Ferry crossing to Crimea

Ferry "Caucasus Port" - "Port of Kerch" on the Crimean Peninsula is well organized, it is possible to cross both passengers and cars and trucks. The ferries ferried railroad cars. But still there are some nuances, which the travellers should know in advance before you travel in order not to lose through ignorance the time, or not at all to be denied the crossing. To do this, we collected information on the ferry crossing to the Crimea in the questions and answers:

General procedure for crossing by car

Фото парома в Крым
  • At the entrance to the crossing do not just go directly to the ferry, you must first stop at Park and ride drive, which is 12 kilometers from the port itself (see the map at end of article). The drive is right near the road, and it is a pointer. The drive should stop all cars, even if the advance purchase of a ticket.
  • In the drive to move the arrows on the signs point inspection where length measurements for transportation (because the cost of the ticket depends on the length). After the measurement, it is necessary to pass on to the queue of cars or barrier (if possible, choose the shortest queue, or no queue), and leave the car with passengers here.
  • Follow walk to the counter with passport and cash to purchase tickets and obtain boarding pass. The cashier will need to show a passport, birth certificate for children registration. For electronic tickets, it is desirable to have a printout of the ticket, but you can do a reservation number.
  • Upon getting to the ticket office a boarding pass, get back in the car and drive out of the drive again on the road. Documents keep it close, as they will have to present several times. Next you need to drive another 12 kilometres to the port. At the entrance to the port is a fork, where you have to turn to the ferry right at the sign "Ferry", not the pointer to "the Port "Caucasus".
  • Фото парома в Крым
  • At the entrance to the port go all the way, but don't stand in line behind the trucks, they have their own place. If no queue, then proceed to the inspection zone. Here, the car and passengers subject to inspection of security, as when boarding the plane. Visiting the transport may require to get bags and personal belongings pass through x-ray installation, people passed through a metal detector. But don't confuse this with the customs clearance: here is the control of transport security, so there are no restrictions on importing foods, alcohol, personal things, but it was not anything illegal.
  • After inspection again get to the holding Bay where already waiting for boarding. Port officials will distribute the cars through the sides and decks of the ferry, so stop off wherever you indicate.
  • Be sure to Park the car, be sure to lift the Parking brake (handbrake). You can then exit the vehicle, climb to the upper deck and watching the approaching coast of the Crimea.
  • When the ferry docked, exit the command with the ferry, and you can go anywhere, no controls will be no more.

Official website of the ferry in the Crimea

Website: https://www.gosparom.ru/

On this website you can find the current schedule, prices, weather, and delays because of it, buy the ferry ticket online. Also there is a WEB-Camera, where you can learn the waiting time in the queue (specify the waiting time in the queue) to verify the presence or absence of queues using a WEB-camera in real time.

How much is a crossing in 2018

Prices for ferry to Crimea listed to one side. When you purchase tickets immediately to both parties, no discounts there.

  • Adult passenger (12 years) – 150 rubles
  • Children 6-11 years – 80 rubles
  • Children under 6 years stay free of charge
  • Passenger car length of 5 meters 30 centimeters – 1700 rubles
  • Passenger car length of 5 meters 30 centimeters – 4800 rubles
  • A trailer to a passenger car – 1500 rubles
  • Bike – 150 rubles
  • Moped – 300 rubles
  • Motorcycle – 500 rubles

Tariffs for transportation of trucks, buses and other see website - https://www.gosparom.ru/tariffs/

Where and how to buy tickets

Фото парома в Крым

Tickets can be purchased directly on arrival at the crossing at the box office or in advance to buy an e-ticket on the website. The difference in price, but in the interest of saving time, it is better to buy electronic tickets. E-ticket, you are guaranteed to get on the ferry in the short time which was selected when purchasing the ticket (if only in the operation of the ferry will not interfere the bad weather), while the "live" part will have to wait. But with the acquisition of electronic tickets there are a few features:

  • When buying an electronic ticket will need to choose a date and a time interval (timeslot) in 6 hours. To cross on the ferry it will be possible within the selected time interval, exactly, is not specified.
  • If you purchase a ticket for your desired time, there are no available time-slots, it does not mean that the tickets ran out. You can come at this time on a ferry, get in line and buy tickets "live" at the box office.
  • To change the time and date of the purchased ticket is impossible, it can just return and buy another ticket. But keep in mind that when you return the tickets you will lose some of value.

Cash "live sales" are not on the ferry, and on the storage area 12 kilometers to the ferry. If you travel a cumulative area, will have to return to it, otherwise steam will not get. But even if you purchase electronic tickets, you will still need to call on a cumulative area for measurement of the transport (measurement of length) and get your boarding pass. Without the boarding pass even with an electronic ticket on a Bor will not be allowed.

To purchase tickets and/or registration you will need: the passport of the vehicle (registration certificate), passports for all passengers, birth certificates for children. Passport for citizens of Russia is required.

Ferry schedules

Ferries depart frequently, every 40-50 minutes on the schedule 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So there is no need to adjust the exact schedule can just come in and wait for the next shipment. And, most likely, this time will be spent on the purchase of tickets and check-in, security screening, and waiting in line.

However, sometimes it can be cancelled ferries due to bad weather. Information about possible cancellation/delay will be published on the official website. In this case, the queue for the ferry increases, and after the resumption of operation of the machine are in order.

The queue for the ferry

In the winter, at the beginning and at the end of the season queues on the ferry are almost there, unless there are interruptions due to weather. In high season (July, August) can get together significant turn, have to wait for several hours. And if we added disruption due to the weather, you can stand in line for several days.

Where you can leave your car near the ferry to go to the Crimea for their own

You can leave your car at the Park and ride for 100 rubles a day.

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