Tourist information about the village of sandy in the Crimea

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General information

Sandy village (Peschanoe) — a small resort village on southwest coast of the Crimean Peninsula, located 35 miles North of Sevastopol (sandy on the map of the Crimea). The permanent population of the village is a little less than a thousand people. Naturally, it increases several times during the holiday season.

The village centre is not on the beach and about a kilometer away from the beaches. Tourist area with hotels, boarding houses, camping sites, stretches along the coast for three kilometers. In this zone spend most of the time guests of the village there is a tourist infrastructure and entertainment.

Stay in the village of sandy

Given the small size of this settlement, it is not surprising that there is no bustle and confusion of larger resorts. Rest in Peschanoe is chosen by those people who are interested in your own peace of mind, security of their children, the maximum relaxation on the coast of the Black Sea. The rest here is mostly in hotels and on the beach, there is more to do nothing, to go nowhere.

Although sand is a kind of the border between mountain and steppe Crimea, in the village a lot of green spaces. Here was formerly a rather impressive pine reserves in the territory of which, in the shade of trees are today and resorts. In the end, visitors get all the advantages of the steppe resorts, with their very hot summer weather, but with the absence of their main drawbacks — low shade.

Panorama of a beach in the Sand

The beaches in Sandy

The beaches — this is what come most of the rest. The name of this village was not just. Indeed, most of the beaches are sandy, although there are several areas where you can find mixed types — from sand and pebbles.

Much of the coast near the village is open for visits, although there are forbidden for ordinary tourists areas. For example, the beaches of children's camps that operate in the resort.

The depth near the shore is a small. Which is very convenient for families with children. Also good help, and numerous breakwaters, contributing to a more comfortable time in the water.

Among the shortcomings of the local beaches can be noted that in some places the accumulations of stones. But they are easy to identify by the absence of a large number of tourists. Another drawback of the resort is a rare cleaning debris from public areas.

The most comfortable option is the Sandy beach BuddhaBeach where there is:

  • Clean sand on the beach.
  • Swimming pool with artesian water.
  • Club music, comfortable sun loungers and sun canopies, a permanent holding various contests, such as "Miss bikini" or "Miss Mar Le Mar".
  • Professional, quick but not Intrusive service by experienced staff.

In General, the visitors of this beach there is a feeling not a rural getaway!


Speaking about the infrastructure of this resort, just want to note that this is, after all, a very small village, although considered to be a resort. There are no large stores, hospitals, entertainment centers.

However, most people have and provided a minimum:

  • For lovers to eat independently operate small retail outlets.
  • If you experience health problems, you can contact the pharmacy or health post.
  • There is a Church, souvenir shops, in the resort area are many small restaurants and local bus station, linking the village with Simferopol, Bakhchisarai, by Saki, Yevpatoria and Sevastopol.

The overall infrastructure allows to meet the daily needs of residents and tourists, but no more.

A tasty meal in the Sand will find enough places to satisfy their culinary needs:

  • Cafe "Sofra", located near the local bus station.
  • In the resort area you can visit the restaurant Arabella, a small café Dialogue, Tatiana bar, cafe Calypso and Cockatoos, restaurants private hotel Mar Le Mar and Previsouly.

Near the descent to the beach breeze Guesthouse can be found very original café, in the shape of a sailing ship. In General, you can not only eat but to enjoy food in an interesting setting.

Hotels and accommodation in Sandy, where to stay

The choice of places to stay in Sandy is very large. In this small village there are more than two dozen mini-hotels, sanatoriums, bases of rest, children's camps.

Most of them are located in the resort village, although some variants can be found in the so-called residential area. For example, the guest house "Welt", the mini-hotel "Magnolia promenade", "sandy summer" private house "Natali". Given the remoteness of some of these institutions from the beaches, the accommodation in them is not very high: from 800 to 1500 roubles a day per person (including full-fledged three meals a day). In addition, there is always the opportunity to rent a house with locals.

On the territory of the most comfortable places (for example, "Previsouly" and "Mar Le Mar club") there are discos, swimming pool, bath and SPA complexes, restaurants, gyms. Naturally, the cost of rooms and cottages in such places is quite serious: 5000 for double option up to 10000 rubles for the VIP room for two per night.

Alternatively, all of the above options work camping "the Buffet" and "Old forest".

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

To search and book hotels or accommodation in Sandy best at the following sites, because only they provided the most options for accommodation:

Search and book hotels in Sandy

Hotels in Sandy on the map

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Attractions and entertainment in Sandy

It would seem that what entertainment and attractions can be found in the village, home to just a thousand people? However, for such a small place the selection is more than sufficient:

  • The southern part of the village the coast limits a fairly high cliff, where is located the observation deck.
  • On the Sandy in the holiday season there are water slides, there is the amusement Park with attractions for the whole family.
  • Fans of nautical activities in the summer can go bananas, plates, catamarans. Or visit the local centre kayaking where you can rent a canoe or kayak.
  • Lovers of historical attractions you can visit Ust ' -al'ma settlement, which is located near the mouth of the river Alma, which flows through the southern outskirts of the village. This is the remains of the Scythian settlements founded in this place about 3-2 century BC.

Of course, in the numerous recreation facilities you can visit in the holiday season disco. A huge number of green plantings of this settlement also promotes relaxation and pleasant walks even in the hottest summer day. As such the waterfront in the village does not exist — some places you can find paved paths and playgrounds, where there are benches, but all that remained from the Soviet era.

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