Tourist information about the town of Saki in the Crimea

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General information

Саки, Крым

Saki (Saki) is located on the Western coast of the Crimean Peninsula (Saky on the map of the Crimea). Through the village pass the railway and road traffic routes connecting Saki from Yevpatoria, Simferopol and Sevastopol. It is the center of the eponymous district and a relatively large settlement. The permanent population is about 25,000 people.

First of all, Saki – resort. Most of the tourists coming here seek primarily not to the beaches, and in order to combine a nice sea holiday with the effect of therapeutic mud. Remember, however, that self-treatment even natural mud can cause harm. Experts strictly recommend not to self-medicate. If you still decide to use local dirt yourself, first read the information in the article "Therapeutic muds of Crimea and how to use them".

Rest in Saki

Лечебные грязи Крыма

Rest in Saki is caused by the peculiarities of the city. Its main residential part is not on the coast, and is located behind the chain of lakes. Therefore, beach area situated separately. To get into it, we have to go on the road in the direction of Yalta, virtually leaving the city. However, most hotels just located in this coastal area, not in the center. In the center is just a few treatment sanatoriums and hotels of city type. Also close to town on the shore is a resort area and the suburbs of the village of novofedorivka, which is independent, intelligent and very pleasant place.

The resort area itself is almost three miles of beaches along the Sea. On its sides, close to sea, large boarding houses, with the opposite – private mini-hotels and resorts.


Lovers of sandy beaches will appreciate the conditions which can be found in Saki. For example, in some places, the beach width reaches 150 meters! Considering the total length, gives a very large area where you could easily fit a large number of tourists. The depth near the shore is a small, which contributes to a large influx of holidaymakers with children. Promenade is only present partially and, at the moment, does not look very impressive. However, it is already known that funds were allocated for its reconstruction and bringing in the proper state.

But there is in the beaches area and the problem. If you stay in hotels or resorts not near the shore, and in the center of the city, you need "break" to the water. The fact that the chain of hotels and resorts almost blocked the exits to the shore, and through the territory could not get through. You can go either to bypass, or only in a few places: between health centers "Sail" and "Coastal", and between the base of rest "Surf" and children's camp "Wave" in the area of administration. These passages are marked on our interactive map of Saki.

The beaches have all necessary facilities. On their territory there are changing cabins, showers, toilets, garbage cans, awnings. You can rent parasols and sun loungers. Present water and the usual rides, there are courts for practicing beach volleyball or football. They offer a ride on bananas, plates, dragons, ski or personal watercraft. You can even fly behind a boat on a parachute.

Of course, the beaches for the most part divided between adjacent recreation centers and boarding houses. The degree of arrangement of the different – depending on the financial condition of such institutions.

Unfortunately, except the beaches in this part of town there is nothing interesting. Yes, there are small cafes and restaurants, there are grocery stores. But to go have no place to walk, occupy yourself in the evenings nothing, all the rest takes place on the territory of the hotel or boarding house. In the evening guests will have to go to the main part of the Sak and Evpatoria, which is not very convenient, because the transport is bad, and taxis are on order only and costs more than it should for such a short trip.

Panorama of beach in Saki

Hotels and accommodation in Saki where to stay

When choosing a place to stay in Saki, it is worth remembering some features:

  • The city centre is not very suitable for tourist entertainment. There are only a few urban-type hotel and medical spas, and the beach from here to reach by bus or taxi. So if you come here not only to correct health, it is best to choose the location of the hotel in the resort area near the beach. Remember, however, that in this area practically there is no infrastructure and facilities for tourists outside the hotel. The minimum threshold of prices – from 500 rubles per day per person, depending on the conditions. Center on the map.

  • In the resort town along the beaches accommodation are presented with boarding houses, bases of rest, mini-hotels and guest houses. The major part of pensions – from the Soviet times. Some of the conditions and level of service remains relevant, so please read the reviews before booking. They offer more modern and comfortable options. Distance to beach is only 50-100 meters. The room rate for one person is usually said to start at 1500 rubles. To get here from downtown on city buses/minibuses №3 and №4, cost 15 rubles. Resort area on the map.

    However, if you stay in the city centre and will ride here for the beaches, keep in mind that the chain of hotels and resorts almost blocked the exits to the shore from the road and through the territory of protection does not pass. So will have to search the aisles between their territories, or to go into bypass in the beginning or at the end of the array of hotels. In our experience, can pass between the health centers "Sail" and "Coastal", and between the base of rest "Surf" and children's camp "Wave" in the area of administration. When it gets to the shore, no obstacles to relaxing on the beaches there.

