Tourist information about the village of Simeiz in Crimea

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General information

Отдых в Симеизе Rest in Simeiz

Simeiz (Simeiz) – village on the southern coast of Crimea, 20 kilometers from Yalta, part of the Greater Yalta (Simeiz on the map of the Crimea). The village is quite small, population less than three thousand people, but in the holiday season it is filled with tourists.

Simeiz is a popular place for holidays, one of the most relaxed towns on the southern coast of Crimea. Even during the peak season in July and August there quietly, no bustle and noise, a lot of people except on the beach. The beaches are pebbly, the water is clear and turquoise, there is even some semblance of a quay, left over from Soviet times, where there are cafes and bars in the evening discos. But don't expect too much, after all this is a tiny resort town with a village atmosphere, and the young people here may seem boring. But for family beach vacations with young children a better place to pick up in the Crimea difficult.

Центр Симеиза The Center Of Simeiz

All necessary infrastructure to stay in Simeiz there, but nothing more. There are cafes and restaurants, hotels and housing, runs a small clothing and grocery market, a few grocery stores and a minimarket. You can also eat in the numerous cafes of home cuisine, stalls with fast food – goulash, by pitas, ice cream, drinks. There are ATMs in the shops on the street 32A, 36A Sovetskaya street and in the Bank Sovetskaya street 15A.

But it is impossible not to mention about the minor cons of the resort. First of all, the beach in high season it becomes very crowded, including those due to come for the day tourists from Yalta. The main beach is just not enough for everyone, so occupy it is best in the morning. Beach entertainment is very small, only children's roller coaster. Well, to some it may seem inconvenient elevation in Simeiz: to get to the beach you have to descend down and back up.

The Beaches Of Simeiz

Пляж в Симеизе City beach

Beaches in Simeiz pebble, pebble on the beach large. On the beaches a little further away – fine. The water is very clear, but during bad weather and storms to the coast can beat the murky water. Which is good, there is no split's concrete fortifications plots, and all 400 metres of the shore unbroken.

Most tourists prefer to relax on the main beach of the village (town beach of Simeiz) that is closest to the center, and the one most easily available. It is the most developed beach: it passes along some semblance of a promenade with cafes, stalls with food, tents and travel products. Here you can rent chairs (from 30 rubles/hour), there are cabanas, but nothing more from with no infrastructure.

If you go left (in the direction of Yalta, on East), you can get at a very narrow wild beaches, but the rest of them are not very comfortable, they are too rocky. To the right from the public beach past the pier is the beach at the Diva rock. It pebbles less even across the sand, and the depth is small. This is just the perfect place to swim with young children. Besides it offers a wonderful view of the rock Diva. But this place has a unpleasant feature: during the strong waves of water flooded the beach.

On rock Diva are the beaches of Blue Bay. Read more about all the beaches of Simeiz here...

Hotels and accommodation in Simeiz, where to stay

Simeiz - the village is exclusively resort, hotels and accommodation abound here. The prices are reasonable: a double room at the hotel start from 1000 rubles (when booking in advance, before the start of the season), the same room in the private sector, and for a family with children.

For the most economical and fans of camping near Simeiz there are two convenient locations. On the other side of the mountain Cat, in the Blue Bay, is the camping. It operates seasonally from June 1. There you can stay in the tent from 250 rubles (not per person, and for a place for a tent), place 250. There is electricity, water and its own beach. It is very rocky, but walk along the beach from here, you can walk to the beach via the radio telescope, which is much better. And another place – a wild tent city at mount Swan Wing. This is the place for most of these Robinson and hippies, but not for families. The beach here is very rocky, no facilities there.

As for the choice of location, it is not a question of principle. The village is small, all of it can be explored on foot, so the only thing to consider, is not to be too far from the beach. Also often Simeiz include housing and hotels in nearby Blue Bay village (located behind the mountain Cat), but keep in mind that if you stay there, the centre of the village where there are cafes, shops and other infrastructure, will have to go on foot for 2 km.

