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General information

Прибрежное, Крым The beach in the Coastal

Sun valley and Coastal – two villages on the Black sea in the South-Eastern part of Crimea, between Sudak and village Resort (Sun valley and Coastal on the map of the Crimea). Both villages are included in urban region pike, and sometimes regarded as its suburbs. Do not confuse this with another Coastal village, located in the Saksky area in the West of the Peninsula.

Sun valley – a larger settlement with shops, there are even hotels and modest tourist infrastructure. But it is located three kilometers from the beach. Coastal, on the contrary, has almost no infrastructure, but is right on the beach.

This place is ecologically clean area of Crimea, tourism is poorly developed and little popular. Besides the beautiful landscapes, Sunny weather and clear sea, Sun valley is known as one of the oldest wine-producing places of the Crimea. Here is the winery "Sun valley", which produces unique therapeutic red wine "Black doctor" from the local grape variety, which grows nowhere else. Be sure to try this wine if given the opportunity. However, keep in mind that it is not the cheapest: one butyl costs 1500 rubles, and the bottle and generally more than 2000 rubles.

Vacation in Sun valley and Coastal

Прибрежное, Крым Deserted beach Coastal

The biggest plus of the resort is its thinly populated, because there are few tourists even in the height of the season. Go on vacation here, mainly those who are willing to endure discomfort in exchange for peace and quiet. Therefore, most of the campers here – independent tourists with tents and travellers, accustomed to the Spartan conditions. Of course, you can stay in one of the few private mini-hotels in the village or private traders, but in this case, you will be in this country, and even away from the beach because the nearest residential area is approximately one and a half miles away, and the Sun valley village and in three kilometers. But after coming to terms with the almost complete lack of facilities and infrastructure, campers have beautiful scenery, a splendid long sandy-pebble beach, clean air and clear water. The beach here can really be attributed to the best in the Crimea.

Прибрежное, Крым Types, unfortunately, here
not so picturesque

But the cons to stay in Coastal, too, abound. Entertainment there are no. When tired to lie on the beach, you can go for a walk in a Sunny valley where the ancient temple of St. Elias and a mosque. You can still go Hiking at Cape Meganom or climb the trails in the surrounding mountains, you can get down to Fox Bay and the village Resort (on the way to them on the shore you can see an abandoned kinogorod and trekking on mount Echki-Dag). In the center Solnechnoy valley is a signature wine store, and literally next to the beach are located the shop, and again, store brand of the winery "Sun valley". And that's it. Even the tour here don't purchase just anywhere. The coming entertainment and attractions in Sudak, where you can ride the bus, but there are disadvantages: the buses run infrequently, and usually crowded. Therefore, without the transport of boredom in Sun valley and Coastal do not howl only the most phlegmatic tourist. Of infrastructure here only a few cafes in the peak season, so if you come here at the beginning or at the end of the tourist season (June and September), even to eat will have no place. Several small shops located in the center of Sunny valley where to walk from the beach at least 30 minutes.

Мечеть в Прибрежном, Крым One of the two attractions - mosque

Oh and not to mention another considerable disadvantage. In the Coastal a considerable area of the village is part of the military, including the military closed to the public almost km beach line. Walking along the beach you simply rested in the rusty fence with warning labels. Does not add to the scenic beauty of the beach and the barbed wire running along the fence of military unit, a terrible fence adjacent to the beach, winery, rickety and ramshackle (apparently derelict) buildings cafes, shops and it is unclear what structures, probably left over from the old days when vacationers were very many.

Hotels, where to stay

With accommodation in Sun valley and Coastal large problem for those who want to get from rest service and comfort. Normal hotels here, there is only a private mini-hotel with a budget level of service. Moreover, they are far from the beach. Same thing with the private housing stock: houses and rooms are rented, but are far away from the beach. So the rest of the Coastal is basically a lot of tourists and fans of rest in tents. In the Coastal previously worked several camping Deluxe with toilet, water, electricity and even houses. But at the beginning of the 2016 season the campsites were abandoned, reanimated them later, we have no information. Right next to the beach also, there are places where you can safely raise the car and set up the tent, but the toilets and no water.

Hotels in Sun valley on the map

Weather, tourist seasons in Sun valley

Saying that Sun valley gets its name because here the highest number of Sunny days a year. The tourist season here is July-September. The first tourists appear here in may, though the water is still too cold for swimming, but the sun is enough sun. But keep in mind that at the beginning and at the end of the season (June and September) the infrastructure is almost non-existent, starts to work only in high season.

The seasons in Sun valley months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather Sun valley and forecast

Погода в Солнечной долине

How to get to Sun valley and Coastal

Sun valley and Coastal not the most convenient place to travel here by public transport. Preferable still coming here with their own transport or did. However, you can reach it from other cities of the Crimea by bus, but with a change in Sudak.

