a city promenade, with shops, cafes, restaurants, and here is the entrance to the aquarium. Even above the entertainment area with cafes and restaurants, and there is also a special area – an artificial sandy beach "Heaven beach". Of course, this is not a real beach, because there's no water here, but may appeal if you feel the tropical region. In General, it is a complete tourist town for relaxing on the beach, but to enjoy all its charms can only the hotel Yalta-Intourist.

    Access to this beach is by law totally free, the toll is prohibited. However, the hotel management is trying to protect the rest of their guests from outside, posting at the entrance signs with the words "Medical beach, the Entrance only with a pass", etc. Can not pay attention to these illegal signs, and calmly go to the beach.

    To reach from the centre by bus number 29A for 25 rubles, go to the stop "Yalta-Intourist". Stops need to go a little less than a kilometer following the signs "Aquarium" not a very good road to the entrance to the beach (entrance to the beach Intourist on the map). By car you can drive almost to the entrance, but Parking there is very little.

    Пляж Ялта Интурист, Крым
  • Beach DT "Actor"/Solaris

    The former beach house of creativity "Actor", now "Actor Park-hotel" inaccessible to tourists from the side, all blocked by buildings and fences. At least we (the authors) did not manage to get into it. However, nearby there is a public beach known as "Solaris". Here it is possible to come for a day to rest if you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city beaches, or even from nearby developed "Yalta-Intourist". The beach looks abandoned and shabby, no entertainment and infrastructure, but very few tourists.

    You can get here by bus No. 29 to the stop "Yalta-Intourist", and follow the signs to the beach of "Yalta-Intourist" and the aquarium just at the entrance you have to turn in the other direction (on the map).

    Пляж Солярис
  • Donbass

    Beach "Donbass" is located immediately after the Yalta-Intourist (the beach-Donbass on the map). Before it was closed to outsiders and belonged to the health resort of Donbass. But now this resort is part of the hotel Yalta-Intourist and called "green Park Yalta Intourist", as the beach is, theoretically, open to all guests. It really is possible to get, but it will have to overcome a maze of fences, so that we will not recommend it as a place where you should come to the day center guests.

    The beach here is wide, but the beauty is different, on the contrary, is totally run down. Along the promenade, requiring reconstruction, as well, and most of the coastal fortification. There are very few tourists, no entertainment, shops and cafes are also there. Swimming is not very safe, too many huge rocks.

    You can get there by bus number 29A from city centre or from the bus station to the stop "Dolphinarium". The fare is 25 rubles; the buses run every 30-60 minutes. From the bus stop will have to overcome a decent descent and then still the barrier of the fence. Walk along the beach from the center to get does not work, all blocked by buildings and construction sites.

The long beaches

In addition to the city's beaches, tourists often rest in villages, members of the Greater Yalta. It is places such as Yalta, Alupka, Gurzuf, Katsiveli, etc., all of these resorts have a great advantage over the city – they are much more deserted, the water is cleaner. So even if you decide to stay in a hotel in the city, at any time on bus or car drive to remote beaches, and spend the day there. You can also stay in one of the villages for the entire period of leave, as they have all the necessary tourism infrastructure for the travelers. So here's the list, short description, and a way to get there:

  • Nikita beach and welcome

    Nikita beach is located about five kilometers from the center (on the map), and right next to it is the beach in the village of Otradnoye (on the map). These two beaches stretch for a mile from the sewage treatment plants in the estate, and Nikita go into coast reserve Cape Martjan. They are pebbly, and sometimes even "stone", separated by breakwaters. Very few tourists, and beach activities. There is an old embankment the times of the USSR, where in the midst of the season there are several tent cafes and stalls with food. Passages to the beaches built up with resorts and partitioned the territory of the Nikitsky Botanical garden, so you'll have a decent walk around. Beachfront in Otradnoye near wastewater treatment facilities of sewage.

    You can get there from the center (embankment, Lenin square) and from bus station by bus no 29 (goes only up to Nikitinskogo beach), No. 29 (go to Nikitinskogo the beach and Gratifying). Cost 25 rubles, on the road, 15-20 minutes. To Nikitinskogo beach will have to walk 15 minutes.

    See more about the rest of the villages Nikita and welcome here...

    Пляж в Никите, Ялта, Крым
  • The beach at Cape Martjan.

