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Пляж в Рыбачьем, Крым

Fishing village (selo Rybachie) is located in the South-Eastern coast of Crimea on the road between Alushta and Sudak (with the map of the Crimea). Administratively belongs to Alushta and is a part of Big Alushta. The population is about 1500 people.

Fishing stretches in the picturesque part of the coast where two rivers meet — Anacak and Angus. Their waters join together in the sea, which from the fishing at hand. Outlying settlements too small area. It Solnechnogorskoye and Malorechenskoye. A little further afield are the larger cities — Alushta and Sudak. But three kilometers and is popular among tourists, the resort Kanaka.

Stay in the fishing

Currently, fishing is one of the most ecologically clean areas. Major ports are located on, so the Bay near fisherman is not contaminated. And beautiful nature, warm climate and plenty of greenery makes this settlement one of the most cosy part of the Crimean coast. The rest here mostly beach, a bit of entertainment, attractions no. The overall impression of the fishing and resort village, and considerably worn by time. While fishing is the largest and most developed resort in the area between Sudak and Alushta.

The beaches in the fishing

Beach fishing is more than two kilometres long, so even in high season not too crowded. The village is located directly on the beach, to the beach are several paths you can get there on foot. The beautiful beach is difficult to call, rather unfortunately, on the contrary: along most of the beach is the road Р29, it then separates the coast from the village; the whole coastal strip is built up with buildings, cafes, shops and mini-hotels (slipways) with access right on the sand, and many of them for repairs or in a dilapidated condition. But there are no ugly concrete structures and fences that divide the beach into sections, as on many urban beaches of Crimea.

The beach itself is strewn with small pebbles, a few meters from the shore, sometimes grey-yellow sand. Entrance to the water is comfortable, not steep, so it is comfortable to stay with small children.

Entertainment and attractions

In high season you can go sailing, trips on catamarans, water-skiing or motorcycles. There is a traditional ride on bananas, water slides. The locals will gladly show you good fishing spots. And five miles from fishing, Malorechenskoye, is a major diving centre. Diving is perfect, the Bay of Love in the West.

All the activities in the village consists of a single item: relax on the beach and swimming in the sea. Local attractions the tourists must show a picturesque waterfall and a cozy juniper grove.

But here are coming just to relax from the urban bustle and enjoy the peace and quiet. Those who have time to get bored at clubs, bars, museums and parks can travel to a nearby Kanaka, or go on a suitable bus to Alushta (half an hour).

Sites fishing no, but you can see interesting sights in the area. So, you can get to Alushta by bus and see some of its attractions (see attractions of Alushta). Also you can visit the Valley of Ghosts and Funa (will have to change buses at the bus station of Alushta); the temple and the Museum of accidents on water in malorichens'ke; to go to waterfall Dzhur-Dzhur or zelenogorie. In a single day can be reached by passing a Greyhound bus to Sudak and see the famous Sudak fortress and other attractions (see attractions in Sudak). If independent trips to places you don't like it, can buy a part in group excursions to any corner of the Crimea in the travel agents, or from distributors on the street.


Infrastructure in well-developed fishing village. In fact, it is a real resort, not just a village. In local stores you can buy food and necessities. Restaurants are few, but a lot of small cozy cafes along the coast, in the centre near the bus station there is a food item popular in the Crimea of a network of "Dining at home". In the evening you can relax in the institutions of music (the traditional "pop" and "chanson", anything progressive). There are a couple of pharmacies, a market and many shops with tourist items and Souvenirs. Overall, it has everything for a relaxed beach holiday, without excesses.

Hotels and accommodation

In fishing there are many hotels, prices are reasonable. Usually high season cheap good accommodation booked in advance, already almost in may. Even if you can't find accommodation in the village, you can easily find accommodation in the private sector. Offered rooms in the apartments, and entire houses.

The bulk of the hotels and accommodation is across the road from the beach and only a few hotels and boathouse directly on the beach. But do not necessarily seek to settle near the beach, because in addition to higher prices closer to the shore more and more noisy and dirty, while just a kilometre deep into of the settlement has a quiet village atmosphere. Better not to rely on the views of the sea, because in most cases you'll just see a narrow strip of water across the road.

In the Western part of the beach (from the side of Alushta) is camping for lovers of camping. For a small fee offers Parking and space for a tent, water, shower, toilet. Facilities minimal, but the price is appropriate.

Find and book hotels in Rybachiy online, but this has some problems: on most sites available few options for booking. The most complete liver of the accommodation presented on the sites:

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found". This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

If you prefer to stay in rented accommodation, unable to find accommodation and book accommodation in Rybachiy online on the website turum.netor using the search form below:

Hotels in rybache on the map

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Weather, tourist seasons fishing in the village

Beach in the fishing season lasts from may to September. In early may here you can sunbathe and relax on the beach, but swimming is still cool. By the end of may the water warms up, and begins the bathing and the high season, which lasts from July to September.

Seasons in rybache months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather in rybache and forecast

How to get

Fishing is on the road Р29 28 kilometers from Alushta on the way to Sudak. You can only get here at the local suburban buses or taxi. A bus service connects the village with at least Simferopol, Alushta, Sudak, Yalta (one flight per day) and Sevastopol.

You can drive from the airport of Simferopol by bus, but will have to change trains in Simferopol, Alushta or Sudak. It is better to go through Simferopol or Simferopol, because from there the buses run more often. Cm. How to get to Alushta and How to get to Sudak. If you get to Crimea by train on "one ticket", you can go to Sudak and Simferopol, and then again by taxi or bus.

The taxi ride from the Simferopol airport will cost about 2000 rubles. Find a taxi when leaving the airport or book in advance via the search form.

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

In the centre of the village on the road along the beach is a bus station Rybachy. Here are the flights from Simferopol airport, Simferopol, Alushta, Privetnoe village, Sebastopol (after Yalta), Walleye.

  • From Simferopol to fishing

    Buses depart from the bus station-2 "Resort", near the railway station. To reach it from the airport on any bus or trolley. Cost - 150 rubles, in a way – two and a half hours. Go from 07:00 to 17:00 at least nine flights a day.

  • From rybache in Alushta

    Depart from the bus station that costs 48 rubles, in the way one hour.

    Departure to 08:07, 08:37, 09:00, 09:10 (to Walleye fishing through), 11:10, 11:37, 13:37, 14:57, 16:42, 17:05 (to Walleye fishing through), 18:52. Also in Alushta, you can take the passing bus from Simferopol.

  • Of Walleye fishing

    Depart from the bus station of Sudak to Sevastopol, the cost of - 78 roubles in an hour and a half. The departure from Sudak at 06:05, 15:40, from fishing at 10:15.

  • From Sevastopol in fishing (after Yalta)

    Depart from Sevatopolya at 06:40 and 14:15 from fisherman at 07:20 and 17:25, almost four hours.

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