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General information

Отдых в Щелкино, Крым

Shcholkine (Schelkino) is a city on the Northern shore of the Crimea in 180 kilometers from the Simferopol airport, and 100 kilometers from the ferry terminal and bridge (shcholkine on the map of the Crimea). This is the most popular and developed resort in the Crimea on the Azov sea. The city's population is about 10 thousand people, and is the largest town on this coast.

The settlement at this place was formed only in 1978, when the construction of the Crimean nuclear power plant. Here lived the builders of the nuclear power plant and their families, but in 1989 construction was suspended because it was recognized that the soil is intermittent, and finally stopped after the collapse of the USSR. But after that, the village has not disappeared, and today exist as a Spa town. From 1993 to 1999, was born here and conducted the world-famous electronic music festival "КаZaнтип", but today there is not a trace of them.

Rest in Schelkino

Развлечения в Щелкино Amusement Park in Schelkino

If you come to Shelkino after other cities and resorts of the Peninsula, located on the coast of the Azov sea, you will be surprised that there is such a developed place. The decor is rustic, as in other places on this coast. Is the center where all the action is, and even a kind of tourist entertainment district. This area is full of cafes, amusements, shops, a nightclub, and even an amusement Park. The scale, of course, does not compare with the black sea resorts, but the good thing is that all this concentrated in one place, which means that all vacationers gather here to meet, relax and have fun together.

Infrastructure in the city is well developed. Has everything you need, lacking only the large shopping centres and exciting recreational areas or waterfront. To buy the most necessary things and food in supermarkets (PUD), small grocery stores and market, which is right in the centre near the bus station. Meat for barbecue and dairy products are best to buy in the meat market-the pavilion (located in the Annex building house No. 19, near the entrance to the supermarket PUD), but don't forget for your purchases to arrive early and bargain, so no bargaining prices are quite high. If you stay in Shelkino on your own transport, you can go for cheaper products on the market in the Lenino village 20 kilometers.

Центр города, Щелкино City center

But it is not fair to mention about features of the resort that you can become his weaknesses. Entertainment here is very small, and the minutes read and what not. Sold group tours by bus to popular attractions of Crimea, but given the remoteness of the village, the more time you spend in the road than on the sights. Many tourists do not like that there is no full promenade, along which you can stroll in the evenings. The role of the waterfront here performs dirt road along the beaches that make the machines and during rain it becomes a swamp.

Well, another point that you need to know, especially if you go with children, is that there can sometimes be an invasion of ticks. Dense vegetation grows along the beaches, especially on the outskirts of the city, and it's easy to pick up a dangerous insect. Some tourists say they saw ticks even on the beach in the sand. This is dangerous, because you need to periodically check body and clothing for ticks.

Beaches in shcholkine

Пляж в Щелкино, Крым

If you did not know, then know that the sea of Azov is much warmer Black, the water warms up in early June. And when the resorts of the southern coast of the tourists are freezing and scared to go into the cold water, you can already swim. This is because Azov is much smaller than the Black, in addition there is no the cold underwater currents, which even in summer can sharply for a few days to make the warm black sea resort for the comfortable bathing.

The beaches here are very good. They sand, yellow sand mixed with broken shells. Depth, perfect for families with children, to go into the water kids can dozens of meters from the shore. In ShChelkino there is only one beach town, but it stretches continuously for 3 miles. A modest, but everything you need is there: changing cabins, parasols and sun loungers to rent. Not enough sun loungers, so bring a beach towel or a mattress. Also, a little fun, mostly just children's inflatable slides.

But this is not the only beach. 3 or 4 kilometers on foot by car there is another beautiful sandy beach called Tatar. It is very long, generally stretches for 30 kilometers, with no infrastructure at all.

Read more about the beaches Shelkino read here...

Hotels and accommodation in Shelkino, where to stay

Despite the popularity of the resort, in Shelkino very few options for placement. Here hardly probable will be a dozen hotels and guesthouses, and prices are low wasn't: from 2000 rubles per room for two. Therefore, booking in advance is highly recommended. If no other rooms will be, you can try to stay in the village of Mysovoye next.

Widespread delivery of housing in the short term. In the middle of the season to find a simple apartment can be from 1000 rubles, apartment with good repair, furniture and appliances from 1500 rubles. But from season to season rates vary with demand, so better check the price in advance through the Bulletin Board. They can find contacts of the owners and contact them for booking. If you book for a few days, the cost will be higher.

If you are traveling by car and enjoy staying in tents, on beaches Shelkino to stay in a natural camping. Such places, at least two: one at the entrance to the city and the other is on, on the border with Masowym. You can also pitch a tent anywhere in the Tatar beach. By the way, there are a few abandoned resorts, and you can even use their territory for the equipment of the camp.

