The city of Sudak, what to see by yourself

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Крепость в Судаке, Крым

The most famous attraction of Sudak is the Genoese fortress, and to see it come even from other cities. You can also visit a modest Museum of the territory (historical Museum of the Pike). Relax with the kids in the magnificent water Park or Dolphinarium "Nemo", had fun in the amusement Park on Cypress alley, go to the movies, to visit one of the clubs.

But for other attractions you have to go outside of the city. So, it is possible to fit all 12 roubles and 30 minutes to reach the village of Novy Svet, where to walk along the trail Golitsyn, visit the factory of sparkling and fine wines "New Light" to go on a trekking trip on mount Karaul-Oba (see the sights of the settlement of the New world). You can also fit on the bus to get to Sun valley and see the Church of St. Elijah. If independent visit to nearby attractions is not enough, you can buy trips to any point of Crimea. Sold such excursions in the pike perch everywhere.

Sights of Sudak on the map

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The Genoese fortress of Sudak

Крепость в Судаке, Крым View of the castle

The fortress is the main attraction of Sudak and one of the most interesting historic buildings in Eastern part of the Crimea. Compared to the fortress Kafa in Feodosia preserved and restored much better, respectively, and to visit her much more interesting.

A modern fortress was built by the Genoese in the period from 1371 to 1469 years, however, the initial fortifications on this place appeared much earlier: scientists have found that from the mid 7th century there was a fortified Byzantine town Sugdeya of economic, trade and political center of the region.

Today the territory of the city-fortress is open to tourists as a Museum under the open sky. Besides, at a certain time, you can join a group with a tour service that is much more interesting than self-examination. Also on site you can visit the numismatic Museum; history Museum; Museum "of torture instruments" (temporary does not work). Also on the Museum grounds to practice archery. Read more about fortress of Sudak and photos here...


🕐 Working time: from 08:00 to 20:00 (ticket office from 08:00 to 20:00). Collection tour groups every 30 minutes from 08:00 to 18:30

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 150 roubles, with excursion service – 200 RUB. The entrance of the numismatic Museum – 50 rubles

🚶 How to reach: the fortress is located approximately one mile from the center (from the Cypress alley), and reach it on foot (the entrance to the fortress on the map). Can also be reached by bus No. 2 and bus in the village of Novy Svet 9 rubles. The stop is called S. Cozy, but is declared as a "fortress"

Historical Museum of Sudak

Музей в Судаке, Крым Inside the Museum

This small regional Museum is located in the building of the monument, a historic mansion, the former summer residence of funka. The exhibition is small, and placed just three rooms on the ground floor of the building, and even a thorough inspection of all exhibits will hardly take more than half an hour. However, this is where you can get an initial idea about the history of the region, including the village of New Light and life of count Golitsyn – the founder of Russian champagne.

🕐 Working time: 9:00 to 18:00 break 13-00 to 14-00. Closed Mondays

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: adult – 80 roubles, children's (7 to 18 years) – 20 rubles, up to 7 years – free of charge

🚶 How to get there: the Museum is located at the address: Ushakova St., 1 (Museum map). Easily accessible on foot but walking the promenade in the direction of the fortress

The Church Of The Intercession Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Храм в Судаке

The construction of this Church began in 1819 and continued until the 1840-ies. With the coming to power of the Communists in the 20th century, the temple narrowly escaped destruction, although it has received an order for the destruction of the Holy place. Surprisingly, but prevented the execution of the order is the beginning of the war. Later in the Church was the house of pioneers, and repair shops. And only in 1990-ies the temple again became a Church.

🕐 Working time: daytime

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get there: the temple is located in the city center, Lenin street, 27 (the temple on the map). You can get there on foot, also there are all the city buses.

The Sudak Water Park


It is believed that this is the best water Park in the Crimea, and, indeed, from 2007 to 2013, he was awarded the title of best in the region according to the results of independent consumer rating.

This outdoor water Park, respectively, works only in the warm season, in high season. There is a large number of slides for all ages (group of extreme slides, group slides "for all", the group of slides for the descent on the dual rings, a children's pool with a group of children's slides, river with current), children's area, cafe, swimming pool.

The flip side to the popularity of the Park - a lot of people and high prices. Long time to wait in line at the slide.

It is better to go in the morning, because after lunch going to the queue on each slide. But keep in mind that the mornings are cool, and even better to go in hot weather, otherwise freeze.

