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Simferopol city centre is quite compact and you can navigate it on foot. For traveling long distances, you can use well-developed public transport of trolley buses and buses or use a taxi. Also in Simferopol , you can rent a car.


The taxi ride to Simferopol can be on the counter or at a fixed price. It is better to use the taxi meter, than to negotiate the price with taxi drivers, since the latter often overcharge. Trip within the city will cost an average of 100 rubles (the calculation is 50 rubles for the first kilometer + 15 rubles for every subsequent). To order a taxi by phone, find rooms which can easily on the Internet.

Urban transport

Urban transport Simferopol are presented in the form of buses, trolleybuses and minibuses. The buses in 2017, cost 20 rubles, in the bus is 12 roubles. Buses and night, but at an increased rate.

Examine the entire network of routes is not necessary, here is a helpful routes that you might need:

  • From the airport to the bus station "Resort": trolleybuses №9, 20, 54, 55; buses №49, 98; route taxi №115
  • From the airport to the centre of Simferopol: trolleybus №9, 20, 54, 55; buses №49, 98; route taxi №115
  • From the airport to Alushta: trolleybus №55, 54
  • From the airport to Yalta: trolleybus №55

All the information about routes, prices and time of work can be found on the website By choosing the route number you'll see it on the map, and you can get all the necessary information about the cost and schedule. You can also download and install the mobile application "Yandex. Transport", it presents the public transport of Simferopol.

Rent a car

In Simferopol there are several places where you can find car rentals, including you can get a car directly at the airport of Simferopol and continue the journey around the Peninsula. It is best during high season to reserve it in advance via the Internet that you can do using the search form below. When booking on request can be provided with baby seats, GPS etc.

Find car rental in Simferopol

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