How and what to get to Yalta

On the plane

In Yalta has no airport and the nearest is located in Simferopol. At the time of writing information (2015) to Simferopol international airport operates flights only from Russian cities. Prices for flights by Russian standards, is inexpensive, since the bearing is subsidized by the state.

The cheapest flights to Simferopol:

31.12.2017 17.01.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 6357 ₽
01.01.2018 01.01.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 4331 ₽
01.03.2018 02.03.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 4331 ₽
01.03.2018 12.03.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 4331 ₽
03.04.2018 14.04.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 5820 ₽
09.05.2018 19.05.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 5896 ₽
04.06.2018 18.06.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 7133 ₽
01.07.2018 10.07.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 9190 ₽
30.08.2018 11.10.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 6531 ₽
04.09.2018 11.10.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 5896 ₽
01.10.2018 16.10.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 5896 ₽
24.11.2018 30.11.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 6017 ₽

Find and book tickets to Simferopol airport you can through the search form:

How to get from Simferopol airport to Yalta

Transport links to the airport are well developed, and to get from the airport Simferopol to Yalta as you can with the comfort of a taxi, and very cheap by public transport. But it should be borne in mind that public transport to Yalta goes only in the daytime, so if you arrive on the night, will either have to wait or go by taxi.

  • Taxi

    The taxi ride from the airport to Yalta will cost about 2000 rubles, to go a little more than an hour. There is an official taxi runs by the meter, the counter is in the arrivals hall. You can find and privateers, but they need to bargain. In addition, the taxi drivers were seen in cheating tourists when bargaining meant the cost per person, not per car.

    Night to find the car difficult so it makes sense to order a car in advance, what can be done via this form:

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • Trolley

    From the airport approximately every 15 minutes from 05:00 to 19:45 is a direct trolleybus №55. In way 2 and a half hours. Cost 129 rubles. The stop is right at the exit of the airport in 50 meters.

    Another option is the trolley bus №52 from the railway station and the "Resort" in Simferopol, which in turn can be reached from the airport by bus 49A (night), 98, 115, trolleys 54, 9. A ride will cost 87 rubles, leaving every 15 minutes.

    Both the trolley arrive to Yalta to the bus stop at Moskovskaya street 57, near the bus station Yalta (bus station on the map). From this stop to the city centre and hotels walk pretty far, but you can take a taxi or again to use local public transport (see public transport in Yalta here).

  • Bus

    The bus runs faster than the bus, way less than 2 hours. Several buses departs directly from the airport, but more often they depart from Simferopol from the stations "Resort" and from the Central bus station. Moreover, with the last buses go at night, even though mostly passing. The cost of 100 rubles.

    From the station "Resort" in addition to the regular intercity buses, catch taxis. They go without a schedule or on their own schedule, cost 100 rubles, in the way of even slightly faster buses.

    Read more about how from Simferopol airport to get to the bus stations in Simferopol read here...

By train

Preexisting direct railway communication through the territory of Ukraine are currently suspended, and the only way to get to Yalta by train - through Anapa or Krasnodar.

Train to Yalta, not walk, but from the cities of Russia for season 2015 Russian Railways launched the sale of a single ticket train+bus+ferry+bus to Yalta. All transplant docked with a minimum of transfers. To buy these tickets yet only at the ticket offices of Russian Railways, on the website they are not available.

If your region these tickets are not sold, you can create a route. At the same time you need to buy a train ticket or bus to Anapa, and a single ticket for bus+ferry+bus to Yalta. From Anapa to Yalta this ticket is 700 rubles, in a way 9 and a half hours.

If the train or bus to Anapa from your region that you would like to link to Krasnodar and to use a single ticket Krasnodar-Kerch, and from Kerch bus to Yalta. From Kerch to Yalta interurban buses run around the clock about every hour, via Simferopol.

A single ticket bus+ferry+bus are sold at all ticket offices of Russian Railways. Schedule information for interfacing with direct links and a single ticket as a whole can get on the website

Arrive in Yalta, all buses on one-way tickets to the bus station in the North-East of the city, Moskovskaya street, 8 (the bus station on the map). From here to the city centre and almost two kilometres, and it is best to reach the hotel by taxi or take the local city transport.

By bus

Direct bus routes with a ferry crossing through the Kerch Strait depart from many cities of Russia. Such travel is less comfortable than the train, but faster. For example, the bus Moscow-Yalta is 31 hours, while by train+ferry will take at least 40 hours. And the cost of the bus is cheaper.

Single ticket booking service for buses in Russia is not, so you should check availability of flights and schedules specifically from your city, preferably not only through the Internet, as not all flights, unfortunately, are accurately represented in the online schedules.

From Simferopol to Yalta

Directly from the city of Simferopol (about how to get from Simferopol airport see above) to Yalta by taxi, trolley or bus.

A taxi will cost about 2000 rubles, about an hour's time.

Buses to Yalta from Simferopol depart from the Central bus station and from the station "Resort" near the railway station. Buses run frequently and to the Central bus station travel, even at night, but that passed, so that places may not be. The fare is 100 rubles, journey time – half hour. In addition to the regular buses from the station "Resort" are in the occupancy taxis cost 100 rubles, in the way a little more than an hour.

Trolley buses No. 52 and 55 depart from Simferopol from the station "Resort" and from the Central bus station approximately every 15 minutes. In transit more than 2 hours and cost 87 rubles.

All buses arrive in Yalta on the North-East of the city to the bus station and a stop of trolley buses (bus and trolley stop on the map).

From other cities of the Crimea in Yalta

Public transport in the Crimea is developed, and to get to Yalta from other cities in the region is not difficult. Flights from some distant cities, for example Feodosiya or Kerch, Simferopol pass through, and sometimes you need a transplant in Simferopol, if there is no direct bus.

  • From Alushta can be reached by trolleybuses No. 52, 53, 55
  • From the station: bus No. 28 – 60 rubles
  • From Simeiz bus No. 42, 107, 115 – 25 rubles
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