Poisonous plants of the Crimea

While traveling through the wild places of the Crimea will not be superfluous to know what plants can be dangerous. After all, beautiful and harmless at first glance, the flowers or the berries may actually represent a mortal danger. Especially carefully it is necessary to monitor small children who can easily pull in the mouth poisonous berries, or to disrupt the beautiful bright flowers, the touch of which you can get serious burns.

Here are the most poisonous plants of the Crimea and advice on how to deal with the consequences of poisoning:

  • Datura ordinary

    Дурман обыкновенный Datura ordinary

    The plant is characterized by the amazing white bloom, but such beauty is deceiving. Growing dope in any terrain. It can be found on the street near the road and in the field in cool areas. Does not grow singly, but only thickets. Active blooms in mid-summer, fruiting in autumn.

    What is dangerous:

    In fact, all parts of the plant are dangerous, but especially the seeds, as is enough to eat only one grain and this can lead to serious consequences. After drinking half an hour later, a man begins to dilate the pupils, there is a dry mouth and thirst, increased heartbeat, and an hour can start strong hallucinations. If you do not take first aid measures, you can lose consciousness and fall into a coma.

    First aid:

    For first aid and life saving to the victim will be required to empty the stomach using activated charcoal or potassium permanganate (it is desirable to breed and give drink to man). After the vomiting stopped, give the victim strong, unsweetened tea (it has binding properties and does not allow the poison to spread throughout the body).

  • Black henbane

    Белена черная Black henbane

    Meter plant, with white flowers, emits a bad smell. Like most poisonous flowers grow in groups of about landfills. Begins flowering in may, fruiting in late summer.

    What is dangerous:

    Danger all parts of the flower, but especially dangerous fruit, as if to try a few seeds, you can get a large dose of poison. Immediately after consumption the person pupils dilate and the skin becomes red, starts a copious flow of saliva, then hallucinations and seizures. If you do not help, possible respiratory arrest and death.

    First aid:

    The first thing you need to clean the stomach, causing vomiting. It must be done using the probe (with the introduction of two fingers to achieve anything will not work, because the Airways are blocked). After you need to get the poison, giving the victim a solution of activated charcoal. In order to quickly bring down the temperature, it is desirable to use analgin, and if not at hand, to lower the temperature by using a vinegar compress. After the patient came to your senses, it must be delivered to a medical facility for further treatment and examination. If this is not done, then in most cases will be fatal.

  • Conium maculatum

    Болиголов пятнистый Conium maculatum

    A tall plant that resembles parsley leaves, characterized by an unpleasant odor. Most often found around landfills and wastelands. Blooms in August, and flowering occurs from August.

    What is dangerous:

    The plant is dangerous from the root to the seeds. If you try the part of this plant, you can get food poisoning with characteristic features. Also, in some cases a burning sensation in the mouth and frequent convulsions similar to an epileptic seizure. In some cases, the Hemlock poisoning leads to paralysis.

    First aid:

    Immediately after the manifestation of the above symptoms it is necessary to empty the stomach solution of potassium permanganate and activated carbon to cause an attack of vomiting. Via time to drink strong tea, which has binding properties and excretes the remaining waste. Before the patient is taken to hospital, he must drink as much water as possible to cleanse the stomach and slow the action of the poison.

  • Belladonna or deadly nightshade or Belladonna ordinary, etc.

    Белладонна или Бешеная вишня Belladonna or deadly nightshade

    Herbaceous plant with bright pink blooms. Tastes like cherries, and because of this they are often poisoned children. Listed in the Red Book, as it has medicinal properties. Can be seen on the clearings in the woods, on the river banks. Grows both singly and in groups.

    What is dangerous:

    Since Belladonna berries like cherries, they are often poisoned. Cause fever, dry mouth and hallucinations. Without first aid may develop paralysis of the respiratory system.

    First aid:

    You first need to induce vomiting by using manganese solution and activated carbon and for binding toxic substances, you must give the victim to drink strong tea.

  • Crow's eyes

    Вороний глаз Crow's eyes

    The low flower that looks like a blueberry. Can be found in forests, in places where a lot of moisture.

    What is dangerous:

    Dangerous berry plants, which again, could be confused with berry blueberries. After eating manifest retching, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Can lead to respiratory failure and heart, until it stops.

    First aid:

    If poisoning Voronin eye contraindicated the adoption of laxatives and induce vomiting. For elimination of consequences of need to take activated charcoal and apply to the medical institution.

  • Aconite or a Fighter

    Аконит Aconite or a Fighter

    The plant is characterized by bright blue flowers and is very dangerous.

    What is dangerous:

    The plant is dangerous, as its use (usually in the form of tea) causes headaches and hallucinations because of this, a person can lose orientation in space. In high doses, there may be paralysis and stop breathing.

    First aid:

    As in most cases the first thing to wash out the stomach (preferably with plenty of water). Then, it is recommended that a hearty acceptance of activated charcoal and placing in a medical institution.

  • Colchicum or Sennik or Colchicum

    Безвременник Colchicum

    A small plant with large flowering soft pink color. Dangerous flower prefers open areas (forest edges, clearings and the like).

    What is dangerous:

    Poisoning can occur if you use a bulb or flower seeds. Fortunately, the flower is not particularly dangerous and are only able to cause nausea, weakness, brittleness in the body and diarrhea.

    First aid:

    Scheme to eliminate the consequences of the poisoning is pretty standard: the victim should drink as much as possible activated charcoal and gastric lavage solution of potassium permanganate.

  • Burning Bush or Fraxinella or Asterisk

    Купина неопалимая The burning Bush

    Meter plant with delicious-smelling blossoms (the smell far reminds lemon). Can be found everywhere in forests, ravines, fields, and learn at the sharp smell of medicines (as in dental office) mixed with a citrus smell.

    What is dangerous:

    Due to the citrus smell of the plant is harvested for brewing tea and collecting essential oils, and they represent the main danger. But the plants can not even smell and touch, as when the scent of the may burn of the respiratory system, and when you touch burns to the skin. Burns and blisters do not appear immediately, and after 12 hours.

    First aid:

    As a first aid wash well with soap and water affected areas. But if the damage was noticed immediately, but only when we started to get blisters, apply as you normally would to burn: anti-burn ointment, do not open the bubbles support the sterility of the wound.

  • Hogweed

    Борщевик Hogweed

    Looks similar with Conium maculatum, but the danger is quite different. Each flower lives on the mountain slopes, and it is an unpleasant smell.

    What is dangerous:

    The danger lies in the juice, which releases the plant, if damage to its integrity. It destroys the protective layer of the skin, after which it becomes very susceptible to the action of ultraviolet rays. Having to get under the sun, as at the point of contact appears, the blister.

    First aid:

    The burn should be washed with soap and handle Panthenol. After the bubbles act as with conventional burn: anti-burn ointment, do not open the bubbles support the sterility of the wound.

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