🕐 Working time: the water Park is open during high season until the end of September from 10:00 to 18:00

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: from 10:00 to 18:00 – 1300 roubles (for inhabitants of the Crimea – 500 rubles), from 14:00 to 18:00 – 900 rubles. Children from 130 cm are considered too adult. Locker room 100 rubles+100 rubles Deposit). Excerpt from the seafront and a Cypress alley, you can get discount coupons $ 100, or buy tickets for $ 100 cheaper.

🚶 How to get there: located on the waterfront, St. Gagarina, 79 (Aqua Park on the map). You can walk along the promenade or on the city bus №1, №2

Dolphinarium "Nemo"

Дельфинарий в Судаке, Крым

In Sudak Dolphinarium "Nemo", which features high-quality prestavlenie. Along with the show, here are additional individual program of swimming with dolphins. Children are always delighted with the performances of dolphins, therefore, a place for families with children is a must to visit during a holiday in Sudak.

🕐 Working time: Dolphin Walleye is open only in high season from June to September, performances are given several times a day at 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 700 rubles, children under 5 free

🚶 How to get: the Dolphinarium is located on the outskirts of Sudak, the Municipal building 9a (the Sudak Dolphinarium on the map). You can get here on foot or by city bus №4 from bus station and main streets of Lenin and the October.

Cypress Alley

Кипарисовая Аллея в Судаке, Крым

Cypress Avenue – the rave tourist place in Sudak. It is a pedestrian street, along which are located many cafes and restaurants, bars and clubs, kiosks and shops, travel agencies and stands for the sale of tickets and tours. Everywhere the music, provides entertainment and photos with animals, barkers invite you to taste the alcoholic beverages. Here at any time, you can join in with the fun or simply watch the fun from the side, slowly eating dinner at one of the cafes. Of course, the fun reigns here, not always, but only in the high season and especially in the evenings.

Of course, for the pleasure you have to pay, so goods and Souvenirs here are more expensive. The dinner also will have to pay more money than you have in a cafe far from here.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock, the main fun you have tonight

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get there: Cypress Avenue stretches for almost a kilometer from the waterfront to the city centre (on the map).


Тропа Алчак-Кая в Судаке, Крым A walk along Alchak

A Cape and a mountain Alchak-Kaya (rock Alchak) are on the East of the Pike, just outside of town. This place has the status of state reserve, but to visit it can be anyone, and, today, for free.

The mountain is an ancient coral reef with a peak height of 152 meters. On the slopes around the perimeter of the cut out and equipped with Hiking trail, then towering above the sea, it sank straight to the cozy coves. On the Western side at the entrance to the trail located on the "Aeolian Harp" - through the rock with a hole formed in the weathering of rocks. Walk along the path can independently and as part of guided tours, but I want to go here with a guide no, the path is too simple and short. Special training and equipment is not needed, you only need to have time, water and a little strength. Better put on good shoes, beach sneakers go very hard. The length of this trail is about 800 meters in one direction and the same back, which will take no more than one and a half hours. To view "the Eolian harp", will have to climb up a small height at a very steep incline that not everyone is able.

Unfortunately, the popularity of free and trails made this place poorly groomed, dirty, garbage everywhere comes.

🕐 Working time: better to visit in the afternoon or evening before sunset to see the city in the dark (but you need to take a lantern to walk in the dark is dangerous)

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get: Mountain Alchak-Kai is located immediately to the East of the city (Alchak on the map), the entrance to the trail starts immediately after promenade and it is impossible to miss. Here, at the entrance to the trail, a little above is "Aeolian Harp". Accessible on foot from the Cypress alley to the entrance to the trail is 15-20 minutes on foot

Attractions in the vicinity of Sudak

  • The Church Of St. Elijah

    Храм Святого Илии, Крым The Church Of St. Elijah

    This Christian Church is famous for being the oldest existing on the Peninsula. Its construction dates from the 9-11 centuries. It was built by Greeks, and they were his first congregation. Architecture is not like a usual Russian churches with domes, it's not. The building looks quite plain, without the exterior.

    In the 20th century under Soviet rule the Church was banned, but the restaurant made a substation, and later storage for grain. The restoration began only in 1998, and is still restoration work continues.