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

Search and book hotels or accommodation in Simeiz are best at the following sites, because only they provided the most options for accommodation:

Search and book hotels in Simeiz

Hotels of Simeiz on the map

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Attractions in Simeiz

Мечеть Симеиза The mosque Juma-Juma in Simeiz

Any significant attractions in Simeiz no. In the village there is the Cathedral mosque of Dzhuma-Dzhami, Church of the Intercession of the blessed virgin. Also while walking through the village you can see several architectural monuments, an old Villa, but inside you can't come in, they're all in poor poor condition. On the rock pan (opposite the rock Diva) is possible on the paths to climb up and see the remains of an ancient fortress Paniysky. Interesting place – very rock Diva, on top of which you can climb a ladder, and the top boasts truly stunning views of the village and the beach. Within walking distance of 3 kilometers and see a unique radio antenna of the Crimean radio telescope in the nearby village of Blue Bay. Otherwise, your passion for sightseeing will have to satisfy with excursions to other parts of the Crimea, you can buy them from distributors on the street and in travel agencies. Also, you can manually throughout the day to go to Yalta and other settlements of the Big Yalta, and see the sights there (see the sights of Yalta).

Find tours online (with reviews)

Аквапарк Симеиза, Симеиз Simeiz Aqua Park

The main entertainment in Simeiz - a beach holiday, but that's not all. In the nearby village is a great water Park "Blue Bay" (the website This outdoor water Park, so it works only in summer from June to September. Admission price:

  • Full day adults - 1400 rubles; children – 700
  • Half day (13:30 to 18:30) adults -1200; children – 600
  • The inhabitants of the Crimea discounts

To reach the Park of Simeiz on foot and the bus station in Yalta and other towns by bus No. 107.

For children the beach is equipped with inflatable slides, and on Lenin street near Cypress Avenue rental Cycling machines. Other entertainment for the children there.

If you love extreme sports can practice climbing on the mountain "Swan Wing". But to our knowledge there are no organized camps, rental equipment and instructors so that all will have to take care of yourself. If climbing is too difficult for you, you can walk to climb the mountain "Cat", whose shape resembles a lying... cat. The height of 255 metres, and the ascent can be made without any equipment. At the top you can see the ruins of the fortress ISAR Limen-Calais XIII—XV centuries, and a unique "swinging dolmen" - a large stone over a cliff, supported by several small stones.

As for evening entertainment, the evening conditional on the promenade along the city beach discotheques and bars.

How to get to Simeiz

Автостанция в Симеизе, Крым Bus Station Of Simeiz

Here you can drive to suburban buses from Yalta, on the intercity buses from Simferopol and the Simferopol airport. With other cities there is no bus. All buses arrive at the bus station in the center of the village (bus station on the map).

From the airport one or two times a day in high season a direct bus service to Simeiz. Price – from 350 rubles, 3 and a half hours. From the bus station "Kurortnaya" in Simferopol, buses to Simeiz travel more often, so if you transplant you are not afraid, you can use this option.

But the most optimal in our opinion this trip with a change in Yalta, because the buses on this route go most often. The transplant will need to do at the bus station of Yalta. From the airport to Yalta, you can get a direct flight intercity buses from 240 rubles in 2 hours and a half. From the airport to Yalta can be reached by trolley bus number 55, but by the time it will take 3 hours, cost 138 rubles. Then at the bus station in Yalta you need to change on suburban routes №115, №142. They depart every 15-20 minutes, costs 33 to 38 rubles. Read more, how to get to Simeiz here...

Weather, tourist seasons in Simeiz

Like other resorts of the Crimea, the tourist season in Simeiz runs from may to October. Water for comfortable bathing is heated in the second half of June and peak season is July and August.

Seasons in Simeiz months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Simeiz and forecast

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