Book hotels and accommodation in the resorts of Crimea through international booking system currently has some problems. Yet the most complete set of options for accommodation in Shelkino can be found on the websites booking.coma little less on Also good option is the search for guest houses and housing, which is especially convenient when traveling with children and more profitable to stay for a long time (over 1 week). Check rates and book accommodation in Shelkino can through the search form.

Hotels in shcholkine on the map

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Attractions and entertainment

Attractions in Shelkino and next almost no. There are only two interesting places nearby that you can visit to tourists, and that one of them will soon cease to exist. Here they are:

  • Cape Kazantip

    Вид на мыс Казантип, Крым View of the Cape Kazantip

    The Cape Kazantip is located to the North of Schelkino of the village of mysovoe, and has a view of the boiler, the outstanding deep in the sea. Because of its shape it got its name "Kazan-type", which translated from Tatar means "bottom of the pot".

    It is a monument of nature of national importance and a natural reserve protected by the state. However, the nature here - a solid step. For tourists, the Cape is more interesting for its landscape and numerous hidden coves with their sandy beaches.

    You can get to Kazantip from Shelkino on foot, and free to walk through it, to descend in one of the bays and sunbathe or swim there. While walking you can meet the snakes, but it is not a deadly species, can this account do not worry. Much more dangerous is that there are a lot of ticks and venomous spiders karakurt (a subspecies of the black widow). Cm. read more about spiders and mites in the Crimea in the article "Danger in the Crimea". Read more about Cape Kazantip here...

    🕐 Working time: around the clock, to visit in the dark is dangerous, you can get hurt on the rocks

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    ⇪ How to get there: Cape located on the tip of the Peninsula on which the city of ShChelkino and village mysovoye (the Cape on the map). Both settlements on the Cape can be reached on foot (from Shelkino is 2 kilometers, is located directly at the capes of Kazantip). Trails and paths on the Cape a lot and you can enter it both from the center of the village mysovoye, and a Tatar beach.

  • The Crimean nuclear power plant

    Крымская АЭС The current state of the nuclear power plant (2017)

    In the Soviet years near Shelkino tried to build the Crimean nuclear power plant, but to do this and did not. After the collapse of the USSR all that was built, plundered, and from nuclear power plants remained excellent man-made attractions, where for many years illegally drove on the tour, fans of extreme sports and other such attractions. After 2014, the materials of the station was used for the construction of Crimean bridge, so now it is gradually dismantled. Whether to keep the main building of NPP, where he is the most interesting, unknown to us, but yet everywhere on the territory, work is underway to dismantle, it's impossible to enter. Rather, it's impossible to enter officially, but if you agree with the protection. Read more about the Crimean nuclear power plant here...

    🕐 Working time: officially, the visit is not currently available, but you can negotiate with the security object

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: to be negotiated (with the guards)

    ⇪ How to get: plant is 7 km from Shelkino (NPP on the map). You can get there by foot, hitchhiking or buses to turn at the plant, and then walk 1 kilometer.

Развлечения в Щелкино "Diving" in Schelkino

As for entertainment, they are not very much, but that's okay, they are all concentrated in one place. We are talking about entertainment and tourist area from the market and bus station to the beach. Here along two pedestrian alleys, cafés and a night club, shops with Souvenirs and tourist goods, amusement Park and prize shooting galleries and other entertainment for tourists. In addition to this area and the beaches, in the town more especially to do nothing.

Entertainment on the beaches in shcholkine is not much, mostly tourists have to make them up for themselves. You can play sand volleyball or soccer, snorkeling and for children there are inflatable slides. If you are ready to engage in active sports and entertainment, kite school "Ohoho" you can rent a surf Board or a set of equipment for kite surfing, and hire trainers. In shcholkine the perfect place for beginners, as the winds blow always, with waves almost never happens.

Another form of entertainment – fishing. You can go fishing directly from the shore, you can go on a boat at sea. Another popular place for catching steers Marina in the village of mysovoye.

How to get in Schelkino

The city is located away from the main transport hubs of the Crimea, such as airports and railway stations. From Simferopol airport to shcholkine as much as 180 kilometers, and from the ferry if you arrive to the Crimea by car to go 100 kilometers (shcholkine on the map of the Crimea). If you come across the Peninsula by car to get to the resort will have a taxi or bus, there are no other options. You used to be able part of the journey to travel by train to the village of Lenine, but now W/d transport does not go there.

From Simferopol airport in Shelkino direct buses there because you will either have to take a taxi, or to get two buses through Simferopol. Read more about how to get to the purpose here...

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