Tourist information about the village of pryvitne and Cartan box in the Crimea

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General information

The village of Privetnoye in the Crimea is located on the South-Eastern tip of the Crimean Peninsula, 50 km from Alushta, three kilometers from the shore (s. Privetnoye in the map of the Crimea). Administratively belongs to city district Alushta (Big Alushta).

The village lies in a green valley, the silence which destroys only the gurgling of the river Uskut. The closest major cities Alushta and Sudak. Other settlements are also located at a distance. It is home to just under two thousand people.

Rest in Privetnoye

Катран, село Приветное, Крым

In fact, when talking about rest in Pryvitne are relaxing on the beach near the village that I grew up in a tourist area of slipways and cottages and in the village itself tourists rarely stop. This place is also called the complex "Katran". In fact it is samobrazovaniya tourist area along the beach 2 km long with minimal infrastructure, with almost no budget, relaxed the type of "doing nothing" and without any claims to the service, the cleanliness and beauty of the beaches.

11 kilometers on the road to detour two kilometres along the coast from Pryvitne is another tourist area – Kanaka (Kanakskaya beam). Here is a little more comfortable, cleaner, and more expensive, but the decor is again of the same village.

The bulk of vacationers - families with children. For young people it's too boring, and the conditions for the elderly are not the most suitable. To walk a day or go somewhere in the evening there's just no entertainment apart from the beach and sitting in cafes. Also here come the tourists with tents and in their cars in the camping.

Beaches in Privetnoye

In the village Privetnoye the sea. The coast will have to walk (about half an hour walk through the picturesque countryside) or by car. But, at the same time, in the village where tourists almost never stopped, preferring to live near the sea in "Katran".

The beach in the spiny dogfish (also called village beach) is divided by the river Uskut into two halves: the West refers to the sporting house, and on the East is situated the camping. A small stream, almost a trickle, so you can easily move between the beaches. On the beach near the sporting house has no such facilities like changing cabins, showers, toilets. But you can rent a lounger or umbrella, cafes, canteens and retail outlets.

Kanak beams the beach is another resort area, is located to the South along the coast to two kilometres, and almost 11 kilometres down the road. Here you can rent umbrellas, chairs, jet skis. On the beach there are cafes, highlighted several VIP areas. And in General, the situation in the area more comfortable, the streets are cleaner, the service better.

Water near the coast of both beaches clear and clean, as the large ships do not go here, and large factories nearby. Beaches strewn with pebbles. Sand a little, he's big and grey, and lies a few metres from the water's edge.

To the North of the village beach for miles stretches a wild pebbly beach, sometimes turning into a real "Bulygina", but here is deserted.

Entertainment and attractions

Entertainment in Katran are offered only in season from July to September. And at the beginning and at the end of the season many of them available.

The main entertainment in Privetnoye and Katran - the beach and sea. As with any village on the coast, the Catamaran offers a variety of water sports: yachting, boats, catamarans, racing jet skis and paragliding, water skiing and diving, Pedalo hire. Fishing enthusiasts can take fishing, including access to the open sea. In one of the bars on the beach there is table tennis and Billiards. You can also relax in the sauna or enjoy a massage. For children the beach offers unpretentious inflatable slides and trampoline. The popular local activities include diving (a scuba diving center), trekking Hiking, horseback riding, extreme skiing on the buggy around the area.

Other forms of entertainment are at a considerable distance from the village, and civilization in General is only in Alushta and Sudak 50 miles away.

Attractions in no. Walk (5 kilometers) or by bus you can reach the tower the Choban-sack, where the ruins of an ancient fortress. The bus also takes you to Alushta or Sudak and see their attractions (see attractions of Alushta and attractions of Sudak). To view other interesting places in the County will have to either hire a taxi or use the buses. You can also buy excursions to any corner of the Crimea, but this is a minor problem, because only the full travel, so will have to wait, sometimes for several days until the required number of tourists.

Special attention in the Pryvitne deserve wine tours. The village is located winery, part of the NPAO "Massandra". It produces fortified and dessert wines. For tourists guided tours, during which talk about the secrets of wine making and offer a tasting of local wines.


Катран, село Приветное, Крым

The infrastructure is poorly developed. Has everything you need, but no more. There are several small shops, the market (in the village), shops, pharmacies. The village has a hospital, but for normal medical care have to go to a large city 50 kilometers. There is no ATM.

With food problems will not arise, cafes and eateries abound here. Most of the housing is rented along with the kitchen. But keep in mind that the sporting house stores and cafes, and only operate in June and finished in September.

Hotels and accommodation in Pryvitne

Hotels in Privetnoye a little, about a dozen. In the village there are no hotels, they are all on shore in a Catamaran and on the Kanaka. Most of them private mini-hotel with minimum service, which, in essence, no different from removal of housing from private owners, but there are full hotels of service and are best booked in advance.

On the shore about half a kilometer from the spiny dogfish is also an organized camping and natural camping site for fans of camping.

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

To search and book hotels or accommodation in Pryvitne are best at the following sites, because only they provided the most options for accommodation:

Search and book hotels in Privetnoye

S. Privetnoye hotels on the map

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Weather, tourist seasons in Privetnoye

In the high tourist season is between may to October. The best time is July – September. But the infrastructure is starting to work only in mid-June, and begins rolling in mid-may. Until early June Katran is almost "canned" form, does not work anything.

The seasons in the village of Privetnoye months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in the village of Privetnoye and forecast

How to get in and the Kanaka

In pryvitne can only be reached by bus or taxi. Bus to Privetnoye in General is poorly developed: the buses run rarely and only from the cities of the Crimea and the Kanaka on the bus did not reach, because it is away from the road. Therefore it is necessary to rely primarily on taxis, or to bring your own transport.

The taxi ride from the airport will cost 2200 rubles. Find and book your taxi can through the search box (the price is per vehicle, not per person).

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

If the taxi you can't afford it, can drive to Privetnoye by bus from Simferopol, Sevastopol, Alushta, Sudak. Sorry, a little low, one per day from each city.

The bus schedule can check through the service of Yandex.schedules. Cost: from Simferopol – 150 rubles, of Alushta – 92 rubles.

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