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General information

Вид на поселок Орджоникидзе

The village of Ordzhonikidze in the Crimea (abbreviated as "Orji") is located in the South-East of the Peninsula, between the two famous resorts of Feodosiya and Koktebel (Ordzhonikidze on the map of the Crimea). Administratively it belongs to the Big Feodosiya. The name of the village was named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze Soviet well-known political figure. In the village, occupying an area of about 605 hectares, is home to approximately 2.8 per thousand of the local population. Most comfortable in the holiday period June-August attracts a lot of visitors and tourists.

Until 1990 the village was closed because there were military factories, and only after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the closure of factories began to develop as a resort. Today it has turned into a full-fledged resort area and continues to evolve. Here open cafes and hotels, restaurants, and hotels - all for a comfortable and pleasant stay of the guests of the resort.

Stay in Ordzhonikidze

Главный пляж Орджоникидзе The view of the main beach of Ordzhonikidze

The main advantage that attracts in Ordzhonikidze separate category of tourists, is the absence of a transit vehicle, as it is located in the dead end of the highway. Not next to it and ports or major industrial facilities (really, the rumor about the revival of the production at a closed military torpedo factory). The village is quiet and peaceful, with clean air. Locals say that here is the most clean sea water on the Crimean coast. This is a great place for a relaxing holiday with the family, but for young backpackers here will obviously bored because of the small number of entertainment and yet a poorly developed tourist infrastructure. However, happy to come in Ordzhonikidze fans of beach rest and extreme activities, the underwater fishing and sea fishing, and, of course, fans of natural outdoor recreation nudists who like to relax in secluded bays around the village. Another plus of the rest in the village – lower prices than more popular neighboring Feodosia and Koktebel.

The network of tourist paths and tracks surrounding the village covers the beautiful hills. It is recognized by tourists and locals places for Hiking and Cycling. The trails through the hills you can even get to the beach in the Quiet Bay in Koktebel, Koktebel itself.

Beaches Ordzhonikidze

Пляж в Орджоникидзе

Along the 7-kilometer-long coastal strip stretching various beaches, and the village is surrounded by sea from three sides. It is very convenient, because even when one side the sea is stormy, you can go to the other side where the waters are calm. You can visit the rocky, pebbly, sandy, wild and nudist beaches. Entrance to all beaches is free.

In Koktebel Bay is covered with pebbles, agate beach, the stories of the local old-timers, when it was found the real Agatha. In Koktebel Bay equipped beautiful sandy main beach. The uniqueness of the village is that to the sea can be reached within 5-10 minutes from any point in Ordzhonikidze. And during windy weather you can choose is protected from the waves of the sea beach. Read more about the beaches Ordzhonikidze...

Entertainment in Ordzhonikidze

Набережная Орджоникидзе Promenade

Entertainment in Ordzhonikidze is not much, so the main part of vacationers – families with children and older people, for young people will be just too boring. Objectively there is a lack of entertainment for children. There's simple water slides on the Central beach, the traditional water and beach activities, shooting range, simple carousel and trampolines, sold ice cream stalls and candy floss, and perhaps that's it. To bring the kids to the water Park, Dolphinarium, aquarium, terrarium, Museum, etc., have to go to Feodosia or Koktebel.

You can negotiate with the captain of the yacht on hire for the whole day. If you're lucky, tourists will meet in the sea with dolphins. By the way, the dolphins here can be found even while bathing in the coastal strip.

In Ordzhonikidze good conditions for diving, and there is a diving club with very reasonable prices: price 30 minute dive starts from 2000 rubles, including equipment, delivery, services of the instructor. The dive is from a boat further from the shore or near a coastal zone. Diving fans often find in the Bay Dvuhyakornaya ancient anchors and amphoras, as in the old days in these places, storms sank many ships.

Expanse here for fishing. A large number of elite fish the Crimea can not boast, but the fragrant rich soup and delicious barbecue you can catch always! Inveterate fishermen can catch in the sea, the flounder, pilegesh, the spiny dogfish or other reputable marine fish. In the coastal area, you can catch the sea burbot, barabulju, ruffe and gobies. You can catch from the shore and in the open sea, which the locals offer their boats.

Tourists interested in horse riding, will make them through mountains, plantations, the coastal sea lane.

If you want to climb into the sky, unable to visit the mountain of Klementyev – Uzun-Syrt, where you can take flight with an instructor or on your own paraglider or hang glider. The mountain is located in 8 kilometers from the village. On the Klementiev mountain had practice almost all of our astronauts training to fly airplanes and the airplanes.

Evening entertainment in Ordzhonikidze is not particularly diverse, but the traditional set of cafes, restaurants and bars with pop music and chanson available. There is even a disco bar with a Striptease and foam party. Along the Central beach is a cozy promenade, a pleasant walk in the evening. Here you can sit comfortably in a café under a canopy, enjoy a glass of local wine in the bar overlooking the sea.

Unfortunately, for more serious entertainment, like the trendy restaurants, water parks, Dolphinarium, museums, tours will have to go to Feodosia.

Infrastructure in Ordzhonikidze

Центр Орджоникидзе The market in the center

The village cannot boast of a developed tourist infrastructure, because it then began to develop recently. So staying here will appeal mostly unassuming to the quality of the infrastructure tourists are accustomed to rest on their own to take care of everything. And for this there is all that is needed. In the centre, near the bus station is a grocery market and several shops, stalls with goods of daily need goods for tourists and Souvenirs. There is a hospital (pediatrician) and pharmacy. Large stores there, and for serious shopping will have to go to Feodosia.

With food no problems, if you cook yourself. To do this, the majority of rental apartments, rooms and minigostinitsa equipped kitchens. There is a cheap canteen Food, where prices are lower than in the cafe, almost two times.