  • Much more developed area of the village of novofedorivka. The situation there is much more fun but also more tourists, the beaches are not deserted, and long. Novofedorivka on the map.

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

To search and book hotels or accommodation in Saky are best at the following sites, because only they provided the most options for accommodation:

Search and book hotels in Saki

Hotels in Saky on the map

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Given that Saki is not only a resort, but not small by the standards of the Crimea city and also the centre of a large district, the infrastructure of the village is well-developed:

  • In the city you can travel by minibus, bus or taxi.
  • Works a large hospital and a polyclinic, pharmacies, offices of banks, post offices.
  • There are many shops of different profile, including a branch of the supermarket chain "PUD".
  • In the Central part of the city – bus station, allowing you to go to any area of the Crimea or to the Russian mainland.
  • Passes through the city railway, which currently runs trains to Simferopol and Yalta.
  • There are also many restaurants, cafes, night clubs.

Of course, almost all of the above can be found only in the main part of the SAC, in the center. In the resort area infrastructure is limited and represented by only small shops and cafes. Fortunately, the city is easily reached by constantly plying in both directions of minibuses and buses.

Much better tourist infrastructure is in the suburbs of the village of novofedorivka. There in recent years grew a modern resort town with a promenade and entertainment, new hotels.

Attractions and entertainment

Кара-Тобе, Саки The Museum Of Kara-Tobe, Saky

Attractions in Saki are almost there, you can see only here these places:

  • The Museum and the excavations of Kara-Tobe. Archaeological object, located at the outskirts of the city in the direction of Yalta. Read more about the Museum of Kara-Tobe here. Kara-Tobe on the map.
  • Saki city Park. Covers an area of 23 hectares. the Park was the pride of the citizens, on its territory grows more than 80 types of different trees, created two artificial ponds, two of which repeat exactly the outlines of the Black and Azov seas. Unfortunately, today the Park is in disrepair, but restoration works are conducted. Park on the map.
  • Museum of the history of mud Saki. A history of the city and mud. Will be especially interesting to those people who come to Salem for treatment with the local healing mud. Working hours: from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday – closed. Entrance fee: 120 roubles. Address: Kurortnaya str., 29, Museum on the map.
  • The Church of St. Elijah, located in the Central part of the city, just steps away from the bus station. The temple on the map.
  • Mineral water pump room, next to a very interesting composition of the battle of the Brontosaurus with ceratosaurus. It many people associated with Saks, due to the large number of Souvenirs and postcards. But most importantly – at this point, you can drink mineral water, and completely free. Pump room on the map.
  • Saki lake. Most "medical" of all the lakes of the Crimea. His black curative silt mud officially considered therapeutic and even more effective than Il the world famous Dead sea. the beach of lake Saki on the map.
  • In the city you can find many monuments of different historical people who at one time was visited by Saki. For Example, Gogol, Lesia Ukrainka, Makarov. In addition, there is a memorial of heroes of the Soviet Union, where were buried the remains of eight people who were shot by the Nazis in 1944 year.

Entertainment in Saki a little, too, given that it is primarily a health resort. However, they present:

  • In the resort area has the usual water rides.
  • Throughout the city – many cafes, bars, restaurants. Including serving peoples of different nationalities. Many Crimean Tatar institutions, there are sushi bars.
  • Several night clubs are available.
  • There are two cinemas. One works in the summer on the territory of the sanatorium named after Burdenko. His feature – the screen is installed outdoor in the summer, and sessions are satisfied only in the evening. The second is a modern room with possibility of viewing of films in 3D format.
  • It operates a modern aquatic complex "Saxony". Swimming pool, located outdoors, you can swim even in winter. Mineral and healing water specially heated to 25-27℃.
  • The main attraction near the town is one of the largest water parks in Crimea "Banana Republic". Go to the special flights.

Learn more about the attractions and entertainment of Sak here...

Weather in Saki, tourist seasons

Given that Saki go not only to relax on the beaches, but also to be treated, we can say that the tourist season here lasts all year round. If you are coming here on holiday for the beaches and the sea, then the season will last from may to September. The swimming season in the sea begins in the second half of June and lasts until the end of September, but if you come here early, even in may, you will be able to bathe in curative Sachs the lake. However due to the fact that it is very shallow and very salty, as such there is no beach, swimming is the exception rather than the rule. In addition, doctors do not recommend swimming in the lake for more than 15 minutes, otherwise the therapeutic effect will go harm.

Seasons in Saki months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Saki and forecast

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