    🕐 Working time: daytime

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    🚶 How to get there: the temple is located in the Sun Valley village, Chernomorskaya St., 2 (the temple on the map). You can reach it by suburban bus to the Coastal village / Sun valley to the intercity bus station of Sudak, from 06:00 to 22:00 every hour, at a cost of 21 rubles

  • Golitsyn

    Тропа Голицына, Крым Golitsyn

    Golitsyn, also known as the Falcon trail, in our opinion, is the most interesting sight of the village. It's a mountain path near the village, carved on the slopes of mount Koba-Kaya (mountain eagle) in 1912 on the occasion of the visit of the Tsar Nicholas II by order of Prince Golitsyn.

    Today the trail can walk anyone, the cost of $ 100. The entire route is 5.47 km and passes through the territory of the reserve "New Light". To overcome it will take 2 to 4 hours depending on your fitness level. During the walk offers wonderful views of the Bay and the village, including from the viewing platforms. Then the tourists get to the grotto Golitsyn, the Robber of the Bay and the beach (aka Blue Bay), at Cape Kapchik, pass through the juniper grove. Read more about the trail Golitsyn and photos here...

    🕐 Working time: daytime

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: fee is charged at the entrance to the trail, $ 100

    🚶 How to get there: the trail starts almost from the village itself, to reach the entrance easily on foot (the entrance to the trail Golitsyn on the map). You can visit it independently just came to the entrance and bought tickets in the tour, during which you will talk in detail about all the objects and beauties of the route. Ends trail in the southern part of the village near the house of champagne wines "Noviy Svet". You can also do the route in the opposite direction, because the tickets are sold at both entrances/exits.

  • King's beach

    Царский пляж, Новый Свет King's beach

    This is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Crimea. Located on the territory of the protected zone, and theoretically, the access to it is prohibited, but in fact people out there in nice weather very much. Because of this, the beach is more beautiful than suitable for bathing and recreation. No infrastructure there is no pristine all-natural, but the dirt and debris resting after clean not always.

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: you can get free secret trails, or through the Path of Golitsyn paying for the entrance of 100 rubles

    🚶 How to get there: to get to the beach is easiest by boat from the pier in a New Light or Walleye, but can be reached on foot (king's beach on the map). The path to the beach goes down the channel.

  • Factory of sparkling and fine wines "New world"

    Новый Свет Factory "New World"

    For a visit to the factory "New world" in the village on a tour come even from the most distant corners of Crimea. This is not surprising, because the wines and champagnes of this plant are unique and among the highest quality.

    The founder of the factory in 1878 were Prince Golitsyn. He set out to create a drink that rivals the finest French champagnes. About how he did it, you can find out by visiting the factory. For this anyone can participate in special educational and excursion tours directly into production. During the tour tells the history of the plant, showing the stages of production, tasting products. Of course, after the tour the opportunity to buy original products of the plant.

    When you visit, you should dress warmly, because the temperature in the basement during the inspection is 10-12℃.

    🕐 Time work: factory visit takes place at a fixed time by which the groups are formed, and individual visits is not provided. Start programs– 11:00, 13:00, 13:10, 15:00, 16:00. To buy tickets for the tour better at the box office of the plant

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 400 and 700 rubles depending on the program, children up to 12 years stay free of charge

    🚶 How to get there: to get to the plant from anywhere in the village you can walk (plant on the map). From Sudak and other cities here, group tours are available with delivery on the tourist bus. Admission can be purchased directly before the tour, and in advance.

  • The house-Museum of Golitsyn and tasting rooms

    Новый Свет House Museum

    It's an architectural landmark of the village. In the period from 1978 to 1915 lived count Golitsyn (according to other sources he was in the house lived, and made a Museum of wine, even during his lifetime). Today in the basement of the Museum also has a tasting room where you can get anyone of this tourist. For this purpose, the Museum organizes special group tours.

    🕐 Working time: the Museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00, but group tours are conducted only on a set group of 10 people

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: an independent visit to the Museum is 150 rubles, group tour "Historic" (includes tasting) - 400 rubles

    🚶 How to get there: the house Museum is located at Shalyapin St., 11 (Museum map). You can get there on foot. Tickets for the tour are purchased at the ticket office of the factory "New world"

  • The mount Falcon and the source of St. Anastasia

    Новый Свет The Mount Falcon

    They say that the mountain Falcon (Kush-Kaya) is the oldest coral reef in Europe. Anyway, this is one of the highest points in the area, it has a height of 474 metres. On top laid a lot of climbing routes of varying difficulty, and these routes are one of the most entertaining during the holidays in the village. You can climb as just walking for the simplest route, and using complex equipment. The hike to the top takes 3-4 hours, and as much time is needed to descend, so for all the visits to the mountains should allocate a full day. You can climb by yourself if you have experience of these routes, but it is better to find an experienced guide. Be sure to use comfortable walking shoes, bring plenty of water.

