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Railway station bus station "Resort"

Ж/д станция Симферополя Railway station of Simferopol

Simferopol train station and bus station "Resort" are the most important transportation hub of the city and of the Crimea Peninsula as a whole. There is a huge amount of traffic to all corners of Crimea, and if you want to get anywhere in the Crimea, then to do it the easiest way possible with this station, or with a transfer on it. Railway station and bus station are next to each other, within walking distance.

The station is very conveniently close to the city centre and on the way from Simferopol airport. All public transport from the airport must pass through them, so on arrival you can safely take the bus or trolley to get to the station and do the transplant to the desired resort of more...

Interesting places of Simferopol


Simferopol – the largest city on the Crimean Peninsula and its capital, an important transport and industrial center. But due to the lack of access to the sea, Simferopol over the last hundred years have anchored in the status of a transit point on the way to the Black sea.

In any city there is something to see and the capital of Taurida is no exception. If your plane or train leaves only in the evening, and in the city you early in the morning, then don't waste time sitting in the waiting room – explore Simferopol and its surroundings! more...

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