    Multi-kilometer strip of beach, not equipped, stretches from the village of Nikita to the hotel "AI Danil" in Danylivka on the shore of Cape Martjan (on the map). There is no infrastructure and familiar to Yalta concrete breakwaters. Not all places here suitable for swimming, sometimes just rocks, but there remained a natural beauty, no ugly concrete with protruding rebar. One word – perfect place to "savages" and lovers of solitude.

    It closed for a free visit to the territory of the reserve. However, that doesn't stop fans to take it. Here slipped through the gap in the fence at the end Nikitinskogo the beach are a little further along the coast.

    Пляж на мысе Мартьян, Ялта, Крым
  • Blue Bay

    The beach at Goluboi Bay is located between the towns of Simeiz, Katsively and Blue Bay (on the map). Is located in a beautiful cosy Bay, and is considered one of the best in the area of Simeiz, and in our opinion and in General in Yalta. Its length is slightly less than a kilometer, but for comfortable swimming and relaxing suitable only 250 meters next to the radio telescope. The beach is called under the telescope. It is not equipped, no amenities and entertainment. The rest of the shore is good enough to sunbathe or to retire, but not for swimming, as there are too large stones.

    You can get commuter buses from the bus station of Yalta by bus number 107. Depart every 30 minutes, costs 50 rubles, about 40 minutes. Goes almost to the beach. You can also reach the centre of Simeiz, and from there walk 3 kilometers.

    See more about stay at Blue Bay here...

    Отдых в Голубом Заливе
  • Simeiz

    Simeiz is located in 20 kilometers from Yalta (on the map). The beaches here are pebble, pebble on the beach large. On the beaches a little further away – fine. The water is very clear, but during bad weather and storms to the coast can beat the murky water. Which is good, there is no split's concrete fortifications plots, and all 400 metres of the shore unbroken. Most tourists prefer to relax on the main beach of the village. It is the most developed beach: it passes along some semblance of a promenade with cafes, stalls with food, tents and travel products. To the West of the town beach, past the pier, is the beach at the Diva rock. It pebbles less even across the sand, and the depth is small. This is just the perfect place to swim with young children. Besides it offers a wonderful view of the rock Diva. But this place has a unpleasant feature: during the strong waves of water flooded the beach.

    You can get here from the bus station of Yalta on suburban buses №115 and №142. Depart every 15-20 minutes, costs 33 to 38 rubles, trip takes about 30 minutes. From the bus station in the center of Simeiz to the beach 15 minutes walk.

    See more about stay in Simeiz here...

    Пляж в Симеизе
  • Gurzuf

    Hurzuf is located in 20 kilometers from Yalta (on the map). It is an independent village with well-developed tourist infrastructure and of particular architectural charm, but in order to run here away from the crowds of tourists from the center of Yalta, not very suitable, since here and its lack of tourists. In high season they are almost always crowded. Pebbles on the shore here, the depth is large. Along the coast is a pleasant promenade, all well equipped. We should also mention the beach Chekhov or Chekhovka. It is a small rocky beach in the Bay near the sites, "the Chekhov house-Museum", and you can get it by buying a ticket to visit the courtyard and the Chekhov Bay for 60 rubles. Particularly convenient is the place you will not name, because even here the shore is rocky to lie down and sun was nowhere, but water is considered the cleanest in Gurzuf. The beach closes with the Museum in 19 hours.

    You can get there from the bus station of Yalta by bus number 106, is poisoned every 30 to 60 minutes, cost 25 rubles, 40 minutes.

    See more about vacation in Gurzuf here...

    Гурзуф, Крым
  • Foros

    The foros, to the far from Yalta, is 40 kilometres (on the map). It is hardly necessary here to go from Yalta for one day solely for a beach holiday, because too far away, and the beaches are so-so. Except that you will be able to attract what is the most southern town of the Crimea, and the water here is one of the cleanest on the Peninsula. The beaches here are very rocky, are on the descent from the village centre. The entertainments and facilities a little.

    You can get there from Yalta bus station by Shuttle bus №128. On the road about an hour, costs 62 rubles. Depart on schedule, but not always adhere to it exactly. Winter departs every hour in summer, every 30 minutes, but from 12:30 to 13:45 drivers ' lunch:

    • from Yalta from 07:00 to 19:00
    • from foros from 07:50 to 18:20

    In the village the buses arrive at the bus station downtown, and then 10 minutes on foot.

    See more about holiday in foros in here...

    Отдых в Форосе

Map with beaches

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