    On the way to the top about halfway is another attraction – the source (spring) St. Anastasia (Nastasyinskiy) with pure drinking water.

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock, for security reasons you should visit strictly in the afternoon, in dry weather

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    🚶 How to get there: the mountain is near the village (the mount Falcon on the map), on top of conducting a number of trails of varying difficulty. The starting point of the trails marked on our map of the New world. Pointers are very small, so it makes sense to stock up on a compass, map or navigation

  • Mountain and route Karaul-Oba

    Вид с тропы Караул-Оба View from the trail of Honor-Both on Cape Kapchik

    Mountain range Karaul-Oba is located on the West of the village, towards the beach Veselovskaya Bay. This is the territory of the reserve "New Light", through which the mountain passes a popular Hiking route. On route you will see the juniper grove, stunning mountain and seascapes. On route to meet another attraction - the rock-cut stairs T -, aged more than 2500 years. This staircase will lead you to the "Peak Space" where one can see almost the entire coast from Yalta to Sudak. Of course, you will visit and on top of Karaul-Oba, which height is 341 meters. Ends trail on the Bank of the Veselovsky Bay where you can see another attraction, the ruins of the fortress Kutlak (aka fortress asandra), built in the 1st century BC

    To overcome route Sentry-both should wear comfortable Hiking shoes, stock up on water. The route is better to take a full day. Read more about the mountain and route Sentry-Both here...

    🕐 Working time: daytime

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the entrance to the sanctuary – $ 100

    🚶 How to get there: the entrance to the trail is at the entrance to the trail Golitsyn (mountain Sentry-both on the map). Sometimes these routes combine, passing them one by one. You can also start the hike in the village of Fun, and finish it in a New Light.

  • Assandra fortress (fortress Kutlak)

    Крепость Ассандра, Крым This is all that can be seen on fortress

    Fortress Assandra located on the edge of the beach in the village of Fun, and it is difficult to refer to attractions that make it worth coming here to see her. Unfortunately, the attraction of this abandoned, not guarded and gradually destroyed the few tourists and locals. Today we can only see fallen walls, its contours are only vaguely resembles a fortress. However, if you are in the beach Veselovskaya Bay, or will make a walking route from the New world in the village of Cheerful on the trail across the top of Karaul-Oba, look here worth.

    The fortress dates back to the first century BC, and lasted until the beginning of the first century of our era. Its ruins were discovered only in 1982. It is assumed that the fortress belonged to the Bosporan Kingdom.

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    🚶 How to reach: the fortress is located on a hill in the Eastern part of the beach Veselovskaya Bay (the fortress on the map). Climb easily overcome on foot, but you can climb up and on the car.

  • Tower The Choban-Sack

    Чобан-Куле, Крым

    Choban-Kule (also spelled Chaban-Kule, Choban Calais) is the ruins of a castle of the 15th century near the village of Morskoye, Sudak. The name translates as "the Shepherd's tower", but it is not the original name, which was lost. The castle tower was built by the Genoese brothers di Guasca, around settled homes, was the Church. Lasted not long and was abandoned even before the castle was invaded by the Turks.

    Today the best preserved large watch tower. Around it are scattered the remains of the walls. Unfortunately, the ruins spared neither time nor locals nor tourists, because the place is not guarded.

    Watch it here except the tower is nothing special, and on inspection will take no more than fifteen minutes. But the top offers stunning views of the coast, you can see everything from Cape Meganom to the mountain bear (Ayu-Dag). Read more about the Choban-sack, and photos...

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    🚶 How to get: the Choban-Kul is located on the headland of the Tower near the road between the villages of Sea and pryvitne (Choban-Kul on the map). To get from the villages on foot during long walks. From the Sea you can walk down the beach. From Sudak can be reached by bus to Alushta or Sea.

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Hello Olga! We've done way children 5 and 7 years!!! on route 2 one-way, sat on the beach in a Fun, climbed up to the ruins of the fortress, and went back to the split in the route 2 and route 1 through the valley of Paradise and the peak of the space, but at the very top of the Guard Both climbed. For everything from car Parking next to the winery and back to her took no more than 6 hours. And it's with children, which in places had almost to pull. So all other hands, even if you go with a truce and continually admire the beauty will take no more than 8 hours. ...
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