How to get to Coastal in the Crimea

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Coastal village and resort located between the popular resorts of Evpatoria (10 kilometers) and Saky (3 km) (Coastal on the map of the Crimea), which makes it easy and inexpensive to get to him Simferopol airport and major cities and resorts of the Crimea by bus or train. Also keep in mind that in the Crimea there is another Coastal village in Sudak district. About how to get to Sun valley and other Coastal villages here.

Read on to learn more about all the ways to get there:

From the airport of Simferopol

Given that Coastal village near Evpatoria, from the airport you can get here by direct bus to Yalta. But a more convenient way to get from the airport – taxi or ordering a tourist Shuttle.

If the budget allows, immediately upon arrival at the drain at the exit of the terminal or on the street in the Parking lot unable to find a taxi. To go a little more than an hour, a distance of 50 kilometers. A taxi ride will cost from 1,600 to 2,000 rubles, and if you arrive at night, the price can go up to 2500 rubles. "Fish" in the street called high prices, so you need to bargain.

If you agree and don't want to bargain, then it is better to book a travel transfer from to the hotel or accommodation in the Coastal. This is an analogue taxi reservation in advance and meet at the airport. Prices are fixed and do not depend on the time of day, are paid for the entire car. Check rates and book a Shuttle service to the Coastal can through the search form:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

If the budget transfer does not allow, then read on how to get to the resort buses and other cheap ways:

  • By bus

    From the airport in Evpatoria direct buses cost from 130 rubles, and they pass on the Simferopol highway past the Riverside. Direct access to the highway and to the right places at the resort to walk (taxis are to be found), everything is close. However, it is worth noting that the official intercity bus stop in the Coastal, we need to ask the driver to stop. But even if he says no, for whatever reason, you go to the bus station of Yalta, and there transferring to a commuter bus to Saki, all of them are mandatory stop at bus stops in the village.

    Buses to Yalta from the airport are sent only during the tourist season (June-September) from 05:00 to 22:00 approximately every hour on a schedule, but with interruptions in departure from 06:00 to 08:00 and 14:00 to 15:00. The journey takes about two hours.

    If the bus schedule does not fit you or does not have enough space, you can get through Simferopol. On city buses or trolleybuses take to the bus station as-2 "Resort" in Simferopol (30-40 min, 12-20 rubles), and then transferring to a bus to Yalta (every 15-20 minutes, from 120 rubles, in a way 2 hours).

  • By train/commuter train

    If you want to ride on the train, then you can take city buses or trolley buses (30-40 min, 12-20 rubles) to reach the railway station of Simferopol, (near AC-2 "Resort"). From there to Evpatoria flight goes up to 5 trains a day and they do stop at two stations in the Coastal stations of "College" and "Coastal". From these stations to the desired location on the resort can be reached on foot, no taxis to be found.

    Trains are 2 hours, cost from 115 rubles. The schedule can be found through the service of Yandex.schedules.

How to get from Yalta to Saki or Coastal

All the traffic that runs between Yevpatoria and Saki, passes through the Coastal. Buses on this route goes a lot, but unfortunately, not all of them make a stop here, and only a commuter. Sometimes you can negotiate with the drivers of coaches, so they planted you there (when paying the fare by cash), but the chances that they will pick you up from the village to the Coastal Evpatoria Saki or small. Therefore it is necessary to move to hope that a small commuter buses from the bus station of Yalta to the bus station Saki. In the village they make two stops on the Simferopol highway near the Museum-ancient settlement Kara-Tobe, and the other approximately in the middle of the village. Run every 10-60 minutes on the theoretical timetable, which in practice do not adhere to. The fare is 30 rubles.

Another option is to get the train. It's not very practical for tourists the way, if you don't want to ride on this vehicle. At the station "Coastal" makes a stop one train a day, transportation to and from Yalta it costs 20 rubles, in the way 20 minutes.

From other cities of Crimea

Directly to the Coastal no transportation except commuter buses from Saki and Evpatoria, and trains with train/railway station of Simferopol, is not. A large number of intercity buses to Yalta pass through the village but stop does not. Therefore, in General case, the route from other cities will lie to Evpatoria or Saki, and you would have to transfer to Shuttle bus (every 10-60 minutes, from 30 rubles), or take a taxi.

On a single ticket Railways

During the tourist season (may to September) from the regions of Russia in Evpatoria inexpensive and comfortable can be reached by a single combined ticket Railways (train+bus) transfers in Krasnodar or Anapa. Further, from Yalta to the Coastal can be reached by Shuttle bus or taxi. To purchase single tickets in cash desks of the Russian Railways or on the website

Your own transport

If you are travelling to the resort by private transport, it is better to go only through Simferopol. From the bridge you have to travel about 300 kilometers, which will take at least 6 hours, often more.

There is another route along the shore of the Black sea through Feodosia, Sudak, Alushta, Yalta and Sevastopol. This is a very scenic route that offers wonderful views, especially in the mountainous places to Alushta. However, this road will take 12 hours, because the roads there are narrow and lots of switchbacks. If you go this route, it is better to schedule a stop at one of the resorts on the South coast on vacation.

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