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Simferopol – the largest city on the Crimean Peninsula and its capital, an important transport and industrial center. But due to the lack of access to the sea, Simferopol over the last hundred years have anchored in the status of a transit point on the way to the Black sea.

In any city there is something to see and the capital of Taurida is no exception. If your plane or train leaves only in the evening, and in the city you early in the morning, then don't waste time sitting in the waiting room – explore Simferopol and its surroundings!


Some places, which will be discussed in the article, just a little-known, some neglected, some long time was kept secret! But they are interesting for tourists and tour of at least a pair of them will have a great to pass the time and to see or try something new.

Caves Of Chatyr-Dag.

It is only a little to drive off from the Simferopol and the eyes of the travelers will open ridge the Chatir-Dag. Near Simferopol of particular interest are the unique caves, accessible only to members of a tour group. Marble cave and Emine-Bair-Khosar is deservedly considered among the most beautiful in all of Europe. Just imagine: Marble length – 200 meters, and the height of the arch – about 30 meters.


The fishing village.

Tickets to the Crimea to buy, usually, for recreation. Authentic village near the city gives you the opportunity to fish in the pond, take a bath, go horse riding and even hunting in the surrounding woods. A great place to while away the day!

Golf club.

In Crimea, yet there is only one decent Golf club and a 15-minute drive from Simferopol to the tract of Kizil-Koba. European and American field does not reach to the level, of course, but if you are a beginner, the big difference will not feel.

Bike Post.

At the 41st kilometer of the highway Simferopol – Alushta more than 10 years there is a point of gathering of bikers where they spend the night, chatting and repairing their motorcycles. During the day you can look at gorgeous bikes of all models and modifications, and in the evening to see how real men walk. But entertainment is not for children and women!

Abandoned military facilities.

If you are interested in this subject, the neighborhood of Simferopol can offer at least two interesting directions. If a little drive to the West from Simferopol, you can find the transmitter IFRS "the Seagull", which is a 5 masts with a height of 120 meters each. Its purpose is to detect the coordinates of enemy aircraft and ships with an accuracy of 50 meters to 1900 kilometers. Be careful, as the masts are under voltage in order to protect from sawing.

Well, if you go to the North-West of the city, you will find the radio telescope TNA-400 in the School.


Installed reflector with a diameter of 32 meters at the base height of about 30 meters was in 1957 to ensure launches of spacecraft to the moon. They even planned flights to the planets of the solar system! Today the radio telescope is protected, and to come close will fail, but because of the fence it looks very impressive.

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