The trip by car to the Crimea

Автопутешествие в Крым Traveling to the Crimea

From the moment when the Crimea returned to Russia in 2014, the popularity of the Peninsula to travel there by car from Russian regions has grown rapidly. And today, a trip by car to the Crimea almost no different from car trips to other regions of Russia, and, of course, has its advantages compared to the usual tour by plane or train. If you among those who are going to go to the Peninsula on your car, the following practical information will help you in planning your trip. Well, if you prefer to get to the Crimea by plane, and already in place to rent avtomobil can find and book cars using the search form:

How to get to Crimea by car

Crimea is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus with the territory of Ukraine, and not connected with Russia. So the only way to get to the Peninsula with Russia – on the ferry "port Kavkaz-Kerch". Ferries crossing cars, trucks, buses and even railroad cars.

To get on the ferry, you need to go to Temryuk (Krasnodar Krai, the ferry on the map). Most a and popular route is by road via the M4 Krasnodar. You can travel through the Temryuk turning to Krasnodar, but the road there isn't a Federal matter. Many sections of the M4 toll, so it's best to determine in advance, will go for paid or free way, all information is here - The fare for the route from Moscow to Krasnodar is from 500 rubles depending on the type of vehicle, method of payment and time of movement (at night the fare is cheaper).

In June 2016 M4 actively "repaired" in some areas, which were formed hours of traffic jams. Also keep in mind that during peak season (July-August), even on the paid sites on the points of entry and exit, formed a huge tube, and to accelerate the passage of payment terminals it is better to use a pre-purchased T-pass (transponder). In addition, travel with the use of T-pass is cheaper by about 20%. The transponder itself is not necessarily to purchase, it is possible to rent from 100 rubles per month here


Заезд на паромную переправу, Крым Check in for the ferry

The cost of crossing the vehicle in one direction is from 1700 rubles (depending on the length and type of vehicle), plus have to pay for each person. Thus the crossing family for passenger cars with children will cost 2000 rubles. Tariffs can be viewed here -

In high season the ferry queues formed, which can be avoided if you purchase the e-ticket in advance on the website To wait more than a day, as has happened in previous years, today, you will not have to queue for the ferry are not that great. To check the queue here - During a storm the ferry stops operating.

When moving to the crossing do not miss the registration point, which is about 10 kilometers to the ferry. There will need to be recorded and to produce documents (even if you have an electron card), and tickets (if not electronic). The registration point marked on the route sign (registration point on the map).

When you purchase tickets and check-in must present: passport, birth certificate (for children), driver's license (right), the vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate). Before boarding the ferry is complete check of the vehicle and of passengers customs. If transporting a weapon , be sure to bring a license.

Gasoline in the Crimea

Gasoline in the southern regions of Russia is more expensive than the average for Russia, and the Crimea is no exception. As you get closer to the Krasnodar region prices are rising, and pretty much jump immediately after crossing the ferry, and the quality falls. So it makes sense to fill in a full tank before crossing the crossing. Problem to find a petrol station on the Peninsula, but the large network of stations of the Russian oil companies here not to meet. Going to the mountains make sure that the tank was at least 20 liters of fuel, as the fuel consumption when driving on the roads is very high.

Gasoline prices in the Crimea in 2017:

  • AI-92 from 39 rubles
  • AI-95 from 41 rubles

In General this is about 3 rubles higher than on the "mainland".

The roads in the Crimea

Грунтовка на Арабатскую стрелку, Крым Primer on the Arabat spit

Roads in Crimea, the quality is almost no different from the majority of the territory of the Russian Federation. However, you can navigate quite comfortably without any problems. Pay no roads.

Keep in mind that the southern coast of Crimea is mountainous terrain, and will have to move the steep and dangerous mountain serpentines. Not compete in speed and agility with the local drivers, but better to miss them when driving on such roads. To towns and villages and attractions can only be reached by dirt roads.

During the route, be aware that the stretch of road from Feodosiya to Alushta along the coast is very mountainous and difficult, the road is narrow. If you are going to rest in Alushta, Yalta, Sevastopol, Evpatoria, it is better to go through Simferopol on the Federal highway E105.

As for the traffic police, the "ambush" on the roads here are a few of the cameras almost there. However, vigilance should not be lost, and the more "drive" along the difficult mountain roads.


Улица, Крым Leave the car on such narrow streets
not very bespatno

With Parking outside the resort towns of the Crimea there are no problems, where you want and stay there. But in resort towns and areas, and not only large, to put the car on Parking is a huge problem. Parking lots just yet. You can find paid Parking (300 RUB per day) , but they may not always be near the place where you stay. To leave the car unattended in residential areas is not recommended, as the locals are not always happy about this and can harm the vehicle. It is best to know in advance about the availability of Parking places at the hotel or from private owners, where you plan to stay.


Домики в автокемпинге, Крым The cabins in the camping

In Crimea, quite a lot of camping, but note that after joining the Peninsula to Russia, many of them have stopped working (because of problems with land rent, etc.), and some natural car Park on the banks liquidated. Therefore, information about the existence of many camping-sites on the Internet outdated, be sure to double check it.

And organized paid camping today cost almost more expensive than accommodation in the private sector in a separate room.

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