Danger in the Crimea: what is to be feared and how to avoid trouble

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Going on vacation in the Crimea, especially if your trip involves trekking in the mountains and steppes of the Peninsula and living in tents, no harm will be acquainted with the dangers that may await you there:

Natural hazards

  • Spider Karakurt


    Threat, very rare!

    Karakurt – a subspecies of the Black Widow, one of the most dangerous spiders. For human bites black widow deadly if not treated on time. Deaths in Crimea yet.

    The black widow can be found in the steppe part of the Crimea (Cape of Tarhankut, district of Yalta, Kerch). The spider has a size of 10-20 mm, has very long fore tarsi, entirely black, sometimes with red dots.

    The probability of being bitten is very small, but that is bad, the bite point is almost impossible to notice, he wouldn't hurt a mosquito bite. To understand that you've been bitten by it Karakurt, the symptoms that manifest after 20-30 minutes. In bitten limbs, and then throughout the body, begins severe pain, cramps, fever. You should immediately consult a doctor.

    First aid at a sting karakurta:

    • Within 1-2 minutes to cauterize the bite with a match or a cigarette (poison neutralized under the influence of increased temperature). After you need to seek medical help in the nearest medical facility (SES, trauma center).
  • Mites


    The average risk

    As throughout Russia, in the Crimea you can meet ticks. Fortunately, there is more prevalent European forest tick that carries the virus weaker encephalitis, Mediterranean type, not causing serious health damage. Another serious disease that is put forward to them – Lyme disease. Read more about ticks in Crimea here...

  • Snakes

    Змея в Крыму

    The average risk

    Snakes for the Crimea – is not uncommon, and they can be found even in parks and gardens major resorts of the Crimea, and what can we say about the steppes and mountains where tourists often go on excursions and hikes. Fortunately, the deadly types on the Peninsula is not found, and of seven kinds of risk is only two types: Steppe Viper and Snake yellow-bellied. Steppe Viper is poisonous, but not deadly. The bite cases is transferred as a disease with fever, aches. In case of Viper bite child it is better to consult a doctor. Snake yellow-bellied are generally not poisonous, but could bite if attacked. Read more about snakes in the Crimea here...

  • Jellyfish

    Slightly hazardous

    Jellyfish in the Crimean Black and Azov seas abound, but they are absolutely not dangerous. From contact with some of them it is possible to burn harder burn from a nettle. Read more about jellyfish in the Crimea...

  • Malaria

    Slightly hazardous, isolated cases of infection

    Malaria in the Crimea is a very rare "imported" disease, i.e. from other countries, mainly from Southeast Asia and Africa. Cases of malaria are extremely rare, almost singular, so you shouldn't worry about this. However, if you are really worried, then just use insect repellents to repel insects, to prevent the bite of mosquitoes that can be vectors of disease.

  • Scorpions


    Slightly hazardous

    On the Peninsula is found a special kind of insect Crimean Scorpion. To meet them as a real treat, because they are almost gone. These insects are poisonous, but their bite is not fatal for humans. On a place of a sting there is swelling, pain; may be nausea and vomiting, chills, fever. But after 3-4 hours all the symptoms disappear by themselves.

    In the case of a bite recommended: suck out the poison from the bite, wash it in ammonia or ethyl alcohol (vodka, brandy, etc.), drink plenty of water.

  • Poisonous fish


    Slightly hazardous

    In the Maritime waters of the Black sea harbors several species of poisonous fish. In most cases they represent a threat only to fishermen, and it is very small, so as to catch a fish can only professional, and they know all about them. However, some species retain the poison, even when he was already dead, and there is a very small chance to meet a beached fish. Poisonous are Skorpena or Marine Fish, Sea Dragon, Ramp-hvostokol, or Sea cat.

    The venom of the black sea fish contains in their spines and fins (not the meat), and poisoning occurs at the injection site. Therefore, not enough to grab with bare hands the dead fish or the fish that are caught for fins and spikes, and everything will be fine. Even if you acolytes, the poisoning goes on during the day, the truth will have to endure severe pain, numbness, fever.

  • Poisonous plants

    Белладонна или Бешеная вишня Belladonna or deadly nightshade

    Dangerous everywhere!

    You may be surprised and not believe it, but the plants in the Crimea is no less dangerous than all of the above animals and insects. Here you can find a lot of dangerous and poisonous plants that can cause harm if you eat, touch or even smell. Some plants are deadly! They are especially dangerous for kids that love all pull in the mouth and touch the beautiful flowers. So be sure to read our separate article "Poisonous plants of the Crimea: photos, description, first aid".

Other hazards

  • The food at the beach. Recommend not to buy from peddlers on the beach, because the product can be simply ruined.
  • Wine by the glass. Although the sale of wine by the glass, including the supposedly homemade, made in the Crimea everywhere in fact, according to sanitary norms it is prohibited. Official sanitary authorities considered that the most sold bulk wine in the Crimea are of low quality and made from wastes of wine production.
  • Water. Drinking water in Crimea is a big problem. In some areas, and even in the popular tourist resorts happen massive infection of intestinal infection in the high season for use in the cooking water. Be sure to take cure for intestinal infections (during epidemics of prices for such medicines in local pharmacies are increased at times, there is a shortage), and never use water from the tap. For brushing and mouthwash is also better to use boiled water.
  • The deception and fraud. Culture tourism business in the Crimea, according to the authors of the site, being on a high enough level. Cases of cheating tourists is not a lot. To worry that the crooks from the tourist industry will leave you without money, not much worth it. As high, if not vigilant, you can pay for a taxi or a tour.
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Friends, Hello! Was anyone recently on the Big Sevastopol Tropez? Say (write) that there are not allowed everywhere, there are guys with machine guns, checking papers, some exercises until the end of September. On Ilyas-Kaya too, they say, is not allowed, the tape is stretched. Going for the first time, and I would like to the Temple of the Sun to get in.
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I also think that the Crimea is better in September. ...
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In the temple of the Sun do not get the problem, don't know about any war is a speech? You can reach the Temple of the sun both from the Laspi, more gradual rise or a Falcon, but it is recommended for those who have bad poor physical training. Was here in October. Very atmospheric place. Liked it much more than the ay-Petri plateau, although now it can be reached by car or cable car. In General, if you want to visit the places of power in the Crimea, there are simpler routes) ...

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