In the Solar valley and the Coastal village can only be reached by Shuttle bus number 8 (bus) from the bus station of Sudak (how to get to Sudak and his bus here...). Runs every hour from 6:00 to 23:00 (in winter, every three hours). Cost 21 rubles. In low season the bus goes only to the center of Sun valley, where the bus stop is. In high season it runs through the Sunny valley almost to the beach in the Coastal.

It is also possible to get here by bus from Feodosia, Koktebel, Kerch, which will need to go to the bus stop "Solnechnaya Dolina, turn" on the road P-29, but then have to the village or beach walk (4 kilometres) or hitch-hiked.

If the trip with several transfers in the local transport does not suit you, then from Simferopol airport you can reach here by taxi from 2400 rubles. To book a transfer via the search form and car with driver will be waiting at the airport upon arrival:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
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Sonya.Bukskaya 29 Jan 2017, 10:14
Plan recreation in Sudak. Honestly, last time there was 20 years ago in childhood. Then we were in the private sector. How is the accommodation? Advise mini hotel or the area where it is best to rent a room, or better apartment. The fact that the rest of the sea there's a wonderful I know, but stay with a little information ...
admin 29 Jan 2017, 10:37
Well, about the fact that the rest of the sea was wonderful, the question is of course, debatable. As for housing and the district specifically wrote about it, that it is easier for you to choose here ... pliaji.php. Check first if questions remain, ask. ...
Snezhanna 31 Mar 2017, 04:51
Hello! The holiday falls in may, you can tell whether to go to Sudak in may or still too cold. And as there is a tourism services at this time, work? ...
admin 31 Mar 2017, 06:01
I've been to the pike twice, both times were in June, and I was there, cool and uncomfortable. Maybe I just with the weather was not lucky, but it was so hot day and in the evening and at night had to wrap up in jackets. I think may also be not very comfortable. Although the weather always as lucky, maybe in may to settle great weather. Last year when I was with a local about the weather talked, they wondered why June is so cold. One girl said that in February was more than 20 degrees!!!, and now (in June) even cooler. Don't know to believe it or not, but in any case, if you have planned a trip to the Crimea and the holiday fell in may, no matter where you go in Sudak or to Yalta, etc. Weather is about the same everywhere. In early June, with travel services it's all right, everything works in full. Should be in may, the entire infrastructure operates. ...
Anatolii 05 Apr 2017, 04:55
Come join us at the pike in may. Weather must be installed on may will work. ...
Olga2 06 Jul 2017, 15:16
Tell me, please, if you go to the Sentry-Both on route 1 to the peak the Space from the New world, how long will it take the path in one direction (going to return the same way). ...
admin 06 Jul 2017, 18:04
Hello Olga! We've done way children 5 and 7 years!!! on route 2 one-way, sat on the beach in a Fun, climbed up to the ruins of the fortress, and went back to the split in the route 2 and route 1 through the valley of Paradise and the peak of the space, but at the very top of the Guard Both climbed. For everything from car Parking next to the winery and back to her took no more than 6 hours. And it's with children, which in places had almost to pull. So all other hands, even if you go with a truce and continually admire the beauty will take no more than 8 hours. ...
Anna BR 15 Dec 2017, 11:02
I'm so sorry that wasted your time and money on a New Light. We are in Yalta rested for the same money, but much cooler. Golitsin's path is inferior to Solar and especially Botkin. The beach smells really bad. Stayed at Vintage hotel, nice hotel, can not say anything, and the place is not very. In Yalta, stayed in SPA hotel Livadiysky, for the same money, delicious Breakfast, fall asleep to the sound of the surf, the price includes SPA. Walk to the Waterfront to take a 15 minute drive and there life is in full swing, and the concert hall are always some activities on the Waterfront. Don't waste time and money in the trash. Good luck to everyone! ...
admin 15 Dec 2017, 17:41
Hello Anna! You should not compare these two resorts, they just stay different. That's why you have to read the descriptions as we have on the website, not to be mistaken with a choice before the trip. You just probably wanted a more cheerful and noisy sports, lots of entertainment, as in Yalta. And New Light as the village. There's just a very different kind of holiday, around the quiet, beauty and fresh air. ...
Mardis 19 Dec 2017, 10:26
A long time was neither here nor there. But the walleye love for more correct to say - movement. And New Light and pike beautiful visually, but in a New Light this beauty hides nothing, neither the crowd nor the house nor the street. For me the best is to leave the children with grandma in Sudak when you want silence, and to guide the foot in the direction of the New world - 2 hours only. Next summer will be there, already paid for the apartment on the website-Twill - look forward to Hiking with his wife. And, Yes, my children only sand, so the choice is obvious, without a Perch to rest not glued ...