Weather, tourist seasons in Ordzhonikidze

Ordzhonikidze it is better to visit during the high season from July to September. Although the first vacationers appear here before, the water in may-June is not yet sufficiently warmed up, the weather is changeable and unstable.

Seasons in Ordzhonikidze months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Hotels in Ordzhonikidze where to stay

The size of the village is small, there are few hotels and Inns. Moreover, most of them are only available during high season (June-September). More likely to stay in private boarding houses or rent an apartment or a house. Private houses are not many, so it is better to book in advance. But you can easily accommodate in the apartment, as almost the whole village is built of block multi-storey apartment houses.

Find rental housing easily, just arriving in the village and walk along the streets: the announcement of surrender hanging everywhere on the pillars and directly into homes. Intermediaries offer housing near the bus station and the market. You can also pick up housing intermediaries at the bus station in Feodosia and Simferopol airport on arrival, but in this case, you will have to overpay a little. You can also find and book accommodation via the Internet on announcement boards before the trip.

We should also mention the complexes slipways "Katran" and "Start" (boathouses on the map). Here are the most comfortable rooms at a higher price. But this boathouse hotel once you get to a spacious private beach.

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

Search and book hotels or accommodation in Ordzhonikidze best on the following sites, because only they provided the most options for accommodation:

Search and book hotels in Ordzhonikidze

Hotels p. Ordzhonikidze on the map

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How to get in Ordzhonikidze

Ordzhonikidze is located just five kilometers from the center of Feodosia in a straight line, but to get there, will have to make a detour of 20 kilometers. There is no direct public transport here from Simferopol airport and other major transport hubs of the Crimea here is not, and in fact the only public transport here – local commuter bus No. 103 (20) and No. 104 (20A) from Feodosia, plus two flights a day from the bus station Simferopol "Resort 2" at 07:05 and 12:45. Therefore, all routes to settlement in any case will pass through Feodosia. Buses arrive in Ordzhonikidze at the bus station in the heart of the village on a street Nakhimov (stop on the map).

  • Ordzhonikidze Feodosia from

    With the end of Feodosia bus station local transport in front of the supermarket PUD (formerly ATB) (the end on the map) every 35-50 minutes from the bus (marshrutka) №130 (20) and No. 104 (20A), the cost is 20 rubles. Period movement - from 06:00 to 21:00.

    To the final bus station in Feodosia it is possible to reach almost any city bus (see urban transport in Feodosiya), and with the long-distance bus station Feodosia by bus 2 and 2A.

  • In Ordzhonikidze from Simferopol airport and Simferopol

    The easiest way from the airport to Ordzhonikidze to get a taxi that will cost about 3000 rubles per car. The machine can be found right at the exit of the airport, offers a lot. Can also transfer via a form, and the driver will meet you at the airport upon arrival:

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

    If the taxi you can't afford, will have to make several changes. First of all, you need to get to Feodosiya. This can be done by direct bus from the airport or a transfer to Simferopol (read more about how to get to Feodosia).

    When you get to the intercity bus station Feodosia (on the map), you will need to get on the bus number 2 or 2A (the value of 10 rubles, 20 minutes) to the final bus station of the Shuttle buses in front of the supermarket PUD. Buses No. 2 and No. 2A stops at the bus stop right at the exit from the bus station on the street Fedko.

    At the end you will need to take a bus (marshrutka) №103 (20) or No. 104 (20A) to the village of Ordzhonikidze. This bus runs every 35-40 minutes and the fare is 18 rubles. A little to ease the route arriving from the intercity bus station Feodosia to Ordzhonikidze on a taxi for 250-400 rubles.

    Direct bus from Simferopol:

    If you're lucky with the time of arrival, you can take a direct flight from the bus station Simferopol "Spa-2". The bus from the station leaves at 07:05 and 12:45, journey 2 and a half hours (with a stop in Feodosiya). Cost – from 152 rubles.

  • From other cities of the Crimea in Ordzhonikidze

    Similarly, the trip from Simferopol, from any other city of the Crimea you must first get to Feodosia, then by bus No. 103 (20) or No. 104 (20A), or a taxi for 400 rubles.

Attractions Ordzhonikidze

In the village there are no sights, but you can easily acquire organized tours to all corners of Crimea. You can go to Feodosia and to get acquainted with its attractions (see attractions of Feodosiya), as well as walk or take buses with a transfer in Feodosia to Koktebel (see attractions Koktebel).

Useful tips about Ordzhonikidze

  • Be sure to dive with a mask. Water in coastal waters is very clear and perfect for diving or snorkeling. Even if you're not ready to dive, bring a mask, snorkel and fins. They, incidentally, can be bought at the local market in the center.
  • Food. If you don't want to cook on vacation yourself, you can eat at inexpensive dining room "Food." If you cook for yourself, products can be bought in the market in the center (near bus stop), and finished products in small shops again in the center.
  • Shopping. Shopping in Ordzhonikidze no, this will have to go at least to Feodosia.
  • Dolphins. In Bay village sometimes swim with dolphins, and meet with them directly while bathing or boating.
  • Medication. At a local pharmacy not a lot of drugs, and during epidemics of inflated prices. So do not forget to bring from home anything from rotavirus (smectite, rehydron, restoril, Nurofen, Panadol, etc.), which are not uncommon.
  • Drinking water. The tap water not suitable for drinking, drink only bottled water.
  • Lighting on the streets. Unfortunately, very little lighting on the streets, so when you walk in the evening it is better to have a flashlight.
  • The bus to Feodosia. The bus to Feodosia runs every 35-50 minutes, way 20 minutes, costs 20 rubles.
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