Mobile communications and the Internet in the Crimea for tourists

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Mobile communications in the Crimea is billed as domestic roaming (not international), so no need to buy SIM card from local operators on arrival. In addition, while in the Crimea are sold SIM cards the only Russian operator MTS. To save, it is best to have your cellular provider to enable options to reduce the cost of roaming in Russia like "Everywhere as houses" from MTS.

Unfortunately, the special options are not all operators operate on the territory of Crimea. At the time of writing (April 2016) on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol is effective only special option "Everywhere as houses" from MTS, and other operators to offer roaming only. This means that incoming calls are also charged, and outgoing calls will not be cheap. So today is the best operator to travel with your home SIM card in the Crimean MTS.

The situation is constantly changing, and possibly other operators will also include the Crimea and Simferopol in your area, special options, and yet carefully read the description of the special options and rates.

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Mobile Internet 2G and 3G is present almost everywhere, but works very poorly, and in some cities not at all. For example, in June 2015 for a 5 day stay in Yalta, the authors did not manage even once to access the mobile Internet, while in the suburbs of Yalta (big Yalta) it somehow worked. 4G has only started to develop in early 2015 with local operator K-Telecom. Don't forget that the difficult terrain here makes it difficult to work cell, and not everywhere there is a signal of good quality.

As for the cost and tariffs, with the mobile Internet all the while a voice which is similar to the hundredth. So far, the most profitable operator – MTS with their options of the Internet throughout Russia, and they include the territory of Crimea and Simferopol. Other operators are billed Internet traffic in roaming, and is very easy to "fly" into debt, it is the megabyte (and it viewing one or two pages) costs 2 rubles.

As for Wi-fi Internet, it is available for free in almost all hotels and guesthouses. To check availability in a particular hotel in the hotels before booking.

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Ivanichkin 29 March, 2017
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Yuri 10 July, 2017
The trail along the Kara-Dag is not 300 rubles, and 600, and it is not the reserve has been... ...
admin 13 August, 2017
Thank you for the clarification about the mountain lakes, it is, of course, about the mountain Castel corrected. But Villa Alina is still according to the maps located in the azure, rather than on the edge of the Professorial corner, almost azure. ...
June 27, 2018
Questionable fun, concerts, second-rate pop foursikov the crowd of onlookers - we need those who in his city or village with this tight. And after the big cities, especially such as Moscow - the peace and quietness of the villages of the New type Light or foros. Although in the same nanosecond cafes-restaurants-hotels many times more than in the above foros. ...
Svetik2244 7 July, 2018
through a friend I rented a car, came out cheaper... ...
admin July 8, 2018
Not all are satisfied with this approach, there are a lot of quiet, peaceful and developed resorts in the Crimea. ...
August 5, 2018
Hello, please tell me, is it possible to somehow find sites of bars, cafes where you can spend the evening??? ...
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In the temple of the Sun do not get the problem, don't know about any war is a speech? You can reach the Temple of the sun both from the Laspi, more gradual rise or a Falcon, but it is recommended for those who have bad poor physical training. Was here in October. Very atmospheric place. Liked it much more than the ay-Petri plateau, although now it can be reached by car or cable car. In General, if you want to visit the places of power in the Crimea, there are simpler routes) ...
Lika3000 19 November, 2018
In the ethnographic Museum of Simferopol boring!!! There is nothing to do at all. About the Chatyr-Dag can say that you also need to know routes, so the journey was not boring. ...

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